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Posted on Jul 12, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Prologue

Watch the scene; you will enter your first battle against 2x slime and cruelcumber.

You will arrive at observatory, talk to everyone here in order to know about story, go to south east house (1), grab chimaera wing and break the vase (sometimes you get item). Go back to previous area and enter the stair on middle of the room. Talk with old man, go outside using south door. Grab holy water on northwest then continue to another area until you see yggdrasil. Talk with Aquila and return to Apus.

Return to first area and talk with woman on middle fountain (3).


Go to west, then talk to the dog to reveal item on the ground (keepsake ring,point 1 in map). Go inside west house and up to second floor, check the board beside bookshelf to obtain 5g. Go to store (wing emblem), check the copboard for 15 g. Go inside mayor’s house and check cupboard on 2nd floor to obtain chimaera wing.

Go to horse barn and pick all horse manure on the floor to obtain benevolessence. Now enter the church and talk with the lady who is praying there; give keepsake ring to her.

Village night

Talk with Aquila on the bridge, and then talk to man using viking like custom. Event and you will back to Observatory.

Go to yggdrasil tree and offer benevolessence. Event.

Main menu


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5 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Prologue”

  1. jack says:


    Just want to inform you that you missed 2 chests in “Observatory L1-L2”

    It can be found in north west and north east area.

    Thanks for your guide.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thank you will update when i can go back to observatory

      • Randomperson says:

        I just noticed in some parts of the guide you say that certain items are in blue chests/cupboards/ect. You should probably change that because what’s in them isn’t set. Other than that it’s a really good guide. You made the error of going into too much detail XD

  2. sophia says:

    Hi, wondering if you have a map of the whole world. Just the map with the towns. I am looking to find out where is the town of Uproar for quest #121. I am enjoying your site and maps. If I notice so other items will be happy to post comments so you can update.
    great work
    ps. saw your post in the Gamespot forum for DQ9

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