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Posted on Jul 21, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Realm of Almighty to Gittingham Palace and Oubliette

You will arrive at the Realm of Almighty. Check the gate to see an event. Go to west building to obtain White knight’s shield. Go to next area and take Mighty armlet on the middle of the rainbow. After that you just need to continue to the north. You will see Almighty’s room and an event. Go upstairs by using west stairs in this room. Offers Fygg fruit on the middle of the light. Go back to the Starlight Express. Before you continue your journey there are some thing you can do:

You have got ultimate key from treasure chest on Gorehamm’s room. The key can be used to unlock the locked door you have seen through your journey. So use the key now to get additional treasures.( if I am missing any door please tell me by leave comment)

Room in your ship: Falcon blade (needed to create uber falcon blade)
Well in Coffinwell: Side quest 11
Stornway castle B1:
Dourbridge (behind the item shop): Secret shop
Observatory (L2, northeast from Apus major’s seat): Goddess ring and Orihalcum
Bloomingdale sewer: Mayoress mitten
Plumbed depth (gleeba): Saint’s ashes
Well in Gerzuun : Thug’s mug

Choose Gittingham for you next destination. Just keep going to the north from where you landed.

(1): Gittingham Palace
(2): Gorfortress
(3): Rockbomb shard
(4): Flintstone
(5): Gleeban Guinea
(6): Manky Mud

enemy drop list exp
dreadful drackal magic beast hide 2000
lethal armour magic armour 1680
gloomy gastropog toad oil 1400
stenchurion manky mud 171
stone guardian resurrock 2040
killing machine iron nails 1880

Gittingham Palace

Enemy Drop list EXP
stenchurion manky mud 1380
freezing fog ice crystal, sage’s elixir 1360
blastoad toad oil 2100
stone guardian resurrock 2040
dark skeleton evencloth 1780
boss troll oaken club 2400
lethal armour magic armour 1680
fright knight sword breaker 2180
wight king priestess pinafore 1680

When you enter this palace there will be an event and

BOSS: Hootingham gore

He is accompanied by 2 Bad Karmour, they are really annoying because they will always try to protect Hootingham from your attacks. He has Bounce spell, so be careful when you attack him with magic.

Swosh: 30-40 wind damage to all characters.
: reflect magical attack
Eerie glow
: reduce resistance to spell
: make your characters confuse (they will act foolishly and also can attack their teammates. Imagine your warriors attack you priest….. so be careful)


After defeating him enter the palace.

Take the left way first, go upstairs and go outside using southwest door. You will arrive on the outside of the castle, follow the path to obtain Mini medal. Go back to inside and go to L1 (you can immediately jump from here). There are many treasure chest here; point (1) in my map (5000G, celestial spear, mini medal, and 3 blue treasure chests). Go to L2 using stairs in this room and then check bookshelf to obtain a quest (You can become Sage if you finish the quest). Return to previous area (L1 right wing) and then go to the door on south east. Follow the path and then grab reckless necklace and Mini medal.

In this area you should see an exit on the west side, go there. You will arrive on the outside again, enter south east door to obtain Seed of Deftness. Continue your journey by entering southwest door on the previous area.

Grab dark shield from treasure chest and go to 2F(&). Go upstairs using nearby stairs and check the bookshelf to obtain recipe (“In Pursuit of Happiness” and “Dress to impress”). Return to 2F; get out using east door to obtain seed of skill on the edge of the path. Go back to inside, now exit using west door. Follow the path and enter the middle door. Go upstairs and then get out from this room using either southwest or southeast door.

Continue go up and

BOSS: Goresby purrvis

This battle is hard if you don’t have a priest who can cast multiheal. He can cast multislash (4 hit attacks distributed to all your party members) which can be deadly because he can attack twice per turn. His attacks pattern:

Multi slash: 4 hit slash attacks to your party (3 maximum hit for single character)
Normal slash
: 50 -70 damage
Swift upward
: make your character inactive
Kacrackle slash
: seems like normal slash?? About 50-70 damages
Flame slash
: same like Normal slash but added with fire element.
Slash like a demon: Critical attacks to your character. It has low accuracy though.


After defeating him watch the dialogue to see a pun from this game (it is so purrfect LOL). Enter the room behind the boss to see an event, talk with Godwynn to start

BOSS: King Godwynn 1st

He is fat, ugly, and weak. Just use attack and heal pattern here and you will be fine. Just remember you still get another battle after this, so don’t use up all your MP here.

Kafrizz: 70-80 damage fire
Bounce ball
: 2 hit attack to your party 60-70 damage each hit
: 20-40 damage
Thin air: 20-30 damage to all members
Disruptive wave: dispel your good status

BOSS: King Godwynn 2nd

His 2nd form is quite strong. Don’t bother to use support spell or raise your tension because his disruptive wave will dispel them easily. Other than that he is still easy.

Attack: 62-80 damage
70-100 damage
Disruptive wave:
dispel your good status
Magic barrier
: increase his resistance to magic spell
Cloud of Inferno: 40-70 damage to all characters

Now return to L2, You should notice there is locked door before. It is unlocked now so go there ( point (2) in my map ). Go downstairs, You can save your game by talking with ghost priest. Go down and you will arrive at


Enemy Drop list EXP
claws sacred claws 1980
boss troll oaken club 2400
mandrake marshall dragon scale 2200
wyrtoise tortoise shell 2500
bad karmour iron ore 2280
aggrosculpture gold ore 2280
king crab sleepiing hibiscus 2800

Follow the path and go downstairs to B2. Go to east pass through unseen corridor in order to grab 2 treasure chests ( Battler’s bracer and mini medal). Go downstairs to L3, Free all Celestrians from prison and check bookshelf to obtain 2 recipes (Ultimate Alchemy and Cooking up the coolest kit). Go to L4, from here just follow the way until you arrive at L6. You can grab Agility ring while you go to the room on the middle.

There will be an event and you will arrive at The observatory. Go to yggdrasil tree, you will get Fygg fruit. Now go to starlight express and talk with Sterling. Agree and you can go to the Realm of Almighty (Last dungeon in main quest ).

Main Menu


Thanks to Cam(mentioning about additional secret door), Niche (King Godwyn attack pattern), and to the others who have mentioning something that I miss.

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  1. tedman says:

    how do you make the uber falcon blade i already have the falcon sword

  2. NaMe says:

    how do you get falcon blade i cant get inside my ship

  3. RPGamer says:

    Ever since I shot the magic bow at WormWood Creek I can no longer accept new side quests.
    This is very confusing. When will it stop?

    Everytime I try to accept a quest, the person will say something to the effect of ”Oh it seems you have your hands full already. Please come back later when you are not so busy saving people.”

    So . . . I really wanted to do some side-quests >.<
    When/how can I? Must I really proceed to Realm of Almighty and then beat the game before I can continue accepting side-quests? wow that's a pretty lame feature…

    • KiraKat101 says:

      If they say your hands are full it just means you have too many quests that you have excepted that are not finished. So just complete some quests or undo the exception of them. Then you should be able to except others.

  4. WINDIGO KING says:

    you are missing and ultimate key door in Zere, the back side of the inn for a mini medal.

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    Ive just read about the orange slime on loading page and that it gives more treasure but the other day i loaded up and saw a BLACK slime,what did this mean?

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