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Posted on Jul 22, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Realm of Mighty

It is your last dungeon in main quest and it is pretty big. Don’t forget to equip Moonwort Bulb on every characters. You will need it at final Boss battle. Okay let’s begin now:

Enemy Drop list EXP
cumulus vex thunderball 2300
mandrake marshall dragon scale 2200
genie sanguini prayer ring 1260
red dragon dragon scale 3000
cure slime slimedrop 1350
charmour magic armour 2450
Belisha Beakon crimson coral 1460
great troll special medicine 3800
gigantes strength ring 3200
cobra cardinal fizzle-retardant blouse 2180
night knight dark shield 2980
Barbatos terrible tattoo 3400
prism peacock lunaria 2300
drakulard dragon scale 3450
sick trigertaur horse manure 3600
firn friend ice crystal 3200


Just go north from starlight express, ignore left door because it is locked for now. Go left  to take Mini Medal and then enter middle door and you will arrive at L1.

Take mini medal on right path. Go to Top cave and follow the way to obtain Mirror Armor. Go back to very first area. Now enter bottom cave (middle cave leads to dead end), go north and take seed of magic. Go to west stairs and follow the way until you return again in L1. Go downstairs using stairs on the north. Keep moving forward and you will return again in L1. Move through invisible stairs to reach the other side of L1 area. Grab Seed of Skill and then continue go north to


Go southeast to grab Blue treasure, follow the path until you arrive at the outside. Climb using invisible stairs to east and then enter the door.

You will arrive at L3 (like castle room). Go outside from this room using southeast door to take Yggdrasil dew from the treasure chest. Go back; now take southwest stairs to reach L4. Go downstairs by using top stairs in this area.

Go to south exit so you will arrive at the outside area, take Blue treasure chest on the west and return to L4.

Unlock the door and then go to middle big door. You will see Goreham hogg, talk with him and have a rematch. He is still the same as before, so you can use the same strategy. After defeating him take the stairs to go to


Go to right path first to take Ruby of Protection. Now go back and take west invisible stairs. After arrive on the other side head east (ignore south stairs because it leads to dead end). From here just follow the path until you reach outside (don’t forget to take Blue treasure Chest).

Now go to east and climb down the purple root. Grab seed of life while you enter the door in the west. Unlock the door so you can go back quickly later if you rest in Town.

Go back to L5 outside and then enter another door that leads you to L6. Follow the path while taking items inside the prison. Go south exit and climb purple root to grab Blue treasure Chest. Go back to L6 and take southeast exit to arrive at


Go up using invisible stairs. Talk with Hootingham Gore and you will fight with him again. Enter the door behind him, you will arrive at L8, Take the right path first to obtain Rusty sword (just ignore the stair on the north, it only leads to a dead end with broken guardian statue).

Go back to L8 and take the left path. Follow the way until you reach L9 left wing (take Spellward Circlet in this area), exit this room through south door.

You will arrive at the L9 outside, go east and enter the door to reach L9 right wing. From here just keep following the path until you reach L11. Jump down to where wind coming from and you will arrive at the outside. Go upstairs and fight Goresby Purrviss. Enter the door to Palace of Mighty.

Go to 2nd floor and then talk with Corvus.

BOSS: Corvus

He is just like another ordinary boss, just attack and heal when needed. Don’t bother to boost your status or tension, he has Disruptive wave. He also attack twice per turn.

Normal Attack: 60-87 damage.
Sky drop attack: 80-90
Disruptive wave: dispel positive status and tension.
Terrible lightning: 30-50 lightning damage to all members

Now go back to L9 Outside (marked as “True final boss (2)” in my map). Check the big orb and

BOSS: Barbarus

He is easy like Corvus and can attack you twice per turn. Don’t forget to use dragon slash if you have it (use it while you are on high tension state for big damage).

Normal attack: 30-50 damage
Claw: 50-100 damage
Kazam: 40-80 damage
Intimidating scream: make inactive

After defeating him, you will get a chance to restock your item and recover your characters (you need to go back to the town to recover, no recovery point here. Don’t forget to use shortcut to return here quickly after you recover. Equip Moonwort Bulb on everyone.

My Mc when fight this battle was at level 39 martial artist with 100 sword skill and 100 focus skill tree. My weapon is Uber falcon blade (you can create it easily by alchemy). My armor is dragon armor set and for the accessories I equipped Spirit bracer.

My other party:
priest LV 42 100 maxed in priest skill tree
mage LV 41 100 maxed in mage skill tree
Warrior LV 39 100 in claw skill and 100 in martial arts skill

All equipment is very basic (you can buy it from item shop or the item you got from the dungeon).

When you area ready check the black orb once more and


He is very hard (if you have same equipment and level as I did). I think Multiheal is a must for this battle. Boost your status first (I use oomph to my martial artist and warrior). Make sure your priest cast multiheal on every turn (cast care prayer on the first turn to boost healing effect). You can let your Mage attack after he/she has finished cast oomph at your physical attacker. He can attacks you twice/rturn. His attack patterns:

Ultra high speed combo:5 hit attack to all party about 20-40 damage per hit.
Attack: 50-90 damage
Bolts from blue: 70 Lightning damage to all
Burning breath: paralyze your unlucky character (You have Moonwort right)
Magic burst: 160 -170 damage to all (insane, if you have done care prayer, your multi heal should cure about 200 damage so no problem here)
Sleep: make your characters sleep
Pray: recover his MP
Malevolent darkness: 50-60 damage to all characters
Chilly breath
: 60-70 damage to all
Kafrizz: 80-90 damage
Meditation: Heal his own Hp for 500 point

Congratulations you just beat Dragon quest 9 last BOSS. Thank you for using my guide when you are playing this game. Send email or comment in here to help me improve my future guide. Don’t forget to subscribe or bookmark my site, so you can check my latest guide.

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321 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Realm of Mighty”

  1. Blaze says:

    What level were you when you faced hootingham gore?? Please tell me

  2. Sebastian Michaelis says:

    I beat Corvus with a party of 2 gladiators and two priests. All were level 40. I pumbled him with the gladiators while the priests healed when necessary. The priests were set on auto. (Focus on healing) I finished the quests for level forty: thief, minstrel, warrior, gladiator and priest. It takes awhile but it’s worth it. You gain: Gritty Ditty, the chance to counter normal attacks, the chance to do double damage on a normal strike, Wave of relief, and the thief was just good for normal battles: it sometimes steals items on its own. I gave my gladiators moonwart bulbs and 2 of the revive leafs. I gave one of them the healing dew as well. The easy way to gain skill points is to go to Alltrades Abby and change your characters vocations. When you gain skill points: DON’T USE THEM. Use them for the skill you want, I recommend maxing out the shield and the paladin’s virtue (You gain resilience and 80+ to your natural hp!). Then use the rest to max out your preferred weapon. If you have a ranger, I recommend maxing out the bow then taking the quest from that guy at swinedimples. The first request is to use Flutter Disaster on 10 pekerals. Easy. If your box skill is maxed, exit the building then enter and talk to him again. He’ll have two requests: the first one is kill 10 boss trolls with Rain of Pain, the second one is requested after you tell him you beat the boss trolls. You have to give him Wonder Pants, I don’t have the recipe but you should have it. He’ll give you a scroll giving that character the skill: Shining Shot, it does around 100-300 damage to all enemies and is great when training. My gladiators had shields and maxed virtue as well as my priests. I head one extreme magical mending with a wand, as well as maxed enlightenment (For the Sage vocation) and he had 400 mp. The other priest had exceptionally high magical mending and a bow. I equipped two spirit bracers to the gladiators and they had tons of mp, so I kept using parallex. Remember this was the long way to victory but it was flawless. Happy questing! 🙂

  3. Ritch says:

    By the way you missed something, Corvus (True final) has distruptive wave. (DIspells all positive effects and tension)

  4. Rd fdo says:

    Dude improve ur paladin until his virtue and courage is 100. Attk nt so imprtnt. Only resilience and forbearance to protect ur party if u face magicburst. Nd of course shield hundred too if u can. Use magic mirror + forbearance to perform really nasty paladin strategy.

  5. Alan says:

    Hi noobbgodlike

    Can I beat corvus my party is

    Minstrel lvl 44 fireblade

    Mage lvl41 magical mace

    Preist 44 lightning lance

    Warrior sword breaker (knife)

    Please help any1

  6. Ajax the Mighty Gladiator says:

    Help!my main is a lvl 42 glad. attak:375,defence:270,HP:278,SKILLS: AXE: 30, SWORD:100, GUTS:67,COURAGE:21,FOCUS:29
    PALADIN defence 274, attack 246, HP 209, hammer skill 47, virtue 22
    MA defence 177, attack 294, HP 198, claw skill 84
    PRIEST defence 183, attack 129, wand skill 24, faith 56
    please help me!P.S. yur guide is great!

  7. Steel$star45$$$ says:

    I,m having a ton of trouble with Corvus;My team is:

    Minstrel lvl 59 or Paladin lvl 12; equipped with fire blade
    Warrior lvl 41; equipped with miracle sword
    Warrior lvl 36; equipped with lightning lance
    Priest lvl 39; equipped with scepter of gitt

  8. er says:

    babraus has mavelont darkness to

  9. Im Someone says:

    Does the co-op de grace Electro Light work on Corvus?

  10. Dragon Quest 9 Lord says:

    I finally beat the Game now what do I do I beat it with 3 lvl 35 warriors all knowing giga Slash
    And a lvl 35 Preist

  11. sunny says:

    i Finlay beat corvus 😀 to be honest, he was very easy. thats how it went for me 😀 i beat him with lv 54 minstrel 53 priest 54 thief and 43 warrior just keep multi healing and just keep spaming falcon slash or somin’

  12. DragonQuestlvr says:

    i dont know why my comment wont post i had put up a few weeks ago. All i wanted to know is how i can beat corvus #2 with lvls 50, 49, 31, and 30. if you have comments on like what lvl i should be, tell me fast 😛 O_O

    • noobbgodlike says:

      train a priest that can cast multiheal and cast it every turn

      • DragonQuestlvr says:

        i did that but i still lost. now i have:
        Me: minstrel lvl 53
        Justin: Priest lvl 49
        Jordan: Gladiator lvl 35
        Rylee: Warrior lvl 25
        plzplzplz help me in this my younger brother got it on his first try and hes a level 43! o_o btw, this guide REALLY helped me when i got stuck. Thanks noobbgodlike! 🙂

        • noobbgodlike says:

          don’t forget to have latest equipment available 😀

        • DragonQuestlvr says:

          W00000000000000000000000000000000000T!!!!!!!!!!!! I BEAT CORVUS!! 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 Thanks, noobbgodlike! All i did was helm splitter on super high tension 5x! AND i bought the latest equipment! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!!

  13. dan says:

    soz still cant beat him tell me what weapons and armor you used

  14. Pie Lover says:

    Hi! I’m just training outside the Realm of the Almighty place. I’m not sure if I’m ready yet. Here’s my party:
    Me (gladiator) lvl 38 or 39
    Mage lvl 40
    Martial Artist lvl 40
    Preist lvl 42 or 43
    Please reply! If you think I’m not yet ready then I guess I need to go through even more training camp. Sigh.

    • Pie Lover says:

      Oh yeah, and I was obviously a minstrel before I became a gladiator. I was like level 30 or something…?
      Skill points:
      100 in sword
      around 90 in guts (I just know that I already have the +30 HP thing)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      buy latest armor and fight it when you have ombiheal spell (which you should alerady have by now)

      • Pie Lover says:

        Thanks for replying. 🙂 Appreciate it.
        My priest doesn’t know Omniheal, unfortunately. 🙁
        Because she’s only lvl. 43 and I Googled the spells then it said that priests learn Omniheal at lvl 65. o3o

    • Pie Lover says:

      YES! I beat CORVUS!!!!!!

    • unnamed person says:

      Gladiators are usually very effective against Corvus< as they gain a coup de grace very easily, and with the right attack/ability (gigaslash/gash, bagsy last, crackerwhack,etc.) can deal over 1000 damage no problem. Gladiators are also very, very good at withstanding Magic Burst (see the main guide) due to their insane hp. Priests are not, so equip the gladiator with a yggdrasil leaf or two. Priests cast multi heal every turn or you're screwed. I would double up the gladiator and then have the priest buff him/her. On the same turn, you can use your mage to oomph the martial artist while having him psyche up his tension. This may sound like a very vulnerable first turn, but trust me, you have a pretty good party there, you'll survive in time to slam him hard on the second turn and deal a lot of damage in very little time. You're ready. Trust me. Just hope he doesn't kill your tension with disruptive waves, and cross your fingers for no magic burst. You'll be fine.

  15. Shea says:

    I finished Corvus with omnipotence it was awesome!!!

  16. braddy man 101 says:

    I want to make a uber falcon blade but i cant find a gold bar.
    should i get an armamentalist in my team.
    ps if i do can you tell me where metal slimes are

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t like armamentalist because I dont like any mixed jobs (average strentgh and wisdom). Metal slimes can easily found in slime hills if you ahve beatetn the game :D. If I forgot where metal slimes roaming but it’s very hard to find them in normal place 😀

    • Naude says:

      I am stuck on Barbarus and all of a sudden i started dying before some of my others even though i am better then them.
      okay my character is a minstrel Lv. 48 with miracle blade and dragon warrior armor set also boss shield skill points are 100 sword skill and litheness 25
      i have a gladiator Lv.35 who was a thief Lv.45 90 axe skill and from thief 100 knife skill he has headman’s axe and sacred armor with metallic mitts, ruby of protection battler’s band, battler’s britches and payback pumps.
      warrior Lv.43 100 sword skill and 18 courage weapon is Dragonsbane with warriors shield Mythril helm,battler’s bracers,sturdy slacks,warrior’s boots and gold rosary
      Then i have another warrior who was a martial artist now warrior Lv.40 100 spear skill 5 shield lightning lance, tempest shield, dragon mail,battler’s bracers, warrior’s trousers,warrior’s boot’s and agility ring can you help me and how

      • Naude says:

        I wanted to know if i should change my main character from minstrel to something else and if so please tell me oh yeah i also have a goddess ring for main character

        • noobbgodlike says:

          what your main character’s job is not important. The important thing is what other characters ‘ job??
          create a balance party consists attacker and healer, tanker, and caster. hope you get the idea 😀
          Thanks for using my guide

        • Naude says:

          i got my ministrel to level 99 but im really unsure whether I should revocate or not can anyone give me any advice on this

      • noobbgodlike says:

        your party lack healer…… Create one priest, you’ll need them later :D. Thanks for using my guide

        • Naude says:

          i beat Corvus’ second form and now I am treasure hunting.
          i have way better gear now and cannot find any more treasure grotto’s i am looking for gold path of bane,copper mine of Dolour,Basalt cave of doubt and basalt mine of doubt

        • Naude says:

          thanks for the help noobgodlike i really like your guide though i was wondering where do i find slime hills as so many people talk about them.
          and do you know any way i can kill a king metal slime without using me gladiators hatchet man ability or thunder thrust as they are my only attacks that can kill them but i dont have enough mp to use them much so by the time i get to the boss all there mp is gone

        • noobbgodlike says:

          check about leveling tips to know the location of slime hills.

  17. braddy man 101 says:

    i have battled him like ten times and i can’t win and my team is lvl minstrel lvl 43 priest and mage and a lvl 45 martial artist and i still can’t win any tips

  18. Hi, You Might Remember Meh, But, I Restarted, Again ;D

    And Im Stuck At Corvus. x_x

    Im Working On Leveling My Priest To Level 38 For Multiheal, But At The Moment Its Not Looking Good, Il List My Characters Below, And If You Have ant Suggestions On How To Improve Them Can You Tell Me? 😀

    Warrior(Me) – 37 –
    Weapon: Dragonsbane
    Armour: White Knights Shield, Mythril Helm, Dragon Mail, Light Gauntlets, Dragon Warrior Trousers & Boots, Ruby Of Protection.
    Trained In Sword Skill And Shield Skill.

    Gladiator – 35 –
    Weapon: Fizzle Foil
    Armour: Mythril Helm, Mirror Armour, Light Gauntlets, Blue Jeans, Sandals & Agility Ring.

    Priest – 36 –
    Weapon: Sceptre Of Gitt
    Armour: Dragon Shield, Spellward Circlet, Magic Armour & Gloves, Cotton Trousers, Sandals & Spirit Bracer.

    Martial Artist – 37 –
    Weapon: Dragon Claws
    Armour: Pointy Hat, Fur Vest, Dragon Trousers, Sandals & Strength Ring.

    Thats My Entire Team, If You Have any Improvements Could You Tell Me? And if Its Items/Armour Could You Tell Me How To Find Them Or What Number They Are On Alchemy List? 😀

    Thanks – Jay

  19. daniel b says:

    im stuck on his 2nd form corvos

    im level 50 im a gladiator
    igot a mrtial artist level 49
    a minstrel level 46 he heals
    a mage level 46

    he annoyys me so much i hate corvos

  20. alan says:

    hi i beat the game and i did the quest to see stella can u do more like???????????????? if so like what cause i really bored now

    • Aqventusua says:

      Grotto are usally a good challange, and Legacy Bosses are quite tough, quest can be good fun and the DLC quests can be quite fun as well (If you can access them)Then there’s alchemy and getting the best equipment.

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