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Posted on Jul 16, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Swinedimples to Old School

If this is the first time you enter the ship, don’t forget to check bookshelf on your ship to obtain recipe (On the crest of a wave).

enemy drop list exp
white trigertaur horse manure 940
great gruffon wing of bat 1180
shivery shubberry ice crystal 680
brrearthenwarrior ice crystal 800
tearwolf magic beast hide 730
apeckalypses manky mud 740
sculptrice galvanised geta 920
icikiller scale armour 1050

(1): Thinkincense

(2): Magic Water

(3): Swinedemples

(4): sleeping hibiscus

(5): Ice crystal

You will automatically come to academy when you first enter this town. Now get out from academy and head to dormitory (big building on east side of the town). Go up to 2f and walk to the end of corridor, you should see an event about Fred (I trigger the event when it is morning; don’t know if you can see this in the night too). Follow them to the outside.

You can’t go inside academy because it is locked, rest at your dormitory and wait until evening. Talk with everyone in Dormitory to know what happened to Fred. Go to Academy now.

(-) Go to right room in academy 1f (with purple door) enter and grab a red tight.

(-) Enter the library beside previous room; Check the book shelf to obtain 6 recipes (“the font of all knowledge”, “articles of faith”, “Articles of faith”, “Ethereal equipment: the real deal”, “Elements of Alchemy: water and ice”, and “advanced alchemy”)

(-) Go to 2F and then enter small room on the right side. Check bookshelf to obtain “Almighty accessories”.

(-) Back to 1f and enter big room on the east (theater class), take gold rosary and then get out using south door in this room.

You should see Fred and his gang nearby, talk with him and agree to become member of his gang. He will tell about statue in 3f academy, so go there and examine the statue and touch the stone. Event; follow the ghost to hidden stairs on gravestone.

Old School

enemy drop list exp
sootheslime medicinal herb 1050
raving reaper thief’s turban 1050
teaky mask hardwood headwear 860
wight priest gold rosary 940
sculptrice galvanised geta 920

Monster alert: raving reaper and wight priest. These monster has pretty nasty skill that can instant kill one of your characters(raving reaper), for wight reaper he will cast thwak (effect on all party members) if you are on bad luck, your character will be killed instantly. Make sure you kill them first when you met them in a group of different monsters.

Go northwest and climb the book-stairs; now you are in bookshelf, follow the way to grab seed of theurapis and blue chest. Get down from bookshelf using ladder nearby.Enter the door and grab brainy bracer, now go back to bookshelf. Follow the bookshelf to east and then go down using another book-stairs.

In B2, enter room on the west and check bookshelf to obtain recipe (“Element of Alchemy: wind and earth” and ” Glad rags for gald lads and lasses”). Just follow the way to south to Fight with

BOSS: Dreadmaster

Like other bosses it can attack twice per turn. But he is easy compared to Drak (fygg 5 boss).

Normal attacks: cause about 26-55 damages

Double trouble: 2 hit physical attack (total about 30-40 dmg)

Zammle: magic damage about 30-50 dmg

After defeating the boss you will back to academy and get 3000G as a reward. Now go back to your ship to continue your journey.

Main Menu


Monster alert: raving reaper. This monster has pretty nasty skill that can instant kill your one of your characters. Make sure you kill them first when you met them in a group of different monsters.

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32 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Swinedimples to Old School”

  1. Ren says:

    Is there any tricks for this boss, the first time I played the game I won easy but I can’t now and my characters have a higher level. This is the last one, please help!

  2. silvesty says:

    i killed drak easy,but seems i kinda died on this teacher boss 0.o i got 26 minstril,26 martial artist ´´she is freaking pro´´ 25 priest my ultimate healer-buffer, and 25 mage also healer with Caduceus,explaim me what did I do wrong? this teacher does double trouble and does around 80 damages for real 0.o i got the latest items in shop…this is wierd..what i do now?

    • TDubs7 says:

      Get your party members to level 32 at least. i just completed Gleeba with a level 32 Warrior(main character) and 37 Warrior. i’m heading to Swinedimples now and am guaranteed and easy time.

  3. Entropy797 says:

    Hey guys, i really need your help. i am at this stage and i got creamed by dreadmaster but i have the valrikee sword (batsureg) and i want to turn it into a fire blade. I need a lava lump and i have found the place on newid isle but they wont respawn so do you know of any other places? please help because i desparetly want to do this game for a second time.

  4. sideways j says:

    Do you have to defeat the head master before you can learn the tricks from students and teachers cause i cant find any one who teaches you things to do with weapons and i know not to cheat the boomerang test lol or i wont get stronger

  5. DQFanboy says:

    Hi, I’m trying to beat dreadmaster and I have, level 17 minstrel, 16 martial artist, 17 priest and 17 warrior, do I need to change my vocation or shall I just train the team up, if so where and what weapons shall I use, lotta questions soz xD

    • noobbgodlike says:

      change your minstrel, at this point you may not face any trouble but later minstrel is bad (IMHO).

      • DQFanboy says:

        Hmm okay, any idea what other class??

      • Naude says:

        I am up to Barbarus the dragon and i am ministrel lv.48 dragon armor set with miracle sword sword skill 100 and litheness 25 then gladiator lv.35 who used to be thief 100 knife from when he was the thief 90 axe skill now warrior lv.43 100 sword skilland 18 courage also i have another warrior who was 18 martial artist but is now level 40 warrior with 100 spear skill and 5 shield skill gladiator has headman’s axe from the secret shop wich i heard of from your guide warrior 1 has dragonsbane warrior 2 has lightning lance should i change vocation for myself because i keep getting killed now

  6. DQ Hunter says:

    I have all fyggs except this one. I was wondering the best place to train my team is, also how to train them:
    Lv 40 Ministrel-Sword: Inferno Blade
    Lv 20 Mage-Wand: Tsunami Staff
    Lv 20 Ranger-Boomerang: Razor-Wing Boomerang
    Lv 25 Warrior-Spear: Lightning Lance

    They all have the latest armour bought from Batsureg. Except the shields.
    Ministrel- Enchanted Shield
    Mage- Ice shield
    Warrior- White knight’s shield

  7. Vampaneaze_Gal says:

    what level should i be to defeat the boss at batseurg my team is:
    Minerstrel: lvl 26
    Warrior: lvl 27
    mage: lvl 22
    thief: lvl 26

  8. crippy says:

    i need help on gleeba u told me to go to the well but when i do nothing happens and i keep going back and still nothing is happens help

    • dqix says:

      Ok. Here goes. Go inside the Mirage Mihal and go to the 1st floor (2nd USA) and speak to the man in front of you. He will ask you an errand. Go to the ground floor. Go west and speak to the woman. She needs help finding Voloptua’s pet, Drak. Set a party trick to ‘clap’. Go outside. Go to the northwest of the Mirage Mihal garden and Drak will appear with a fygg. Capture him and go to the errand man again. He will allow you to have an audience with Voloptua. She will say that she’ll cut up the fygg and bathe with it (X_o). You must stop her. How? Go to the ground floor and speak to everybody. A woman will say that there is a man upstairs who is good in the nefarious arts. Go to the very top of the Mirage Mihal. Exit via the door, and go around and enter. Open the chest to receive a magic key. Exit again. Go north. There will be a fisherman. Speak to him and he’ll tell you a way to get into Voluptua’s baths. Jump into the waterworks. Voloptua will be angry until Drak eats a fygg and turns into a dragon and kidnaps Voloptua. Follow him, and enjoy!

    • you need to talk to the person fishing by the well in gleeba

  9. Minstral says:

    I’ve defeated Larstastnaras and Drak no problem, but I can’t seem to defeat the headmaster!
    My party:
    Level 30 Minstrel
    Level 29 Priest
    Level 29 Thief
    Level 28 Mage

    What am I doing wrong?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      could you explain me how did he kill you?? because From my experience, the headmaster is easy. and my level was about 32. Always cast support skill in battle.

    • hi says:

      well i had a lv 25 paladin me
      lv 26 warrior
      lv 25 priest
      lv 25 mage my paladin used knight watch protected attack priest used healind AND WARRIOR/ MAGE ATTACKED

  10. mordsithdee says:

    Hi all! I’ve done this area but I can’t find the teachers for three of my four party member’s weapons…wand, stave and sword. I thought I takes to all the teachers (and I fount like 3 hammer teachers and 2 fan teachers so I was like WTF?) but I could be mistaken.
    Also, this is going back a little, but I haven’t been able to do the tower that you have to bow at to enter ’cause the trick won’t show up in my menu…I’ve talked to the bowing dude a lot and it still won’t show up, and that’s the last fyigg for me to get! Very frustrating.

    Thanks guys!


    • noobbgodlike says:

      He should teach you hot to bow dude. Try bow on different time ( night or day) maybe it solves your problem. About teacher things I really don’t know , sorry

    • lol says:

      bow is a party trick, you must set it at misc. first and the use b buttonand the key
      you set it for to use it

    • dqix says:

      Bowing. Lol. Go to the ‘mayor’ and ask him for the bow emote. (after speaking to the man in green).

  11. jenwilly says:

    What level does your party have to be to be able to beat this boss? I have tried this boss probably t10 times, and I keep getting slaughtered. I completed the Gleeba boss fight on the first try but this one is kicking my butt! My party consists of a Minstrel (main char), a martial artist, a thief and a priest, all between the levels of 26 and 27. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am about the same level as you are. But my MC is warrior with 100 sword skill so my damage is quite big at that time. I don’t get any trouble when fight this boss. My tips: use buff to your party. Also make sure you have latest equipment!!! This is most important because leveling up 2-3 level won’t make big difference but having latest equipment does.
      If you keep dying try to solve another fygg fruit quest while leveling up. But I think Drak is harder than this one. ALso remember to focus your skill point in one category.

      • Coolguyfunky321 says:

        Hi I’m a armamentslist but is this a good team I should keep me lv28 arnamentalast Mage lv27 paladin lv 25 and a preist pls tell me who to change and why

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I think your party should work fine but i kinda don’t like armamentalist because I don’t like a characters who don’t major in one status (gladiator and warrior major in strength) but armamentalist even have many useful skill don’t major in anything (IMO).

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