Posted on Jul 13, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Tower of Trades

Go to Alltrades abbey and then talk with mayor, after that go east to inn. Talk with barmaid and man behind the counter to learn information about the fruit. Go north and talk with martial artist here (green shirt). Talk again with Mayor; he will teach you to do “bow”, equip it on your party trick skill and then head to tower of trades.

Use your “bow” skill in front of the door. After the door opens go inside.

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Enemy Drop list Exp
slime medicinal herb 2
slime knight slimedrop 127
mushroom mage belle cap 144
slime stack slimedrop, slime earrings 317
jinkster magix water, pointy hat 127
drackyma wing of bat 145
restless armor iron broadsword 324
walking corpse manky mud 155
This dungeon is very simple, no complicated puzzles and roads. you just need to go up the stairs until you meet a boss. Just follow the path shown on the map

Monster Caution: slime, If you want to complete your monster list, make sure you fight them. Don’t do anything for a while until 3 slimes fuses together become slime stack, it is stronger now but still weak. You need 3 slime in order to make them fuse.
BOSS battle: Master of Nu’ un

His attack patterns :

(-) Drain magic: drain your characters  mp

(-) Normal Attack does  about 20 damages

(-) Woosh: wind attack to all your party (15-20 damages)

(-) Buff: increase his defense

(-) Crackling lightning: 25 -30 lightning damage to all party members.

He is easier than Lleviathan but he can do twice attack per turn so always keep your Hp above 60.

after successfully defeating this Boss, use “evac” and then “zoom” to return to abbey quickly. Talk with abbot (where you talked with mayor earlier). Congratulations, you  can change your vocation now.

If you change your vocation, make sure you level up until you reach level 6-8, so you do not get killed easily on battle.

Go to Port Liaffan when you are ready. Go to Boat and then talk with the man to set sail.

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4 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Tower of Trades”

  1. S.K says:

    Honestly????? Leivathan is awsomley easy and master of nuun is soooo hard cos my characters are all level 13-15 and i havent beat master of nuun. however, watched videos on levathan last night he sounds too easy to be a boss

  2. Coffinator says:

    I haven’t managed to do it yet and I’ve tried about 8-10 times now! It’s really difficult if you have a priest and I can’t get my mage a high enough level. I know it’s not compulsary but she dies easily. And even when she lives I end up dying and the coup de grace never gets triggered. Reading this makes me laugh, it sounds too easy to be true! 🙂 lol

  3. Klaimer says:

    Was pretty easy tbh, i only got him on sedcond time cause the first 1 is was so focused that i didnt noticed i was running low on battery xD and the ds went off -.-‘ im following the guide since the beggining, pretty smooth so far, ty m8 😉

  4. ??? says:

    it was such a hard boss had to do it aroun 8 times lol XD

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