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Posted on Jul 19, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Upover to Magmaroo

After getting the bow, you can return to Wormwood Creek in order to rest. Head west to enter new area called Wormwood canyon. Go to point (1), keep head west until you see a stone with dragon pattern. Press “yes” when you are  being asked to fire the arrow. There will be a bridge of light appear.

Now you must travel a long way in order to reach upover, your goal is volcano in middle of the map. (it will be more like one full dungeon so keep your party’s health).

enemy drop list exp
sluggernaut cloak of evasion 720
bloody manguini wing of bat 1000
whirly girly agility ring 1020
drakularge dragon scale 1600
sootheslime medicinal herb 1050
moosifer Magic beast hide 1240
drastic drackal royal soil 1380
terrorhawk lava lump, fowl fan 1080
cyclops oaken club 1400
sailserpent snakeskin 850
hell nino coagulant 960
cumulus rex thunderball 1400
golem flintstone 1700
boulderbomb rockbomb shard 1300
bagma lava lump 840
live lava (summoned by bagma) lava lump 1620

(1): Dragon stone, (2): Brighten rock , (3): Wake robin, (4): tangle web, (5): Fisticup, (6): glass frit, (7): thunderball,(8): lava lump,(9): Upover

When you arrive on upover, go up to mayor’s house to talk with him. The guard will open a path to a new dungeon (near mayor’s house).

Before you go to that dungeon, there are few things you can do in this town:

(-) Check bookshelf in Mayor’s house to obtain recipe (Dragon digest)

(-) Go to Weapons shop to buy new equipment (there are fire blade and dragon claw). You can also grab mini medal from the chest.

(-) Go to house at northwest corner, check the bookshelf to obtain new recipe (Super Duper Ultra Mega Stuff to Make).

(-) There is a blue treasure chest on the house (right house from Armor shop).

Go into new dungeon when you are ready (stay away from magma because it will damage your character like poisoning pool before).


Enemy Drop list EXP
bagma lava lump 840
live lava (summoned by bagma) lava lump 1620
corrupt carter iron ore,handrills 1550
hell nino coagulant 960
mandrake marauder dragon scale, bandit blade 1760
magmalice lava lump 2000
cumulus rex thunderball 1400
green dragon emerald moss 2200
mega moai mirror stone 2100

I suggest you equip healing item on every of your characters if your priest can’t heal all your characters at once.

Head southwest first and get out from the cave to obtain blue treasure chest. Continue go north to enter new area. Head northwest to grab 1500 Gold from treasure chests (you must across the lava, ouchh). Before going up using south stairs, you can grab seed of defence on east treasure chest.

Go north to return to L2 and grab Mini Medal. Return to B3 and head south. Grab Saint’s Ashes while crossing the bridge. Climb up the stairs and you will arrive at L4, You can grab Hades’ helm here but beware because it is curse (if you already equipped and want to remove it, use benediction to remove the helm). After getting Hades’ helm go to stairs on the north to go to L5.

In L5  just go south first to obtain safety shoe, return to inside and climb the stairs. You will arrive on L6, get out from the cave and grab blue chest while you are going to the top of Magmaroo.

Go to middle and

BOSS: Greygnarl

He only can attack once per turn but he has devastating skill called:

(-) Cloud of binding light: 60-90 damage to all party members. Luckily he rarely cast this

(-) Fierce fire: 20 fire damage to all (if you still have fire shield equip it on your character, my mage only get 10 damage from this attack)

(-) Claw attack: 40-60 damage to single character.

(-) Bite: 40-60 damage to single character.

As usual, make sure your characters act first before he does. Cast acceleratle (mage’s spell), buff (priest’ spell). If you train sword skill, you can use dragon slash here for a nice damage (about 150,a bit  higher  than falcon slash).

Talk with Greygnarl, try to return to upover via normal way and an old lady will come. After that you can use evac to return to upover.

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38 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Upover to Magmaroo”

  1. dq lord says:

    i beat the game but i can’t beat elud i have
    lv51 minstrel
    lv53 thief
    lv51 priest
    lv56 armour mentelist
    please help!!!!!!!

    • dq lord says:

      i now have
      lv59 minstrel
      lv79 thief
      lv68 priest
      lv56 armour mentelist
      but this time i have baramos’s map lv1 but he is hard as hell if any one knows how to beat him please reply!!!!!

    • kenji says:

      your minstrel are lv 100 above your thief lv 10000 your priest lv 9000 your armor mentelist lv 1000000000000000

  2. Grey says:

    Um i do not know if this is a glitch but i found a metal medley in the lava room right before Greynarl is this a glitch or a regular accurance?

  3. X says:

    Noobgodlike I found that in the magmaro live lava can be found, but they can also be summoned by bagmas.

  4. X says:

    Where is the drakulord i cant find it. But considering the name , im guessing its in the same faimly as the drakmage.

  5. X says:

    Hey have you figured out how to get up on the ledges i cant figure it out. Also live lava can be found roaming the maggmroo cave

  6. X says:

    What are the 5 star items in the game

  7. X says:

    I have lvl 46 minstrel
    Attack (255)
    defence 242
    Agility 169

    Warrior lvl 41
    Attack 308
    defence 287
    Agility 34

    Ranger lvl 26
    Attack 203
    defence 128
    Agility 99

    and Mage lvl 35
    Attack 72 (with regular hitting with staff.)
    Defence 133
    Agility 151

    am i ready to kill the boss.

  8. Bob says:

    Nice guide *=*

  9. Van Lynn says:

    Hello again for the tenth-or-so time. I’ve been noticing that you seem to be getting your Easts and Wests mixed up quite often. West is to the left, East is to the right. 😀

    At the beginning of the guide, where it lists the things to do with the green bullets, one of them says that you need to go to the northeast house to get the recipes in one of the books, but the recipes in that house (The Mayor’s house) are from a different book. The one you’re referring to is the northwest house. I know it would be annoying for you to go through the whole guide and check your Easts and Wests, so if you want me to, I’ll just leave comments on the pages where I find them wrong. Thanks for reading my long-winded sentences. Saying them in one breath is hard. XD

    • noobbgodlike says:

      kk thanks, I hope you can help me improve this guide 😀

      • X says:

        i found a item that you said could only be crafted but i found it on a coast you have to sail to it but it has brightned rock on shore. But unforcunitly i forgot name as some as i remenber i’ll tell you al help any way i can.

  10. randal says:

    watch out!! the hades’ helm is cursed!

  11. dragonquestIXfan says:

    What LV should ya be?
    I’ve got:

    Ministrel LV 35 (good agility and defence)
    Martial Artist LV 36 (great agility and attack)
    Warrior LV 36 (awesome defecnce good attack)

    Do I need to LV up?

  12. fayzan says:

    how do you make a brighten rock?

  13. connor says:

    yo dragon slash dunt give 150 damage btw

  14. Chibi says:

    i’m at upover too and people aren’t talking to me D= they’re blanking me!! DX help please?? =[

  15. jack says:

    i am in upover and talking to people but they wont reply how can you sort this out?

  16. drew says:

    extend your map to the cave behind greynarl its his lair lost of red chests but only 1 has anything in it

    but i found better stuff in the pots

  17. Cangriman says:

    There is no Dragonsbane in the weapon store on Upover.

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