Posted on Jul 12, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Village to Hexagon


Go to Erin’s house then she will tell you to talk with everyone in the village, so go outside. Check the well near the house grab moonwort bulb. Go to Mayor’s house, talk to them and return to Erin’s house. Talk with Erin and agree to eat.

Next day agree to help Ivor, and then exit the village. Go to east; to mountain pass.

enemy drop list exp
bodkin archers leather hat,palin clothes 9
cruelcumber antidotal herb 3
teeny sanguini medicinal herb 4
sacksquatch antidotal herb 5
slime medicinal herb 2
batterfly moonwort bulb 7

I recommend you to level up your party up to level 4/5. Buy also soldier’s sword for your main character because it is better than your default equipment.

Grab gold ring on right side and go up to landslide; after you see an event go back to village. Go to mayor’s house. Talk with Erin and choose to sleep. Talk with Erinn’s grandpa(to learn information about hexagon) then go to world map and head for hexagon.

enemy list drop list exp
bag o’ laughs cowpat 11
mecha-mynah chimaera wing 12
fire spirit holy water 12
dracky medicinal herb 10
the spirit holy water 16
bodkin archer leather hat,plain clothes 9

Go to hexagon (look at map). Check the door on the middle to make fat old man appear, follow him; and then check back of the statue to open door. Go east and open the chest contain leather shield.

Go down using left stairs to obtain antidotal herb, go up then down again with right stairs to continue. Grab feather fan from west side of the area and 210 gold from south. Continue go up using stairs on the right. Enter the middle door after you have grabbed 52 gil from chest.

Grab seed of destness from chest on the leftside and go to middle of the room to watch cut scene.

BOSS battle: Hexagoon

err, pretty lame name, only add “o” from dungeon’s name 🙂 , Btw this boss is easy, it only has 2 attack patterns:

(-) Headbutt 7 damage
(-) Rabble 5 damage

That is damage that i got when I was at level 9 (so it can be more or less depend on your level and equipment).


Back to the village and go to inn to trigger scene. Back to Erin’s house and talk with old fat man in front of the house. Check bush behind the inn to obtain trophy, now talk with Erin’s father, and then talk with Erinn on the 2nd floor. Try to go down and it will trigger some event with old man.

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4 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Village to Hexagon”

  1. that guy says:

    this boss was very easy for me this time i dident even have to use heal

  2. Ciaran says:

    haha i could kill this in my sleep i always thought this boss was hard becuase it had 100 life now i’m WAY ahead of it and my MAGE with a WAND could kill this in one hit without using a spell (mages suck with wands)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      what 100 damage with wand?? at the beginning of the game??? also you can’t do it while you sleep because you can’t press A button 😀

    • X says:

      WHAT DO YOU HAVE YOUR MAGE EQUIPED WITH 100 damage just by hiting it my mage is 42 and she cant do that much i think your over reacting because noobgodlike think about it 100 damage at the begining you would have to be like lvl 80 all hipped up on stregth and attack seeds

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