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Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Wight knight to Zere

In the next morning, go to train express in the mountain and enter the train. After scene, get out from train and continue go to north (the boulder is disappear now). You arrive on world map, head to stornway in the middle of the map.

enemy on this area drops exp
funghoul sleeping hibiscus, medicinal herb 25
hammerhood leather kilt 20
bubble slime antidotal herb 24
the spirit holy water 16
winkster cotton trousers 22
she-slime medicinal herb 20
wooper tropper pot lid 40


You will see an event and choose agree to help. Now go out from inn and do some quick list:

(-) enter well beside the inn to grab linen gloves.
(-) go up a little further, you should see a chest contain mini medal
(-) enter the stairs near the well, go down and you will learn about red and blue colored chest. Grab the items (strong medicine and lambswool).
(-) go to weapon shop, and then grab 2 treasure chest inside (seed of strength and antidotal herb).
(-) You can start having a party from now by recruit them from the inn.

Explore the town and learn about wight knight. Now go to castle and answer the castle guard.

Explore the castle a bit (you can get quest number 5 and 7 from this castle, look side quest section for further explanation). In L1, go to northwest stairs to go to B1, you can get mini medal from red chest (the other chest is locked).

Go to sternway castle L2, when you at L2 go out by using south door and head to northeast room; check the cupboard to get sandals. Back to inside and go up to meet with King schoot. Accept king’s request and go out from castle.

Go to inn and talk with Patty to recruit party members. Go out from the city. Head north to wight knight’s place.

Tips: I recommend you to level up your parties until level 5 and buy them more advance equipment. You can also grab treasure chest in hexagon boss area via west area with stairs on the world map. (marked with green arrow on my map)

enemy on this area drops exp
wooper trooper pot lid 40
gastropog antidotal herb 48
meowgician oak staff 40
betterfly coagulant butter fly wing 36
ragged reaper evencloth 56

Go to north (red mark on my map), you will enter into new world map area (Zere). You can do some leveling here, the enemy gives you better exp rate than previous area. Go to east lake on the map (blue arrow). You will see an event there; i don’t know what is consequence if you choose not to wait wight knight, but if you choose to wait; he will come and

BOSS: Wight knight

Attack patterns:
(+) Normal attack: about 20 damage
(+) Heal:40 point to itself
(+) Multithrust: multi hit attack each about 7 (distribute between party members)
(+) Bolt cutter: about 25-30 damage

I was at level 11 when fought this battle, my other party was at 8 or 9. The battle is easy (hope you have priest on your party). I use my mage to cast crack and other spell.

Drops: iron gauntlet

After the battle you will see another 🙂 event.

Return to Stornway and then talk with King Schott. After that go to princess room. Now go to world map where you fought wight knight but go north for now to Zere.

Go to hole in big tree first and talk with the lady inside, cheer her to obtain new party trick. Go to inn and check cupboard in first room to get plain clothes. If you come into town at the night; sleep at the inn. Now go to northeast house and talk with old lady (if you come here at the night she will tell you to come at morning). After that try to get out from this village, there will be an event. Don’t forget to buy Moonwort Bulb (8 of them are enough) from merchant in this town, it will be useful; Trust me 🙂

From Zere just keep going north to enter new area.

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18 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide Wight knight to Zere”

  1. libbie says:

    I just beat hexagoon with like 10 hits then I got to stornway ,excepted the kings challenge and went of to defeat the knight with my group. I spent hours doing the same thing then expectedly I failed every time…WHAT IS THE SECRET…HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT…HOW DID MY DAD DO IT!!!!!!!!

  2. X says:

    I failed epicly after stornway because i didnt know how to get a party so I beat hexgoon,weight knight,kayia,and raggin the crustation all alone i swere when i found out how to make a party i literly hit my head agaist the wall 10 times.

    • Aqventusua says:

      The main reason for your character got to a high level is because with four members the experience gets split between the four. With one guy you get get to a high level very quickly but lack the complexity and expanse of abilities that four guys have.

    • john says:

      you can make a party!!!!!

  3. Nick says:

    Get a mage to cast antimagic on him, then he cant heal himself or use magics 😛

  4. taya says:

    I have tried loads. I cast crack but he just heals himself. then he uses mulituthrust and at least 2 of my part members die

  5. fretwell says:

    how do you get team mates???

  6. LilWalker says:

    Dang, I know right. Didn’t know i could get a party. they should really tell us noobies about it 😛

  7. Fallen Celestrian says:

    I Didnt know you could get party til i was lvl 20 still havent died yet tho…

    • Randomperson says:

      If you made it far in the game alone you would eventually be doomed to fail. I doubt anyone could beat some of the bosses farther in the game without a healer in their party and actually be able to kill them. You would eventually run out of MP and not be able to heal. And you wouldn’t be able to debuff anything unless you couldn’t heal. It would be suicide to be alone late in the game basically 😀

  8. John (DragQuester) says:

    When, I first versed this guy, it took me 10 times, but after I got team mates, I owned him. Always have extra’s or you’ll die, for sure.

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