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Posted on Jul 18, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS Guide Wormwood creek to Bowhole

Go to the blue tree near Alltrades Abbey and summon the train.You will see an event on the train. Don’t bother to fight the Boss, it is undefeatable. You will fall down to

Wormwood creek

The old man will tell you to meet him on the church at the night.

Here is a list of thing you can do in town:

(+) Check bookshelf in Wallace’s house to obtain “Faerie Tales”

(+) Go to weapon shop to buy new equipment and grab 2 chests containing mini medal and terrible tattoo

(+) Go to inn and grab mini medal from chest behind inn counter

(+) Check bookshelf in item shop to obtain “Items you won’t encounter anywhere else”

(+) Check bookshelf in church to obtain “Sun Worship and Moon Gazing

After you have done all of those things, rest until evening then go to church. You will see an event; get out from wormwood and head northwest (2).

(1): Wormwood creek

(2): Small hole

(3): Bowhole

(4): Crimson coral

(5): rose root

(6): sleeping hibiscus

(7): belle cap

(8): slipweed

(9): Thinkincense

(10): Narspicious

enemy drop list exp
gramarye gruffon wing of bat 1310
splatterhorn magic beast horn 980
sluggernaut cloak of evasion 720
grim grinner cautery sword, magic shield 760
whirly girly agility ring 1020
skeleton soldier (night) chain mail 1100
bloody manguini wing of bat 1000
harmour silver mail 1300

Follow the path in this forest and then check the hole in the end of this forest. Enter, grab Lucida shard from the treasure chest and then talk to Wallace. Get out and you will see an event with ghost, back to wormwood creek.

Examine the guardian statue near the weapons shop, Wallace will tell you that it is not the statue’s original location. Go to the church and check grave stone in north east corner; take serene necklace. Now back to forest where you met with the ghost and give her the necklace. She will agree to break the seal. Return to wormwood to recover your party and then head northwest; point (3).


enemy drop list exp
blood mummy grubby bandage 1200
harmour silver mail 1300
goodybag brighte rock 500
python priest watermaul wand, fizzle retardant suit 950
sculpture vulture narspicious 1320
living statue flintstone 1500
drakularge dragon scale 1600
cannibox mini medal 960

Monster alert: Liquid metal slime. Like other metal slime family, it can’t be damaged by magic, but it will reward you with 40200 EXp if you manage to beat it. Also, I think this monster is harder to find compared his other family, because i haven’t found it again since it ran away.

Grab 3 blue chests on the east side of the area (I got prayer ring from here;it is quite good can be used to replenish user’s MP). Head to north to enter the cave. You are free to choose any hole to enter because they are lead to same place (different spot). Head to southeast stairs and go up to unlock the door on first area. Go to north stairs and then go down, grab holy talisman on the north side of the area. Be careful when you check blue chest near light gauntlet because it may become cannibox.

Go to B3,in here you can get gold bar from southeast and blue chest on north west. Go up using west stairs and continue wall through the corridor until you arrive in small building, Heal your party, enter the temple and


Be careful when the boss is enraged (watch the text description text to know who is being targeted by him) then choose defend command because if you not defend, his attack in enraged mode can cause about 140 damage (my martial arts survive this attack because  I already cast buff upon him before this attack). Other than that attack he posses little threat to your party, make sure you increase your priest agility to make sure he/she can act first before the boss attack. His attacks pattern:

(+) Normal attack: up to 60 damage.

(+) Heart breaker: 40-60 damage plus inactive.

(+) Burning breath: fire damage 20-30

After successfully defeating him, take the bow from the pedestal and get out from this dungeon.

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