Posted on Sep 18, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DS guide

Developer: Level 5

Publisher: Nintendo

Release date: 11 July 2010

Platform/genre: NDS/ RPG

ESRB Rating: E10+

Main Quest

1. Prologue

2. Village to Hexagon

3. Wight knight to Zere

4. Doomingale forest to Brigadoom

5. Coffinwell to Quarantomb

You don’t need follow this guideline to complete fygg fruit quest, but there is some quest you must solve first before you can continue further (especially when you need a ship to travel).

6. Port liaffan to Twyll cave (Fygg fruit 1)

7. Tower of trade (Fygg fruit 2)

8. Dourbridge to height of loneliness (Zere rock) (Fygg fruit 3)

9. Bloomingdale to Bad cave (Fygg fruit 4)

10. Gleeba to Plumbed depth (Fygg fruit 5)

11.Swinedimples to oldschool (Fygg fruit 6)

12. Batsureg to Gerzuun (Fygg fruit 7)

You can only progress to part 13 when you already finished all fygg fruit quest. So make sure you check it before you ask question. Enjoy 😀

13. Wormwood creek to Bowhole

14. Upover to Magmaroo

15. Gorfortress

16. Realms of Almighty to Gittingham Palace and Oubliette

17. Realm of Mighty (Final Dungeon)


18.Post game (Tower of Nod)


Important info(credit to TEAM PUFF PUFF):

Whenever you boot up the game you will see three slimes during the loading screen, and sometimes you may see an orange she-slime. These orange she-slimes not only increase the item drops from monsters after battle, but they also increase chances of successfully stealing from them, and also the likelihood of spawning rare alchemy items and mini medals from blue chests and pots. On top of that, they increase your success with certain side-quests, especially the ones that require ‘Critical Hits’ or ‘Important Item’ drops from specifics monsters!

So, if you ever see that orange she-slime during the loading screen, DO NOT turn off your game. Put it on pause until you’ve finished as many side-quests as you can and found all the items from the pots and the blue treasure chests that you can find, and stole as many items from certain monsters as possible.

Side quest:

You can help me by tell me about quest location, tips, etc. Please share them via comment or send me an email using contact form near “Home” link in header menu. Send me email only if you have the screenshot!!! if you don’t have the picture simply use comment feature. Thank you very much.

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2. If you find that I miss something feel free to tell it to me by leaving comment or send me email. If you give a really useful tips via comment or email i will give you credit for that tips.

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  1. dragonslayer says:

    is there a part on the books that give you skills if their in your inventory?

  2. Rico8u says:

    I prefer these guides. Stupid GameFaqs has nothing but everyone asking questions on their guides, and it opens pop up ads!

  3. shadow says:

    i trust this guide over others

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