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Dragon Quest IX Post Game guide

First you need to solve quest number 39 to gain ability to fly. See this to know how to solve the quest. After you solve that quest go to Stornway, you can buy new armor and weapon from extra merchant in each shop (Gigant armor is nice :D).

Now Fly to Tower of Nod

It is located near Coffinwell and you must have ability to fly in order to reach it.

Enemy Drop list Exp
killing machine iron nails 1880
cumulus rex thunderball 1400
freezing fog ice crystal, sage’s elixir 1360
splatterhorn magic beast horn 980
swinoceros magic beast horn 610
metal king slime slime crown 120040
drakulard dragon scale 3450
stone guardian resurrock 2040
gigantes strength ring 3200

The dungeon is pretty straightforward. You can get decent amount of experience here, many enemy groups give you about 2000-4000 exp to one character. There is also metal king slime in this place but it is very rare and very hard to kill. Metal king slime has about 12-14 HP, so good luck when you are trying to kill it.

Tips by Tuppup:
Metal king slimes can be easily killed with spear skill Thunder Thrust and axe skill Hatched Man. Both attacks are always critical, so if you manage to hit, it’ll be 1 hit kil

Just keep go upstairs until you reach L7. In L7 you can climb the vine to find sleeping Chimaera. For now you can’t do anything to it because the quest is still locked at the time I write this guide (need wi-fi).

So just exit this dungeon and you have beaten bonus dungeon in dragon quest IX. Now it is time to grind your character’s level in grotto and hunting ingredients for perfect equipment.


Other thing you can do after that:

  • You can return to Realm of Almighty (when you are flying over in the world map try to disembark into impossible terrain and you will get this option). You can talk with Celestria and she will open a portal to  send you to Realm of Mighty so you can re-fight with Corvus.
  • There are many island that you can’t reach before because lack of transportation. Now you can Fly, so check my world map and visit many suspicious island. They usually lead you to another side quest or item. I haven’t explore them all, so I can’t write it here. For side quest i will add it on side quest section.
  • You can reach level 99 on your vocation and then do revocation  to Level 1. Skill points don’t lose so you can obtain all vocation abilities.
  • Talk with queen, princess, and king in Stornway to obtain Treasure Map

I think that is all you can do after finished the game. Will update this guide when I found optional BOSS in normal map (I heard there is one in small snow island).

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174 Responses to “Dragon Quest IX Post Game guide”

  1. ErinKatzee says:

    Ohhhh, The nostalgia <3 I used this guide a few years ago <3

  2. The slime says:

    And when u beat the game and the observatory goes away I forgot get the treasure from there and I was wondering if I could go back and get the treasure

  3. The slime says:

    I want more saints ashes but I don’t know how to get then? Can u pls tell me

  4. The slime says:

    Is suppose to be there but when I go he is not.he gives u a quest and u have to give him a agate of eveloution and he will give u a erdricks spear
    Btw sry about the last comment this is continuing on from the last comment I pressed send so ya

  5. The slime says:

    Also there is suppose to be a ghost in the stornway castle he is past the king and queen u go up the stairs and he

  6. The slime says:

    When I go to the tower of nod the slime that gives u the quest to wake him up is not there so I can’t battle nod.also I want to get high lvl grottos so I can get slime armour and get the luminary class but when I beat the bosses of other treasure maps I don’t like lvl15-20 maps

  7. Hi says:

    Hi, nice list, but i ran into Barbatos in this dungeon, and it’s not in the list, so u might want to add that. Thanks :)

  8. who knows says:

    About legacy bosses, i am trying to get murdaw, but baramos is the right level, and not droping it. Help?

    • BlueSky says:

      Baramos must be lvl 16+ to drop the map and yo have 10% chances to drop it with an addicional 5% every 10 levels

      • HazzaTheDestroyer says:

        u actually have a 20% chance to get Murdaw which goes up 5% every 10 lvls. Baramos is an utter arsehole when hes lvl 16+, mainly cos he does this – attack,attack,attack,distruptive wave,attack,attack,kaboom,attack,kafrizz,attack,distruptive wave,attack,kaboom. or he does for me. he hardly does blazing fire so it wastes my MP by using reverse cycle.

  9. is there any thing to do or is post game boring

  10. bryan says:

    ive beaten the game and found my boat and went to stornway and then i saved the game and when i got back it was gone and now i cant go anywhere what do i do?

  11. The guy says:

    Iv seen on youtube that theres an after game boss in the well in stornway castle but whatever i do i only see the guy and he says he can’t squeeze through. I dont know what to. But i think it might be a wi-fi quest. but wi-fi only works on my pokemon game so i might as well have to use action replay

  12. Darrelleo143 says:

    What is the best weapon and armor? Please reply!!! :(

    • AA says:

      the best armor in the game is legendary armor which you get through alchemy and the best swords are uber falcon blade and the hypernova sword which you also get through alchemy but i personally think uber falcon blade is better

  13. unnamed person says:

    Somebody said that if you get a certain quest from Erinn and Patty, you can go to the “Realm of Memory” and rescue Corvus and Aquila, recruiting them for your team. I have a few questions concerning this:
    1. Is this true, or is someone pulling my leg?
    2. If quest exists, how do you acess it?
    3. Is it A)wi-fi B)gotten through multiplayer, or C)gotten after other quests?
    4. If C), which ones?
    5. How do you do this quest?
    6. Is it hard? and lastly
    7. If someone is pulling my leg, can I please wring their neck for getting my hopes up unnecessarily? ;D

    • anonymous says:

      you can get patty, erinn and sellma.(ive got all them already)
      And its true that you can get aquila but you have to do some quests to get these extra party members. (not sure
      about corvus)
      im still trying to get aquila
      but thats all i know

  14. unnamed person says:

    Yo, noobgodlike –
    Is there any easy way to find legacy boss maps? I only have Baramos Lv. 1, and have beaten him once. I refused to give him MY experience points, that have anything to do with it?

  15. Neon Helios says:

    Equinox drops a treasure chest! Tom opens it up.
    It contains a dragontail whip!

    Aww.. Was hoping for Vesta gauntlets there..

    • Daniel li says:

      hey if you want a vesta and other rare goodies that are 2% why not try out the hoimi graph it helps you get it 100% just search up on youtube:dragon quest 9 rare item exploit to see how to use and you can search on any search sites hoimi graph and i have done it and it worked wonderfully and i got everyting i needed. ^-^

  16. Kin says:

    Alright, I beat the game, Jona’s quest, and got Sterling’s but I have no idea what to do now. I’m kind of just wandering around aimlessly. I went to the Tower of Nod but the chimaera there was asleep and I couldn’t wake it up? What other quests (labeled STORY) are there to do???

  17. Nerdatron 5 says:

    how do you get high level grotto maps because i always seem to get up to level 60 and then the dam game gives me a level 50 map

  18. DQ10 says:

    i got the quest to fight nodoph
    first you need:
    wifi to access quest 162
    i forgot the other two quests the help you unlock quest 162 but one of them includes the mayoress in bloomingdale

  19. xxx says:

    like the stupid idiot that i am. i sold my miracle sword that i got from the pirate so now i cant do quest 121 does anyone know how i can get another one

    • Gramalamadingdong says:

      well, by looking around grottos and constantly checking the blue chests in Gittingham palace, you can find another miracle sword…and that’s why i have three of them.

    • R says:

      get an action replay they give you a code for all weapons it gives you 99 miracle swords

      • Bob says:

        Only losers who don’t know how to play the game cheat .but anyway a miracle sword is very useful after u get ur stats to 999, I only have attack , defense and health to 999, but the miracle sword and falcon blade are the most usefull I don’t even use the supernova sword. I think grotto hunting is the most useful thing to do because you get alchemy ingredients and find platinum king jewels and depending on the grotto you can find the best weapens in blue chests and the way to get your defense and everything to 999 is by stealing seeds from monsters that you find .like the seed of defence is droped by a brownie .if you guys need anymore help just ask.:)

        • DragonQuester says:

          I went to the tower of Nod, and i went up to the slime for the quest, and he wouldn’t give me the quest can you help me i just want to defeat him :(

  20. DQ Hunter says:

    I have wi-fi, and ive connect to it weekly with DQ but for some reason the chimera sleeps always. Do i have to verify a quest to get him to waje up and get killed by me?

  21. Poostring says:

    Where’s the wishmaster found

  22. Burnsy says:

    hey long time no post… I’m not sure how to do the cloudless Skye mission, I think it is the region of about 120 – 125 but I really don’t know how to do it… so if anyone can help thanks a lot 😀

  23. get on the train then go to the cave near angel falls there should be a women accept her quest then finish it then yo get metal slime helmet that will help your defence then after that go on your train and just south os swinedimples acadamy there is a house go in it and press a on the book shelf then you get a quest called ‘EXTERMINATE’ finish that quest then go back to the book shelf after youve done the quest then you get a metal slime shield .. hope that helps

  24. Lawl says:

    HOw do I get wifi quests? When I go on dqvc I only get items to buy..

  25. insane says:

    the name of the monster at the top of the tower of nod is named nod

  26. DQ9 addict says:

    I have completed game and done the quest to fly but cant figure out how to summon starflight? can anyone help?

  27. Person says:

    I found YouTube videos that say celestria let’s u travel to the realm of memory to save Aquila and he joins ur team but no matter how many times I talk to her she just talks about the realm of might

    • Frost says:

      You need to do all the extra quests first, then talk to pavo, she’ll tell u to get a pearl of something (forgot the name of it). then go talk to celestria.

  28. me says:

    can anybody tell me where to find a full list of locations for treasure maps,coz I just got this lvl 1 legacy boss map and I weely wanna go in it

  29. ken says:

    i cant do quest but i finish the regaulur game

  30. E1234 says:

    arrrrrrrggggggggg! (cough) i need to were to fine a moai minstrel i rewwy wanna be a luminary…… also grubby bandages? please help me with that

  31. kai says:

    Bob – paladin class can be unlocked by completing quest #106; start the quest by speaking w/ the paladin on top of the bathhouse roof in Gleeba.

    I just finished revocation for all 4 of my characters (10 times each). Instead of a green +1 or +2 next to your level, they now have a big yellow star. Looking forward to raiding grottos for rare items next.

    BTW – from what I’ve read, you’ll need the paladin ability to defeat some of the harder legacy bosses at level 90+.

  32. Bob says:

    URGENT!!!!! Where do u find the yellow orb?(I think it’s from Mortamor and some other guy,where r they?)I need yellow orb because I found an angel’s robe and I think you need it to make the better kind ????????

  33. that guy says:

    i hate post game now im alone in the game

    and i caint go to the observitory wawawawsawawawawawawawwaawawaawaaw me sad

    • noobbgodlike says:

      just do quest 39 to obtain flying ability :D. you can go to observatory again after you have done that stuff. instead of playing pokemon> I recommend you to play final fantasy the 4 heroes of light ( I also make guide for this game too)

      • mitchtheminstrel says:

        no u cant u can only go to realm of the mighty/almighty not the observatory. ( without cheats.)

    • Bob says:

      U should focus on treasure maps the most,they give u great armour and weapons 😀

  34. Bob says:

    I only need one more blue orb to make the extratoga, I’ve already tried to make the best kind 5 times , I have the worst luck >:(

    • kai says:

      I don’t have any orbs yet to make the really cool stuff. But what happens if you don’t save and just try to get the alchemy miracle again?

      • Bob says:

        It makes u save before u do the alchemiracle :/

      • Bob says:

        Oh what part of the game are u at?

        • kai says:

          Beat the game a few months ago. Now I’m working hard at party revocation. My gladiator, paladin and mage have gone through revocation 8 times each; 7 times for the sage. Will focus on grottos after I’m maxed out to get A and S rank maps.

        • Bob says:

          Hmm well I have been focusing on grottos mostly I have really cool things like mythical armour,mesotoga,archangels robe,and all the best weapons exept the staff and claws.but I fail at revocating I’ve only done it once oh and I can’t find out where to turn into paladin? help plz

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Check side quest between number 90-120 LOL. I totally forgot which quest it is. But the person reside in Gleeba castle.

        • Bob says:

          K thanks

  35. that guy says:

    heh i acidently sold my hades helm and now i dont know if a can get anougther one heh hopefully i find one in a blue chest =0

  36. Bob says:

    What do I do after I get the info about the gittish empire queen (stella) and give it to the guy in bloomingdale ( I think it’s quest 149)?

  37. Bob says:

    Do the chances of getting orbs raise the higher level of the treasure map is?

  38. Bob says:

    Is anyone here on the legacy bosses in grottos?

  39. Bob says:

    Well first u can fight metal king slimes in the tower of nod but it’s easier in grottos and metal king slimes are not the best platinum king slimes are they give you like 4x as much xp as metal king slimes , platinum king slimes can sometimes be found in grottos level 99. soo ya hope I helped

  40. DSIguy says:

    If you cant find metal king slimes go to the area outside the cave in the fields by angel falls, I have found all slimes there (including liquid metals)apart from king cureslimes and king metal slimes. Reply if you find a king metal there please.

  41. DSIguy says:

    I tried every party trick by the bird on top of the tower but they didnt work. I cannot find metal king slime anywhere but I herd they can be found in grottos.

  42. bobby says:

    what the hell is left i have beeten every monste and completed 1000 grotos

  43. rofl says:

    How do you get treasures from grotto’s ‘cos ive done 7 and i haven’t got any treasures

  44. ._. says:

    I’m so annoyed with this manticore, whatever it is -_- we may not get the quest for god knows how long, and in the mean time I am stuck on the legacy bosses who always kill me -_-

    Also a good way to pass the time is to go to the grottos and try to get items and level up in them.

    Also, with regards to the Uncommon cold thing, there are mini bosses (that look like main bosses) throughout the game, e.g.

    Uncommon Cold = Ragin’ Contagin’
    Wishmaster = Gadrongo
    Slugly Betsy = Larstastnaras

    ect. you can probably find these monsters in a bestiary if you looked

  45. jammy says:

    perhaps i can shed a little light on this whole MSK (metal slime king) problem i’ll explane:

    you have a 0.1% cance of finding one, after you find one this decreses to 0.01
    then after your next battle it goes to 0.001 and on

  46. mike says:

    where are you finding the metal king slime in the tower of nod. cuz I haven’t seen one.

    • cardle99 says:

      i saw 1 just as i went up the stairs!!!!
      when i went bak down i waited 4 half an hour and no metal king slime 4 me

  47. Eh says:

    umm..I’ve been to Tower of Nod tons of time and have yet to see a Metal King Slime…am I missing something?

  48. sunque says:

    Could you put a list of monsters and where you can finde them?
    I mean all of the monsters from the game.

    (Maybe that’s too hard..)

  49. . says:

    To kill it I just use the claw skill flailing nails which hits 4 times, plus cruched ice (Staff) and metal slash (sword.)
    This seems to work, until they run away, which they always do :(

  50. kai says:

    Is there a limit on how many times you can revocate? I read somewhere 9, but didn’t know if anyone knew for sure.

  51. drew says:

    you should add revocation to your list of things you can do after beating corvus

  52. drew says:

    i found a normal boss on an iland above swinedimpals and he is tough he looks like the ragin contagin

    • Kam says:

      how do we find this boss??? Anything need to do before we can fight it???

      • kai says:

        Sorry, this isn’t a boss, just a fairly tough monster, called Uncommon Cold. You can find him on the island after the sun goes down, roaming the island among other monsters.

        • ._. says:


          There are monsters like this throughout the game, you just have to find them, here are three that i found

          ( by the way all of these hard monsters look like a main boss )


          If you looked in a bestiary you could probably find them.

          – If you find any more like this please post a reply

        • Plobadob says:


          They’re on the island near Stornway.

        • Vampaneaze_Gal says:

          There is also Drakularge-Grand Lizzier without the pink bow.

    • mitchtheminstrel says:

      is it called uncommon cold? if it is then its a regular monster.

  53. Kam says:

    I checked the Japanese site for DQ9, they indicated that there are a few bosses available in the post game action.

    One is located in snow field…..did you find any?

  54. Wingler says:

    Did you know about the secret shop in dourbridge? If you go north past the item shop and go right at the wall you can go in a secret room. Then go down the stairs. You need ultimate key though :(

  55. Jaz says:

    I still cant find the metal king slime

  56. Kam says:


    In L7 of tower of Nob, you can climb the vine to find sleeping Chimaera. For now you can’t do anything to it because the quest is still locked.

    What does this mean it’s locked? When can we access to it?


  57. Kam says:

    Can you please post more information on the post game part, such as what else we can do?


    • noobbgodlike says:

      working on it. I think post game is only tower of nod and grottos. Also when you can fly over the world map you can land on many cavern you can’t reach before.

  58. ...... says:

    Hey I’ve been looking around all floors in the tower an I can’t find any king metal slimes all I find is normal spawn monsters such as the cyclops upgraded the mechas the demons and the rinos

  59. TuppuP says:

    Metal king slimes can be easily killed with spear skill Thunder Thrust and axe skill Hatched Man. Both attacks are always critical, so if you manage to hit, it’ll be 1 hit kill

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ok thanks for your tips. will add it in my guide. Unlucky for me because i never train axe as my weapon T T :(

      • toby says:

        lol. that is nice to have but all my guys crit alot and mks seem to stay with me 3-4 turns most of the time

      • ...... says:

        My way of killing metal slimes is using moves that hit multiple times such as multifists falcon slash and rain of pain

        • jaggi says:

          I find uber falcon blade and metal slash helpful because it almost always hits and does (for me) 2-5 damage per hit, TWICE.

        • Gohan015 says:

          An easy way to kill lms’s is get 3-4 party members with boomerang and learn metallicker. This helps with large amounts of metal families.
          To earn easy skill poimts, change vocation to a low level one and level grind on that to earn your desired skill point and cancel very skill allocation, then switch back to main vocation go to misc, allocate skill points click on your changed character and add them all on. Btw I haven’t revocated yet, any tips to help :)

      • DragonQuestlvr says:

        whoever you wanted to use axe skill (i.e. gladiator), change their vocation and dont use skill points. when you have enough, switch back to regular vocation and go to misc -> allocate skill points and whoever changed and give them skill points. There! easy as pie. 😀

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