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Posted on Sep 15, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Albatros to Treepidation

Try to go downstairs (left stairs map), ther is a man so you can’t continue. Go upstairs and go back to the box where you came from. After an event you become rookie in Albatros. Go east to the next room, talk to Melanie nad old man in front of the east door (Eugene Poole). Hear an explanation about monster pen, go back to previous room and then talk to Lily Gilder (rich woman who found you). Go downstairs and talk to Archie (boy in blue dress), Continue downstairs and talk to Rory Bellows.

Go back to Captain’s room and talk to him. See what happened, go and talk with Rory. Talk to the captain again and see event.

Go to the “arrow”  on your map(there is a pebble nearby: crystal). Check the blue stone to obtain a new spell (zoom). Go north and climb the purple plant so you can go inside the ship. Check the monster pen room and there is only 1 monster left over there (you can go downstairs and check paper on the wall to obtain an info about “B” button function.

Go to Rory’s room and check ventilation duct on the left. Climb it, you’ll return at the main area. Get out and talk with Rory Bellows. Get the monster from the monster pen (I got Capsichum; it’s random, thanks to Jezzinka who tell me about his). Go to Rory’s room and open the treasure chest (Cypress staff). Now get out from the ship.

Fight your first enemy, slime.After you have killed one slime, Rory will tell you to scout the monster so do that in the next battle. Take medicinal herb on the northwest if you haven’t got it before. Get out by go to the arrow mark on this area.


name exp  gold
boss troll ?? ??
dracky 10 4
hell hornet 27 13
Lips 19 5
meddle slime ?? ??
muddy hand 8 2
slime 3 1
stump chump 9 5
Swarmtroop 15 2

Head north and grab all the leaves that you see along the way

Tips: The leaves will re-spawn once you re-enter the dungeon, however the item quality seems to deteriorate. Ex: if you obtain seed of life at the first time, at the next time you may only get medicinal herb. Check the blue pillar to recover your party’s health

Tips: You must re-enter the dungeon to replenish the pillar’s power :D.

Climb purple plant to obtain T1 (I get seed of life from there). Watch out for the giant worm, you’ll be death if it touches you. There will be an “!” above your head when it’s nearby.  Go west to the next area, you can go to the underground but it’s a dead end, so continue north.

You can‘t climb the purple plant because there is a mannequin block the path. Talk to him and he’ll ask you to find heart of mud. Wait a little bit until the giant worm enter the area (1). Now explore the area where you saw muddy hand around the area. You should find heartt of mud, give it back to him so you can continue north.

See an event at point (2), go east to the next area to obtain an item from the leaf, you can’t continue down though. So backtrack and enter the cave on the northwest. Follow the path to the southeast. Until you arrive at the outside on maze like area. Go south to create a shortcut at the first area (3).

Tips: You can re-enter the dungeon if your party need a healing. You have created a shortcut so you can go back to previous spot quickly.

Now go north to point (4), activate the portal (you can’t do anything about it at this moment but make sure you activate it). Make sure you check T2, because I obtained a pair of stone claws from the treasure chest.

Tips: Watch out for boss troll in this area. You can’t defeat it at this moment (if you can, then you may have already spend about 50 hours in this area leveling up your monster to high level :D).

Just go north to the cave at point (5). keep following the path and check the black obelisk to obtain another scouting skill (Zip; now you can teleport to the portal that you have activated before). Go east to the other side of the obelisk to obtain an item.

Continue south and enter the worm. Keep continue to the end of the path to find Rory.

BOSS: Hyper Heyedra

You can deal a lot of damage by casting a spell at this boss (Slime’s frizz deals about 18 damage at this monster). It doesn’t have any threat as long as you keep healing your monster (use “item” option guarantee that you’ll heal the monster on the first turn). Its attack pattern:

[0] Attack: deals 3 hit attacks that cause about 5 -6 damages per hit
[0] Shade slash: deals about 20 damage (not sure if it causes any negative side effect).

See an event and you’ll get a new destination on your map.

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23 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Albatros to Treepidation”

  1. HELP123 says:

    hi, I’m sorry to ask a dumb question but idk how to use the scout skills. I’m sort of stuck because i can’t get back to the ship from the outback place. pls tell me how to use zoom, I’m pretty sure i learned it, but idk how to get to it and use it.

  2. Natalie says:

    I have a problem when, i go to captain he tells me to find lilly glider… And everyone is gone!? But, when i try to go down the vent, I get shouted at by the captain. Someone please tell me this is supposed to happen?

  3. jojojojojo says:

    It is random for the first monster because i have thouroughly researched and you can get any of the monsters you can see in the pen komodo,capsichum,platypunk,ghost,bag o laughs,chimera and any others
    hope this helps

  4. OKfiend says:

    there is a locked door in the monster room (what is it called?).
    When can i open it?
    (im in post game, have wulfpsde ace)

    • FrenzyClinic says:

      That door leads nowhere. If you look at the Albatross from outside, you can a small deck exactly where locked door in the monster pen is.

    • slash7508 says:

      you go out there to see giant monsters you own in the post game

  5. Sheogorath says:

    I’ve noticed that reloading the save file created after the crash doesn’t change what monster you get, which suggests it’s assigned at the beginning of the game.

  6. Pharvax says:

    serious problem here.apparently there is a tournament going on.on dqm1 i have an armada of golden dragons,fully trained.they are basocally unbeatable in my book.so is there a way 2 trade monsters from dqm1 to dqm2,or ship them to it? thx for the help,walkthough was gr8 and i just got the game,idc if theres spoilers,just TELL ME!!!

  7. Gorfon says:

    Video keeps glitching for me 🙁

  8. Gorfon says:

    I got a capsichum aswell (Now a heligator)

  9. céline says:

    i’ve got a platypunk,

    ps can you trade monsters from dqm 1 to dqm 2

  10. Sean says:

    lol when i start i press the machine then i get 5 monsters the pen rewards and yes this is cheating

  11. rianne says:

    in the orders i have to find out what miss gilder wants because she yelled, but i don’t know where she is because everyone is gone :S, can you help me ?

    thanx for youre time

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm I don’t understand/forgot which part of the thing that you talked about.Sorry can’t help (miss glider?? who? I don’t remember all the name, is she the one who acts like spoiled lady?:D)

    • person says:

      Is this a pirated version? if so get it patched its a glitch where everyone disappears and u cant continue

  12. keith says:

    Excellent walkthrough…..Thanks

  13. Jezzinka says:

    It does seem to be random, I got a bag o’ laughs.

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