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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Basic Faq and 4 Bodies Synthesize


Fight: let AI control you rmonsters based on your tactics that set on the monster (disabled in some occassion like monster scout challenge)

Scout: Catch the monster. This command only can be used once per battle. Unusable at some battles (boss battle; of course…).

Order: Manually command your monster

Tactics: set a tactic on your monster

Items: use items on your monster

Flee: run away from battle. You lose one turn if failed.

In battle you can switch your monster by pressing “Y” button. Reserved monsters still get EXP from battles (half of the amount that displayed at the end of the battle).

Items, Loots, Treasure Chest

All Items will re-spawn (after you re-enter the dungeon) and have different content each time you check them. However this is not applied to the RED TREASURE CHEST, the content of the red treasure always same (with the one I wrote on the guide).

Weather and Time

Weather (on the region) can changes from time to time. It affects monster that inhabit those regions, so make sure check the old region if you see weather change (rainy, etc) to see different monsters. You can change the time (day=> night) by talking to slime on your ship (post game)


In this game you can catch the monster you fight on the battle (except boss/event battle). To do this simply choose “scout” from your command screen. The success ratio will vary depends on your monster rank or level. So try to level up your monster/ synthesize to obtain a higher rank monster.

The battle will ends automatically once you successfully scout the monster, you won’t get any experience from that battle though. However if you failed to scout then the monster probably boost his party’ status which will cause a battle harder than usual. For Scouting guide visit THIS LINK

Vending Machine

You buy and sell items using this thing. The stocks inside the machine depends on how many machine parts you have thrown into the box beside the machine (obtain the machine part doesn’t count, YOU NEED TO THROW THEM). You can obtain machine parts from treasure chest on the dungeon. you can get it from the battle as a drop from the monster too. Blue treasures are good sources for machine parts.

Recommended ways to obtain machine parts:

  • Zoom to iceolation and then immediately use zip, you’ll arrive at a cave where there are a lot of Frou-fry nearby. They have a high chance to drop machine part, so kill them :D.
  • Defeat khalamari’s tentickle at Unshore (you can keep killing them by exit and then re-enter the dungeon; Post game only :D) they seems to have 100 % machine parts drop everytime you kill them (unless I am totally lucky whne creating this guide :D).


It’s very good to make your monster become stronger. You need 2 different electricity on the beast to synthesize them (+ and -). There is also neutral element monster that can be combined with + or – monster. However they can’t be combined together (can’t combine neutral with neutral). Synthesized monster can have up to 3 abilities that you can choose.

Unspent skill points will be halved on the new monster (if you have total 50 unspent skill points then the new monster will have 25 unspent skill points). This is same as the skill points that have been spent on the skill (you have 100 point on “healer” skill, if you choose to keep “healer” skill in new monster, then your “healer” skill will start at level 50). New monster will starts again from level 1, this is what makes the grinding become so tedious ….

4 Bodies Synthesize Explanation

Many guys asked what is 4 body synthesize and how to synthesize 4 monsters or more. 4 body synthesize basically makes 4 monsters become a grandfather/mother for desired monsters. so you synthesize 4 monsters to make 2 parents monsters and then synthesize those 2 monsters to get the desired monster.

Example: I created Orochi by using 4 monsters which are Wormonger, Missing lynx, Bjorn, and Empyrea. This mean that you need create “parent” monsters by combining 2 of them separately (Wormonger x Missing lynx) and (Bjorn x Empyrea). Parent monster doesn’t determine monster result, because the result is determined by 4 monsters in listed formula so you can free to choose any monster to become parent. In this case I chose Heligator and Bettleboy. See the screenshot for more information.


Each monster need different amount of EXP to level up. Some grow fast, some not. However grinding is still painful on “fast grow” monsters. Luckily this game has an item called metal ticket. This ticket will open a new area that inhabited by metal slime monster which will grant you a tons of EXP (all of you that have played dragon quest series must have known this).

Metal Ticket

Metal ticket can be obtained from the blue treasure chest. So make sure you go and check the blue treasure chest every time you re-enter the dungeon. Use the ticket and it’ll pop a new region (???) on the world map. Once you enter the area and then exit from it, the region (???; metal menagerie) will disappears. You can use metal ticket to make “???” appears again :D. You can buy metal ticket from liquid metal slime on your ship after beating the game once for 10.000 gold.

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Main Guide


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31 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Basic Faq and 4 Bodies Synthesize”

  1. Alabast dragon says:

    Who wants to trade dragons tell me what you’ve got

  2. ProJoeGamer says:

    an easy way of explaining 4 body synthesis is that the 4 monsters needed must be the grandparents of the said monster

    eg making mumbohjumboe requires mum, boh, jum and boe. these 4 monsters must be the grandparents of mumbohjumboe to make it work.

  3. canzar+ruim says:

    hey guys just a really good tip, if you want to scout the big monsters, save before you encounter 1 then use beastie bites on it, then try to scout. if it takes offense, just turn off your ds then resume your game right before the fight, if not you still have a 10% chance of getting it so keep trying. also to make them stronger master the attack boosts, defence boosts, wisdom boosts etc then equip phoenix scepter then synthesise to get attack boost II. also there is a bit in the blue door that only opens when it rains on bemusoleum that has 4 tresure chests(if there are 6 two are canniboxes) that all have really good stuff in them like seeds of skill and machine parts.

  4. Crazydog says:

    if u use monster bites or what ever it increase scout rate by 10%) (for each one used) they r hard 2 find so dont waste them

  5. Zek says:

    One thing to say and one Question-Actually from what I just got You can have 5 different abilities,Because my Canzar has a whole truckload of them,And I can’t find where to go to unlock 4 body synthesize(I beat the true Monster scout championship).

    • Narukami says:

      That’s because Medium monsters (2-slots) can have 4 skillsets instead of 3, and Giant monsters (3-slots) can have 5 skillsets.

      Also, you don’t need to ‘unlock’ quad synth, you just need the monsters for it.

  6. Zek says:

    Where exactly can I get a phoenix Scepture?

  7. Qwerty says:

    In some of the synthesis guides it say qaudralineal, is that the same as 4 body synthesis?

  8. Drake7523 says:

    I know this hasn’t got anything to do with this page, but does anyone know if Rigor Mortex is worth all the synthesis and rare monsters? Cuz I’ve finally got all the monsters required, and wouldn’t start before getting profesionel advise. (PS. it was a pain)

  9. Metal says:

    you say the scout can only be used once per battle. it actually can be used until it says “______ takes offense!” it may also say if it fails: “_____ weighs things up.” i other than that, your Walkthough is pretty helpful. only minor issues.

  10. Anon says:

    does the metal menagerie really give you alot of exp? because when i go there all i get from defeating the metal slimes is exp in the 1000 and i can get more than that by fighting gigantes in the necropolis. every so often though i get somewhere around 11000 exp. why is it that sometimes i get 11000 but most of the time i only get 1000 exp? and also is there a way to ensure that i get around 11000 exp more often?

    • codawg211 says:

      Liquid Metal Slimes give around 10k exp. I find them easier to look for and kill at night. Easy and fast to kill (depending on your party) and good exp for speed leveling a newly synthesized monster to 20 or so.

      • Chase Dionne says:

        After you have unlocked the dark world and defeated rigor mortex you can search for certain pillars in the dark world to enter the world of light( a place chuck full of liquid and king metal slimes ).

  11. woohoo says:

    Do you have to get empyrea it is so hard any suggestions

    • noobbgodlike says:

      have you read scouting section?? try to do the thins that suggested on that post. Thank you very much for using my guide.

    • Chase Dionne says:

      Use Oomphle and then use the item sapperine on it, then decrease its health to make it weak( empyrea’s hp is 2543 ), next try scouting it. Be warned though its still tough. I had a Dragovian lord at max stats and a darcolord at lv 45 and i only managed to get 19% after using sapperine and Oomphle.

  12. Annonymous says:

    So, if we scout the four boss monsters for Orochi, and three of them are (-), we’re screwed out of Orochi? Even after all that work?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      use phoenix sceptre to synthesize them and hopefully you get another “gender”. You can release them and then re-catch by using an items beforehand (negative thingking, positive puller )

    • Gorfon says:

      To make the charge you want give the tyrant pheonix sceptre and what you synth it with a sceptre to make it the other genderso you have two positive and two negative

  13. Drake says:

    I found that killing the hunter mechs at bemusoleum near liquid metal slime is a great way to get machine parts not guaranteed but you also have the chance to get metal tickets so I found it great for getting better equipment and leveling up.

    Liquid metal slime I am talking about is found by using lower left teleporter in the boss room down the ladder and to the north exit then continue clockwise there to reach south exit there are 3 spawns,a cannibox spawn,and through the south exit a Liquid metal so you get exp,better equips and great item to help grind,

    Sorry for the long post.

  14. DQMJ2guypersonthing says:

    ty ive been wondering how to make orochi

  15. Frederick says:

    What gives? i sythesis all 4 giant monsters had to resythesis them both to get opposite genders and it did not give me orochi whats wrong?

    • Randomperson says:

      It might be because the grandparents were then messed up. Since you resynthed them, they were no longer the grandparents on one side, making it not work.

  16. ruv says:

    Thanks for the explanation! Was wondering what that 4 body synth was all about! 😀

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