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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Beast Family Synthesize and List

Other Synthesize Section:

This guide contain synthesize list, I only write one synthesize (default). You can help me by leaving a comment that tells me about another way to obtain that monsters. But please don’t leave a comment about how to synthesize a slime (or anything that seems easy to obtain) because you can just catch it and it’s easy to get.

Terms (synthesize column):

Sl= slime, Dr= dragon, Na=nature, ma= materialist, un= Undead, de= demon, be=beast, sp =special

Terms (Weapon):

Sw= sword, Sp= spear /lance, Cl= claw, St= staff /scepter, Wh= whip, Ha= hammer, Ax =axe

Beast Family Synthesize

===Rank F===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Platypunk Doubtback Slime (Sl) x Ghost (Un) Naturalist Hit Squad Sp, Ax, Ha, St
Mischievous mole Doubtback Platypunk (be) x Swarmtroop (na) Guerrilla Psycho Sp, AX, Ha, St
Satyr Doubtback Mischievous mole (be) x Capsichum (na) Dancer Talent scout Sw, Sp, Ha, St
Hammerhood Iceolation Satyr (be) x Killerpillar (na) Huntsman Psycho Sp, Ax, Ha, St
Rabble rouser

===Rank E===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Weaken beakon Doubtback Hammerhood (be) x bubble slime (Sl) Sizz & Zap Hit Squad Sw, Ax, Ha, CL , St
Crafty dimmer
Powie Yowie ? Weaken beakon (be) x Great sabrecub (na) Crack & Zap Hit Squad Ax, Cl, St
Crafty ice breather
Pan piper ? Satyr (be) x dingaling (ma) nightmare sleepy touch Sw, Sp, Ha, St
crafty sleeper
Snowbird Iceolation Firebird (be) x powie yowie (be) Cold sleep Artful dodger Ax, Cl, St
able ambusher
Chainine ? Snowbird (be) x Wild boardfish (na) mime Hit Squad Sp, Ax, Ha, St

===Rank D===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Teeny sanguini Dark World Chainine (be) x Soiker Hare (na) Frizz & Zap Strangely alluring Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Fast learner
night emperor Cragvaration Teeny sanguini (be) x Snail slime (sl) bad breath Artful dodger Sp, Ha, Cl, St
crafty sleeper
Fencing fox ? Night emperor (be) x boring bug (na) Guerilla Early bird Sw, Sp, Ha, St
Orc ? Fencing fox (be) x Crabid (na) Speedster health professional Sw, Sp, Ha, St
Weartiger ? Orc (be) x Gasbagon (Dr) Boom boxer Critical massacre Sw, Ax, Ha, St
Brownie ? Hammerhood (be) x Swarmtroop (na) Bounty hunter Psycho Sp, Ax, Ha, St
Talent Scout

===Rank C===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Bodkin archer Bemusoleum Weartiger (be) x Eveel (na) Fortifier Crafty Poisoner Sp, Ha, Wh, St
Gargoyle Bemusoleum Lesser Demon (De) x Hades condor (na) Bird brain Artful dodger Sw, Ha, St
merman Unshore Bodkin Arhcer (be) x Hacksaurus (dr) Aquapothecary crafty Abiliterator Sw, Sp, Ha, St
Jumping jackal Dark World Merman (be) x Slime stack (Sl) Speedster able ambusher Sp, Ha, Cl, St
Hit Squad
Diemon ? 4 body synthesize;4 x winky Wind blower Wooshmeister Sp, Ha, Cl, St
Wave of relief
notso Macho Dark World Jumping jackal (be) x Paws (na) berserker crafty Abiliterator Sw, Ax, Ha, St
Crafty blade blunter

===Rank B===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Teeny Sanguini X ? 2 Teeny sanguini at level 20 or more Frizz & Zap Early Bird Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Strangely alluring
Firebird Necropolis Notso macho (be) x Yabby (na) Sizz & Zap Artful dodger Ax, Cl, Wh
Crafty fire breather
Cockateer ? Firebird (be) x Beetleboy (na) Bird brain Fly swatter Sw, Sp, Ha, St
Pink Sanguini Dark World Cockateer (be) x Giant moth (na) Woosh & Crack Strangely alluring Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Fast Learner
Crafty Magical Saboteur
Maniacal mole Wi-fi prize ? Wonder Construction Golde getter Sp, Ax, Ha, St

===Rank A===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Gigantes Iceolation, Necropolis, Dark world pink sanguini (be) x Gorerilla (na) Anti metal last word Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Big Hitter
Crafty Decelerater
Buffalogre ? Gigantes (be) x Drakularge (Dr) berserker Psycho Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty gobstopper
Mohawker ? Buffalogre (be) x Bone Baron (Un)/Great Sabrecat (Na) White knight Critical massacre Ax, Ha, Cl, St
moosifer Dark World Buffalogre (be) x Satyr (be) Crack & Sizz Psycho Sw, Ax, Ha, St
Marquis de leon Dark World (Post RM) Mohawker (be) & Buffalogre Bang & Sizz Big Hitter Sw, SP, Wh, Cl, St
Hit Squad
Crafty Cracker
Dorsal Fiend Dark World Gracos (de) x Dual duellers (Dr) Dorsal fiend Wooshmeister Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Big hitter
Crafty Whacker

===Rank S===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Atlas Dark world Gigantes (be) x moosifer (be) Diabolist Big hitter Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Hopeful hitter
tactical genius
Don mole ? mischievous mole+mischievous mole+night clubber+ night clubber Mime Counter striker Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Deadly touch
Night clubber ? boss Troll (de) x Pazuzu (de) martyr last Word Sp, Ha, Cl, St
Giant killer
Dhoulmagus ? Alabast dragon (dr) x Psaro (ma) Dhoulmagus psycho Sp, Ha, Wh, St
Hit Squad
Teeny Sanguini XY ? Synthesize 2 teeny Sanguini X at level 50 or more Uber helpful early bird Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Yellow belly
rabble rouser
Wave of relief
Fluffy Wi-fi Prize ? Green finger Rabble rouser Sw, Wh, Cl, St
Pro talent scout
Aquarion ? Megalodon + Gracos + Trode + Rhapthorne 2 ? ? ?


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87 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Beast Family Synthesize and List”

  1. Slime professional says:

    I would like to get a night cluber but I do’nt want to go through the process of getting a king squid… 🙁
    Is there an easier way to ge one thx

    • Slime professional says:

      I forgot to say the king squid that I want to avoid is in the process of synthitys of the pazuzu

  2. IMTHEMASTER says:

    How do I get dqmj2 pro some one plz help?

  3. DatNinja says:

    Honestly, I don’t think Dhoulmagus is worth it except synthesis… I debating wether to use my alablast and estark for this… Also as a note: Malroth at +20 is beast with a +20 Zoma :3 Thinking about turning my Malroth into Darkonium Slime (Darkonium Slime is holding Pheonix Scepter).

  4. Llama2.0 says:

    Is synthesizing to get a great dracky worth it?

  5. slimeanator says:

    i was wondering i’m a beginner i have no good guys :{ but i would like tips any guys i should try to get. my biggest guy is wormonger

    and sadly i cant connect to wifi :{

    i’m open to ideas for synthesization because i’m not good at scouting and i cant go to dark world

    if anyone knows where to start plz help i can take multiple sugggestions. {prefulibly slime based]

    • alabast dragon says:

      that depends r u gud at scouting meddle slimes

      • alabast dragon says:

        if not what r ur best monsters

        • flafadoodle says:

          Probably slime XY. I played practically the whole game with him. Most of the XYs are good. I also have a king bubble slime woth cure all. That is really good too.

        • Llama2.0 says:

          My best is the awesome Great Sabrecub that I met a Treepidation, we have been awesome friends ever since. I also have a Wild Boarfish or whatever it’s name is. It is an EXCELLENT healer, also competing against Jargon, Weaken Beacon, and Zoma (but brother restarted THE GAME I WAS LIKE NOOOOOOO) idk let’s start a healer list

    • DanMan says:

      Dont feel bad i cant connect to wi fi either but im still pro:) try scouting monsters with psych. psych up all to way to 100 and you’ll get good results. An easy headstart would be to synthesize 4 winkys. they have to be the grandparents otherwise IT WONT WORK hope this helps

    • DatNinja says:

      If you are good a scouting Meddle slimes, try and go for Darkonium Slime[(Beshemoth Slime+Beshemoth Slime) +(King CureSlime +Metal King Slime)] I just got my darkonium slime. The only problem with him is Last Word. He is a good metal slime otherwise.

  6. Anonymous150 says:

    What should i do with my marquis de leon and dorsal fiend? I scouted them in dark world

    • champion of the world says:

      don moles a good monster to make and to anyone who wants to be my friend my DQM2 code is 2151-3136-6133

  7. Scootz says:

    Just wondering is Aquarion that three size monster with the vase and the trident

  8. champion of the world says:

    fluffy may look cute but it will hurt you badly good thing its only a wifi prize because if were the real thang it would kick all of your buns because if if he has magic burst your are done for

  9. Zuxmuk says:

    is there a way to get dorsal fiend without using duel duelers?

    • champion of the world says:

      thornella,mortella, and exorsus

      • Raijiin says:

        That is just retarded, all of those need a Dorsal fiend to be made. How do I get one in the first place? I need to synthesize strong monsters which need the one I want. That is just really dumb. To get a dorsal fiend you need a riptide and Dual duellers. But you need a dorsal fiend to make dual duellers -.-

  10. I'mABannana says:

    Is using up my alabast dragon and psaro really worth it to get a Dhoulmagas? I don’t really know…

    • Raijiin The Supreme says:

      You need Dhoulmagas to make ALOT of really strong monsters, and strong counterparts to even stronger monsters! If you combine Psaro and Roseguardian you’ll simply get Estark, not much more to it than that.

      The choice is if you want an Estark or some other stronger units that takes up less than 3 spots 😀

    • anon123123123 says:

      dude you should get dhoulmagas he’s so worth it because if you use make to make rhapthorne and then continue on to get rhapthorne 2 you’re just a couple of monsters away from dr snapped and the after THAT you could get yourself a nokturnus or maybe something even better

  11. zoroark097 says:

    does diemon do anything or did i just waste my tie makeing one?

  12. slayer says:

    on gigantes it says one of its habitats is dark world thats atlas cuz i never seen gigantes there.oh was it worth getting rid of my file for cap’n crow cuz i’m the only one in my neighborhood with this game

  13. Angrypeppermushroom says:

    I think you missed Rhapthorne II, He’s a rank X beast…

  14. slash7508 says:

    whats a soiker hare, i need one for teeny sanguini

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