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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Dragon Family Synthesize and List

Other Synthesize Section:

This guide contain synthesize list, I only write one synthesize (default). You can help me by leaving a comment that tells me about another way to obtain that monsters. But please don’t leave a comment about how to synthesize a slime (or anything that seems easy to obtain) because you can just catch it and it’s easy to get.

Terms (synthesize column):

Sl= slime, Dr= dragon, Na=nature, ma= materialist, un= Undead, de= devil, be=beast, sp =special

Terms (Weapon):

Sw= sword, Sp= spear /lance, Cl= claw, St= staff /scepter, Wh= whip, Ha= hammer, Ax =axe

Dragon Family Synthesize

===Rank F===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Komodo Doubtback Slime (Sl) x Swarmtroop (Na) Defender Crafty Fire Breather Ax, Cl, St
Frou-fry Iceolation Argon lizard (dr) x Platypunk (Be) Icemeister ?? Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Dragonthorn ? Frou-fry (Dr) x Bad egg (Sl) Toxifier Artful Dodger Ha, Wh, cl, St
Crafty Poisoner
Argon lizard ? Dragonthorn (Dr) x Weedie (Sl) Toxifier Escape artist Ax, Ha, Cl, St

===Rank E===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Jargon ? Frou-fry (Dr) x Swarmtroop (na) Toughie Critical Massacre Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Boreal Serpent ? Firn Fiend (ma) x Ethereal serpent (Dr) Ice Artful Dodger Cl, St
Big hitter
Nardragon Unshore Komodo (Dr) x Bag o’ laughs martyr psycho Sw, Ax, Cl, St
crafty inactivist
Snapdragon ? Dragonthorn (dr) x Ghost (Un) Frizz & Woosh Artful Dodger Ha, Wh, Cl, St
Crafty Decelerater

===Rank D===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Green dragon Unshore Snapdragon (Dr) x Shell slime (Sl) Dragon Lore Big Hitter Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Crafty Zapper
Crafty Gobstopper
Skelegon Cragvaration Hacksaurus (Dr) x Ghost (Un) Crack & Zam Crackmeister Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Dragurn ? Jargon (dr) x Swarmtroop (Na) Fire Fast Learner Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Gasbagon Cragvaration Dragurn (Dr) x Slime knight (Sl) Fire Last Word Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty Frizzer
Seasaur Unshore Gasbagon (dr) x Rubble slime (Sl) Dragon Lore Artful Dodger Sp, Ha, Cl, St
Red dragon ?? Green dragon (Dr) x Platypunk (Be) Seal Magic regeneration Sw, Sp, Cl, St
Big hitter
Crafty Confuser

===Rank C===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Hacksaurus Bemusoleum Red Dragon (dr) x Behemoth slime (Sl) Dragon Lore Hit Squad Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Giant killer
Aquestrian gladiator ? hacksaurus (dr) x Metal slime knight (sl) Champion Fly Swatter Sw, Sp, Ax, Wh, St
Crafty Blade Blunter
Sea dragon ? eveel (na) x Seasaur (dr) Ice Artful Dodger Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Crafty Ice breather
noble Gasbagon ? Aquestrian gladiator (dr) x Dragon slime (Sl) Bombardier Able Ambusher Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty banger
Metal Dragon ? Red dragon (dr) x Hunter Mech (ma) Assassin Perilous Parrier Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty Blade Blunter

===Rank B===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Green dragon X ?  2x green dragon at level 20 or more Dragon Lore Big hitter Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Tactical Trooper
Crafty Zapper
Great argon lizard , reward for collecting 50 monsters 4 bodies synthesize;4 x Argon Lizard Breath Desperado Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Abyss Diver ? Seasaur (Dr) x hades Condor 9Na) Crack & Zap Artful dodger Sp, Ha, Cl, St
Cracky confuser
Tyrantosaurus Necropolis Abyss Diver (dr) x Magic slime (Sl) Guerilla Critical Massacre Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Hit Squad
Ethereal Serpent Cragvaration Tyrantosaurus(dr) x Dark slime (Sl) breath Artful dodger Cl, St
Big hitter
Tactical Trooper
Megalodon ??  Ethereal serpent (dr) x Rotten egg (Sl) breath Artful dodger Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Magic regenerator
Frou-frou Iceolation 4 bodies synthesize;Great Argon Lizard + Frou-fry + Frou-fry + Frou-fry Cold sleep Desperado Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Drakularge Necropolis megalodon (dr) x dark slime knight (sl);Drakulard x Pazuzu boom boxer intimidating Ax, Ha, Cl, St

===Rank A===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Great Dragon Dark World Drakularge (dr) x Fright knight (un) Ice Frizzmeister Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty Fire breather
Duel duellers Dark world Riptide (Na) x Dorsal friend (Be) Dual Duellers Double Trouble Sw, Sp, Wh, Cl, St
Big hitter
Hit Squad
Poisonous touch
mechanowyrm ? Metal dragon (dr) x great dragon (dr) Barricade Critical Massacre Ax, Ha, Cl, St

===Rank S,X,?===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Black Dragon ? Great Dragon (dr) x Bone Baron (Ma) Antimagic Zammeister Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Scare Stare
Drakulard ? Drakularge (dr) x Atlas (be);Drakularge (dr) x Pazuzu Toughie Critical Massacre Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Alabast dragon ? Mechanowyrm (dr) x Drakulard (dr) Cleric psycho Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Big hitter
Crafty fire breather
Dracolord ? Great dragon (dr) x Demon at arms (de) Niflheim Scare Stare Sw, Sp, Ax, St
Crafty Fizzler
Green dragon XY ? Green dragon X; at level 50 or more Uber Breath Big hitter Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Tactical genius
Crafty Zapper
Crafty Gobstopper
Dragonlord ? Dracolord + Alabast Dragon + Gem Slime + Captain Crow Dragonlord psycho Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Steady recovery
Big hitter
Orochi ? Wormonger + Missing Lynx + Bjorn + Empyrea Orochi Grand Slammer
Hit Squad (4x attacks)
Tactical Genius
Crafty Fire Breather
Greygnarl ? Barbarus (dr) x Dragovian lord (dr) Hero of the heavens Zapmeister Sw, Sp, Cl, St
Big Hitter
Comeback kid
Barbarus wi-fi prize ? Vile Void Big Hitter Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty Donker
Xenlon ? Ethereal Serpent + Boreal Serpent + Alabast Dragon + Orochi Breath Zapmeister Cl ,St
Big Hitter
Tactical genius
Dragovian Lord ? Dragonlord (dr) x ??;Dragonlord + Rhapthorne 2 Dragovian Lord Critical Massacre Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Steady Recovery
Big hitter
Zenith Dragon ? Xenlon + Nokturnus + Dracolord + Sagittar / Aquarion (Sagittar would be easier) Zenith Dragon desperado, grand slammer, hit squad, and tactical genius Staff

Thanks to all who have left synthesize recipe in comment section 😀

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223 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Dragon Family Synthesize and List”

  1. Andy_112 says:

    I’m hearing a lot of talk about Xenlon, and he is totally worth the effort. I’m using Xenlon and Cluboon Ace, backed by Atlas and Overkilling Machine. It is the best team I’ve ever had. :)

  2. DatNinja says:

    Has anyone else caught a giant with 2% first try? At least wormonger? I got that on Eymprea :3

  3. dqmj says:

    another way to make a green dragon is jargon + imp

  4. Nathan says:

    I have a zenith dragon but now I can’t get a leonyx

  5. oetieloetie says:

    what do you guys think, a alabast dragon or a black dragon?

    • oetieloetie says:

      i got alabast now, but i dont know what to use with it,
      since it is 2 spaces.
      before i got alabast is used: d@a,conclave xy/duhulan,mohawker
      and orochi backup.

      what should i use now?

    • noah says:

      alabast dragon is better, as in hes stronger, so if you team him withe black dragon it will be ironic and a good team(well at least a OK team)

  6. DQMJ2ProBeast says:

    Hey guys I’m here with nostalgia from dqmj2pro and i will try my best to answer any questions

  7. sol95 says:

    Now I just need them to bring out monster joker pro

    • Ryan says:

      I only got this three days ago and i already have three rank S’s. I have one dracolord with muspell, cure all and niflheim and another with healer icemeister, healer and niflheim the first one is level 32 and the second 40.
      i also have cap’n crow level 32. my best rank A’s are my level 35 dhuran and a level 37 demon at arms. All the ranks A’s are rank A plus 18 and so are the rank S’s. what do you think?

  8. sol95 says:

    Xenlon is good dunno about greygnarl I’ve just restarted so I can get nokturnus instead of leonyx use the guide for basic questions and recipes guys and any monster can be good but s x and a rank ones have a bigger stat range

  9. sol95 says:

    Xenlon is good and greygnarl is apparently not worth it ive spent over 130hrs on this game but have just restarted use the guide guys for basic questions and synthesis recipes

  10. sol95 says:

    Dhoulmagus sucks not worth wasting psaro use alabaster dragon for him I used psaro for estark

  11. Psaro4Ever says:

    is dhoulmagus worth wasting my psaro becouse y spent like 4 days trying to make psaro?

  12. Alabast dragon says:

    Is xenlon worth it?

  13. durp17 says:

    I have a dragovian lord and r going to get a barbarus tommorow. it grygnarl worth it?
    plz comment

  14. EAGLE says:

    how do you make dragavione lord i need desprt help from anyone out there so plssssssssssssss let me now if you do find something thank you =) =(

  15. Alabast dragon says:

    Anyone wanna trade fer xenlon pppllllzzzsz:'(

  16. dddq says:

    is xenlon worth using a orochi and alabast dragon for?

  17. sol 95 says:

    Im making a Dragovinian lord atm kinda want greygnarl shit or not what ranks do you need in wi-fi to get a barbarus?

  18. dh says:

    how can we get dragovian easier

  19. lucas says:

    how to get xenlon

  20. rice man says:

    guys i dont get 4 monster synthesis help?

  21. orgodemir says:

    Is there any monster i should make thaat lists aguaarion in it caause im bored to my aguarion

  22. who knows says:

    your guide is very useful, but there are easier, much much easier ways of getting monsters

  23. Alabast dragon says:

    Anyone wanna trade dragon types? :) ppplllllzzzzz

  24. Newbie says:

    What is a nokturnus. How do u get him.

  25. rocket says:

    can you use wight king to make dragon lord? i used my captian crow for my first dragon lord to make dragovian lord and then wildcard THEN to make leonyx so can you

    • potato says:

      i can make a leonyx right now, but i dont want 2. The only reason i made the effort to get one is cuz i wanted to make a rigor mortex. But i also need a zenith dragon and they r a pain to make :( so i give up.

      If any1 will trade a zenith dragon i will be so bloody happy!! plus i’ll give u tons of good monsters or anything like a code i can e-mail to u. like a itunes gift card.

      – thx [if u do]

    • dragon lord says:

      how do you make a dragonlord?

  26. CORVUS1 says:

    congratultions you commented on my birthdat heres my friend cde i’ll give u a rigor mortex i have 5


  27. That gaming freak says:

    Here’s my Spamming Squad 6: Xenlon(attacks 5 times) and Fluffy(does 300-400 damage with frizzle)
    Both have steady recovery and magic regenerator both maximum level

  28. acvdsdfvbadrs says:

    Can the Zenith Dragon be used to create anything better because its ending stats suck and its already +24

    • That gaming freak says:

      Mix it with something rank x or s and make sure that rank x and or s is really high level

    • potato says:

      can u trade me ur zenith dragon PPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZ! i’ll give u anything!!!!

      • kingslimegaming says:

        I counter that! ummmmm…you can have unlimeted slimes! … that isnt a good deal… ill trade my max stat canzar! oh wait i cant get old wifi lol…ummmmmmmmmmmmmm…where can you get a cable to hook up a 3ds to wifi through a computer? plz reply if you know.

  29. Chaosrayne349 says:

    What is a strong two space dragon better than xenlon i have that now but i need something better im using wulfspade ace and xenlon any advice on what monsters to better my team any doesnt have to be dragon either as long as its not one of them almost impossible synthesis like zenith or something any advice at all will help

    • That gaming freak says:

      Ok this may help, try making dragon lord or dragovien lord both are pretty good
      Or try scouting exorsus and synthing it 5-6 times or 1 of my favorites make a psaro
      All AMAZING!!!

    • rice man says:

      try boreal serpent train it and frost slash will own everything also if you combine it with a drakularge it will make a great dragon. to make it u need a snow bird and great sabrecub.

  30. jayred says:

    How is dragonlord, xenion, and dragovian lord? I’m looking for a high rank one slot dragon.

  31. Anon123123123 says:

    I have everything to make a zenith dragon I love my nokturnus soooo much is it worth getting rid of him?

  32. Chaosrayne349 says:

    Is there any easy way to get boreal serpent im trying to get xenlon all i need is boreal now

  33. Chaosrayne349 says:

    The ethereal serpent thing is wrong i tried it and it didnt work….

  34. GAMERLOL1038 says:

    how do i do a four-way synthesis to make orochi?

    • ShadowSoldier says:

      I don’t know try putting worming we and the lynx together then born and empyrean together then put the two monsters u made together but be sure to save before that just in case u screw up

    • That gaming freak says:

      Dude you just need to mix empera Bjorn missing Linx and wormonger in any order
      Then just make sure the two monsters are compatible then presto you got yourself n orochi

  35. champion of the world says:

    My DQMJ2 friend code is 2151-3136-6133/ 3DS friend code: 0259-10974233

  36. Rakius says:

    hey i want a black dragon how do i get one? or how do i synthesise? ive got a fright night, great dragon, and lethal armor… dint know wut to do…

  37. Aguywhogames says:

    In the great dragon synth you have bone barron as a Material monster.

    • Aguywhogames says:

      O sorry got mixed up meant to say black dragon

      • champion of the world says:

        he is actually the first rank S monster i had the option dracolord but looked boring to me and i wanted a monster in rank S and boss in rank S also canzar awesome the best way to catch him is the beastie bites and fully psyched up monsters with ompple

        • kingslimegaming says:

          lol i just spammed save/beastie bites untillllllllll i got him on 11 percent after OVER 10000! tries lol.he now has max the team guide there is a comment telling you how.

        • kingslimegaming says:

          dracolord is epic! i made 4!! they r so awsome!!!

  38. Wyvern says:

    Snapdragon, Red Dragon, and Metal Dragon can all be Scouted in the Dark World.

  39. Raijiin The Supreme says:

    Argon lizard= Sorpion + Satyr. Quandarine synthesize = Great Argon Lizard

  40. oetie says:

    i have a plan to make a tyrantosaurus, that is easyer than having to get an abyss driver and magic slime.
    just simply use a dark slime(can scout one at cragvaration at night) and a red dragon(red dragon = green dragon + platypunky)

  41. Anonymous person says:

    what is the best giant monster

  42. Raijiin The Supreme says:

    This is F*CKED sorry for my use of languange, but Dual Duellers, needs a Riptide and a Dorsal Fiend, and to make a Dorsal fiend you need a Gracos and a Dual Duellers, this is VERY CONFUSING! so if you would be able to edit that, i would be most happy, because i cant find out what to combine.

  43. slayer2 says:

    hey guys its me slayer i had to use 3 names(counting my first).going in order(first through last) the names are slayer slayerII and slayer2

  44. Javi says:

    I have a Khalamari rank S+ 8
    Level 75

  45. Someone says:

    Help!!! I was on my way to getting a King cureslime, but when i closed my DSiXL, it turned off automaticly, It was fully charged. And now like 3 hours of unsaved progress was Lost forever. Does anyone have anything that can maybe fix this? This has happend to my 2 times and if it happens to me anymore, then im just going to have to stop playing DQMjoker2. :(

    • Raijiin The Supreme says:

      It could have bended, or anything, or the button sitting loose, so when you close it, it may press on the turn off button, i cant see it, but that would be my guess.

  46. CORVUS says:

    cus he is not at cravravation in my game

  47. CORVUS says:

    help can u scout etehenal serpent for xenlon for zenith dragon =]

  48. dennis says:

    ho doe i get a Dragovian Lord

  49. philip says:

    if a monster is equiped with something and it gets synthesized, will the result of the synthesize have that item

  50. philip says:

    is there any way to change the positive and negative attributes of a monster?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      once it captured no, before it captured yes 9use items before you try to scout them, like positive thinking etc)

    • slayerII says:

      yes use pheonix sceptre on ur monster then use plus/minus sceptre on another monster.this is realy useful for making tough monster the more u use pheonix sceptre the stronger the specific monster

      • I'mABannana says:

        Where do you find the minus scepter, that would be SO useful.

        • slayer2 says:

          i dont remember so i used action replay i got all items and equipment in pro synthing is gonna be so much easier since only 1 monster takes captain crow hint:its not rigor its a monster called xiphos

        • TheIronicMedic says:

          Do Marsha’s challenges, you eventually get one as a reward. Can’t remember which rank though. Sorry.

    • Random 18 says:

      Save right in front of the synthesis guy and plan ahead, if the resulting monster is not what you want reload and do it again until you get the desired polarity. :)

  51. zoroark097 says:

    ive got a lvl 100 rigor mortex 😀

  52. Someone says:

    I want a zenith dragon SOOOO bad but i dont have an orchi because my empyrea, Missing linx, and mt wormonger are alll positive. :( So i cant get a Orchi for the Xenlon. Now i have this sagittar thta i have nothing to do with.

  53. P!ng, Pokemon hero says:

    please help me! im trying to get dulahan. i need to know the easiest way to get drakularge for the bufflogre for the mohawker for bone baron

    • slayerII says:

      u don’t need drakularge u can get any rank a beast for buffalogre or get bjorn he will either make a gigantes(u can get him at iceolation(day) or necropolis(day and night) or buffalogre but if u can’t scout bjorn u can either use beastie bites(i’ve gotten him at 1%) or scout drakularge at necropolis(day)but if ur not at malevolynx u can’t get bjorn

  54. Isaiahdestroyah says:

    I need to know if u can get another captain crow for dragonlord

  55. gamerinfo says:

    Can u get a orochi to lvl.100 cause its mad ny monsters that can onli be scouted

  56. slayerII says:

    hey i’m accually slayer but i used slayerII cuz my profile got erased if u need help i’ll try to answer my goal of synthisizing is makin a zenith dragon

  57. slayer says:

    whos better leonyx or zenith dragon.leonyx attacks with his sword(2x not counting tactical trooper),but zenith dragon attacks with 5 beams from the air i’ve seen him i made new game for captain monsters now are snapdragon,cureslime(those were my weakest).my stronger ones r gigantes with miracle mallet,captain crow with dragonsbane and boreal serpent(i call him drago:)

    • pach says:

      hey can someone help me i have an orochi, gem slime, and a hargon
      should i turn my orochi into xenlon? and gem slime into canzar?
      help me please

      • slayerII says:

        its me slayer my file got deleted so i’m now slayerII.btw yes u should because xenlon is part of zenith dragon

        zenith dragon xenlon+nokturnus+dracolord+sagittar or aquarion saggitar is easier becouse aquarion takes captain crow and so does zenith dragon.
        nokternus: dhuran+dr snapped
        dr snapped:rhapthorne 2 x darkonium slime x orgodimir x captain crow.also where is minus sceptre cuz i made new game beat rigor on my second try(new game)and estark on my first try but i forgot where minus sceptre

  58. storms gt says:

    is there another way to get captain crow

    • FrenzyClinic says:

      Captain Crow can only be obtained by winning against him in battle. If you synth him with something, I’m pretty sure he comes back like in Joker 1.

  59. Scouterxxl says:

    I want an alabast dragon but i not can get it easy pleas can somebody tell me hoe to get him easy?

    • Scootz says:

      It is easier than it looks. Just go into the Dark world and scout a great dragon and metal dragon (there in the same room) and you have mechanowyrm

      for drakulard just scout a panzuzu then make a red dragon. Synthesyse it with a demon or some other family and you have drakularge

  60. Scootz says:

    Let me give some advice to the people who play online.

    NEVER rage quit. I did that once and it said my saved file was corrupt. I had to start over again. I had Estark, Orochi, Mumboh Jumboe, White King, Alabast Dragon, Overkilling Machine, and Green Dragon XY. Now I have to start all over again :(

  61. haztheexterminator says:

    SOS i am in dire need of a monster that is relatively E-Z to make, gobsmackingly powerful, and good enough to help beat leonyx. any ideas? i’ve got a dracolord, king bubble slime, capt. crow, great dragon, dullahan, wight king and ruin

    any syth. opts?

    p.s. i have no access to wi-fi

    • slash7508 says:

      black dragon (great dragon + bone barron)

    • JB says:

      my ruin was completely awesome at lvl 75 and even before that but I used an above lvl 50 giganties with a miracle mallet my dhuran died near the beginning but if you keep supporting the giganties you will win

    • Ruin says:

      Use a Ruin Lv 40 or above with meditate. Then lv it up for Rigor Mortex

    • slayerII says:

      make psaro?

      psaro:roseguarden + ruin

      roseguarden:lethal armour + riptide or bone baron(i’m guessing riptide is easier).he’s gonna be easy cuz u only need rosegaurden psaros rank X and very strong or if u don’t wanna fight him immediately u could fight til incarnus is defeated then u could get wulfspade and make wulfspade ace

      wulfspade ace:wulfspade(or any of the incarnus)+ any rank s nature(scout khalamari 2 make it easier)

  62. JB says:

    Is there an easier way to make mechanowrym because I need a killing machine to make Dhuran

  63. slash7508 says:

    guys i got myself a dragonlord and i dont know wat to do with it.
    when i get dragovian should i keep it or should i syth it into greyknarl or wildcard.
    …. i have a feeling i should of made dr snapped

    • slayer says:

      get empyrea then make gr8 godbird

      • JB says:

        try and make another one so you have 2. 1 for great god bird and the other for wild card then your a good way to getting Leonx

        • slayer says:

          hmm…u do know leonyx takes 1 cap’n crow unless the other crow is for zenith dragon.also i am in dire need of another crow i was lazy and accidentally made metal slime knight(msk).plz help me get another wit tag i am the only one in my neighborhood wit this game so it’ll be realllllll hard to hav him again(for zenith dragon).i’m beggin u

  64. grif says:

    is a zenith dragon worth it because i can get that or trode

    • Zenith says:

      Zenith dragon is worth it it quite powerful idk about trodden though my zenith dragon good because all 4 monsters used to make it were ful lvled

    • slash7508 says:

      dont pick zenith dragon pick trode.
      trode takes up only 1 space so you can have 2 other awsome monsters with it

      • Zenith says:

        If I hade tride I would use trode, nokturnus and rather zoma,don mole or a wildcard as heealer as I am making dragovion lord soon so I can mix it with empyrea and make a gg bird and mix it with wildcard I think that team ( when full lvled) would be ready to take on wifi

        • CORVUS1 says:

          go with zenith dragon really strong then get cap,n crow agin somehow then get leonyx make sure + – synthesis ta da hello rigor mortex

  65. Zenith says:

    What type of scout (ultra scout etc) is barbarus??? I want to see if i can get him (using zenith dragon)

  66. Promo06 says:

    Dual Duellers and Dorsal Fiend both require each other. There must be a different way to synthesize one of them. Anyone know?

    • Zenith says:

      Well the best thing to do is scout dorsal fiend he is easiest apart from that that only way il

      • Zenith says:

        If u can’t scout very good do what I do I use 2 dullahans (they know phsyco) and 1 wulfspade ace they all know phsyco and oomph

  67. Anonymous says:

    I just saw a guide suggesting synthing a ‘zenith dragon’ to make a hackosaurus………
    just LOL

  68. Ryu... says:

    I think I seen metal dragons in the dark world before

  69. Pp says:

    Any easy way to get dragovian lord?
    Please tell me

  70. pokemon master says:

    how do Iget a baby bjorn

  71. Blaze says:

    How big is Xenlon?

  72. weark says:

    im really confused im on the rank a test, have and use dracolord,and im shooting for the ultimate monster team. im thinking of zenith dragon, dr snapped, and aquarion. im confused because i want the best monsters from dragon,undead/demon,and beast.which is better undead or demon?and also whos tho best in each type.the team will b mainly just an attack team.plz help me….

    • Promo06 says:

      Well the best demon is Nokturnus and the best undead is Dr. Snapped, Nokturnus is used for Dr. Snapped’s synthesis sooo…?

    • P!ng, Pokemon hero says:

      you shouldn’t worry about that now. i don’t think you can even get zenith dragon now.

  73. Shadowclaw says:

    I have an alabast dragon level 40 stats are
    with the zombiesblight should I swich for a xenlon its s+13 now

    • Zenith says:

      Yrs cause.xelon is fire and ice breath proof and part of zenith dragon or u could make it into dragon lord it choice

  74. Shadowclaw says:

    I have an alabast dragon level 40 stats are
    with the zombiesblight should I swich for a xenlon

  75. xaviernator says:

    Green dragons habitat is unshore, the second to last cave, when its foggy

  76. Blaze says:

    What’s a hargon?

  77. Do you REALLY need Rhapthorne 2 to make Dragovian Lord? I have Dragolord, and that took forever! Please tell me if there is an easier way.

  78. Porque? says:

    Zenith Dragon can only equip a staff, traits are desperado, grand slammer, hit squad, and tactical genius, skill is Zenith Dragon.

  79. dragonquestpwn says:

    for orochi u forgot to say 4 body synthesis and is dragonlord 4 body synthesis too?

  80. SquidWard says:

    Drakularge (dr) x Pazuzu = DrakuLard

  81. Squidward says:

    Drakulard + Pazuzu = Drakularge

  82. TheLastDon says:

    For Orochi’s traits he has:
    Grand Slammer
    Hit Squad (4x attacks)
    Tactical Genius
    Crafty Fire Breather

    Also he can only equip staves, nothing else

  83. Yami says:

    4 Argon Lizard = Great Argon Lizard.

    Frou-frou = Great Argon Lizard + Frou-fry + Frou-fry + Frou-fry.

    Dragovian Lord = Dragonlord + Rhapthorne 2.

  84. MrMeh says:

    Great dragon dual duelers metal dragon great argon lizard argon lizard red dragon are all in the dark world (not sure about dual duelers though)

  85. MrMeh says:

    green dragon X=green dragon lvl 20+green dragon lvl 20

  86. Yami says:

    Dragonlord = Dracolord + Alabast Dragon + Gem Slime + Captain Crow
    Barbarus is a WI-FI Prize

  87. Yami says:

    Zenith Dragon = Xenlon + Nokturnus + Dracolord + Sagittar / Aquarion (Sagittar would be easier)

    Xenlon = Ethereal Serpent + Boreal Serpent + Alabast Dragon + Orochi

    Orochi = Wormonger + Missing Lynx + Bjorn + Empyrea (All Bosses can be re-catch)

  88. Kyle says:

    For the Great Argon Lizard, its habitat is also the Dark World.

  89. Rev says:

    For Megalodon you put the synthesis monsters in the habitat location.

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