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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Material Family Synthesize and List

Other Synthesize Section:

This guide contain synthesize list, I only write one synthesize (default). You can help me by leaving a comment that tells me about another way to obtain that monsters. But please don’t leave a comment about how to synthesize a slime (or anything that seems easy to obtain) because you can just catch it and it’s easy to get.

Terms (synthesize column):

Sl= slime, Dr= dragon, Na=nature, ma= materialist, un= Undead, de= devil, be=beast, sp =special

Terms (Weapon):

Sw= sword, Sp= spear /lance, Cl= claw, St= staff /scepter, Wh= whip, Ha= hammer, Ax =axe

Material Family Synthesize

===Rank F===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Bag o’ laughs ? komodo (dr) x bad egg (Sl) Fear-monger Crafty Sleeper Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Mud mannequin Treepidition Bag o’laugh (ma) x Platypunk (be) dancer Crafty Dance Banner Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Wax murderer ? Mud mannequin (ma) x Mischievous mole (be) Fire figther Frizzmeister Sw, SP, Cl, St
Frostburn ? Dancing Flame (ma) x Silvapithecus (De) Icemeister Crackmeister Sw, Ha, Wh, St
Crafty Cracker
Spitnik Doubtback Wax murderer (ma) x Satyr (be) Frizz & Bang Bangmeister Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty Banger

===Rank E===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Cheeky tiki Treepidation Spitnik (ma) x mental pitcher (na) Trickster Crafty Dazzler Sw, Cl, St
Rockbomb Doubtback Cheeky tiki (ma) x weaken beakon (be) martyr Psycho Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Dancing Flame Cragvaration Frostburn (ma) x Spitnik (ma) Fire fighter frizzmeister Sw, Ha, Wh, St
crafty frizzer
Dingaling ? dancing flame (ma) x bullfinch (na) Materialist Confusing touch Sw, Sp, Cl, St
Crafty donker
Goody bag bemusoleum Bag o ‘ laugh x bag o laugh Enfeebler Yellow belly Sw, ha, Cl, St
Gold Getter

===Rank D===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Cannibox bemusoleum Goodybag (ma) x goodybag (ma) fear-monger desperado Sw, ha, Cl, St
Shadow Iceolation;

Cragvaration (night)

Cannibox (ma) x Teeny sanguini (be) Reaper Zammeister Sw, Sp, Ax, St
hit squad
Anchorman ? Dingaling (ma) x Dracky (de) materialist crafty Sapper Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Gold golem ? Golem x Balhib;Scorpion (na) x Dancing flame (ma) Iceplosion Slashes Psycho Sw, Ax, Ha, St
Crafty decelerater
Mecha Mynah Cragvaration Gold golem (ma) x Orc (be) Bird brain Artful dodger Sw, Ax, Cl, St
fast learner
Firn Friend Cragvaration Snowbird (be) x Mgmalice (ma) Woosh & Crack Crackmeister Sw, Sp, Ax, Ha, St
Crafty Cracker

===Rank C===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Goodybag X ? Goodybag(Lv. 20) + Goodybag(Lv. 20) Enfeebler Close scraper Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Gold Getter
Puppeteer ? Firn Friend (ma) x Khalamari kid (na) All rounder none Sw, ha, Wh, St
king kelp unshore Puppeteer (ma) x bodkin archer (be) all rounder rabble rouser Sw, Sp, Ha, St
malevolamp ? King kelp (ma) x aquestrian gladiator (dr) woosh & zap Hit squad Sw, Cl, St
rabble rouser
Hunter Mech bemusoleum Metal slime knight (sl) x Lethal armour (De) anti metal metal beater Sw, Ax, Ha, St
tactical trooper
Golem bemusoleum Malevolamp (ma) x Merman (be) Materialist Psycho Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty Sagger

===Rank B===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Magmalice necropolis Firn Fiend (ma) x Firebird (be) Bolsterer Frizzmeister Sw, SP, Ha, St
crafty frizzer
Jum ? Magmalice (ma) x firebird (be) Defender none Sw, SP, Ha, St
Mimic Necropolis Cannibox (ma) x Golem (ma) Nightmare Critical massacre Sw, ha, Cl, St
Pro talent scout

===Rank A===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
living statue Bemusoleum Mimic (ma) x pink Sanguini (be) Barricade Critical massacre Sw, Ax, Ha, St
Crafty Sapper
Killing machine Dark world Hunter mech (ma) x Mechanowyrm 9dr) Assassin Double trouble Sw, Sp, Ax, St
Crafty inactivist
Balhib ?

4 body synthesize;[Magmalice + Firn Fiend] + [Golem + Gold Golem]

Crusader Gold Getter Sw, SP, Ax, St
Crafty Devil
Boe ? Mum (ma) x Swarmtroop (na);Jum + Any Nature Family fortifier none Sw, Sp, Ha, St
mum ? boe (ma) x Bag o’ laughs;Jum + Any Material Family mage aid none Sw, Sp, Wh, St
Boh ? Mum (na) x Platypunk (be);Jum + Any Beast Family Healer Health professional Sw, Sp, Ha, St

===Rank S, X, ?===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Stormsgate citadel Get from wi-fi prize ? ? ? ?
Trap box ? 4 body synthesize2 mimic x canibox x 1 metal kaizer fear monger Critical massacre Sw, Ha, Cl, St
perilios parrier
Overkilling machine ? Balhib + Balhib + Killing Machine + Killing Machine Thunderwind Slashes Double Trouble Sw, Sp, Ax, Ha, St
hit squad
Crafty Inactivist
Mumboh Jumboe ? Quadralineal; Mum x Boh x  Jum x Boe Barricade Bangmeister Sw, Ax, Ha, St
Ruin ? Mumboe-jumboh (ma) x Gold Golem (ma) ? ? ?
Goodybag XY ? Goodybag X(Lv. 50) + Goodybag X(Lv. 50) Uber Charmer Bouncer Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Close scraper
crafty confuser
Psaro ? Roseguardin (un) x Ruin (ma) Nifleim DEsperado Sw, Ax, Ha, St
Big hitter
Crafty Whacker
Trauminator Dark World(void special area, random black hole that appears);light world Overkilling machine (ma) x Ruin (Ma) Darklight Slashes Double trouble Sw, Sp, Ax, Ha, St
Big hitter
Crafty inactivist
Sagittar ? Trauminator + Overkilling Machine + Killing Machine + Trap Box ? ? ?
Estark can be captured in cragvaration (cave where you get heal all skill;check the giant sword), defeat it below 10 turns Psaro (ma) x Marquis De leon (Be) ? ? ?

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196 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Material Family Synthesize and List”

  1. Slime professional says:

    Gold golem = dancing flame + metal slime
    I’ve got to admit that’d it’s not the best way 🙁 …
    I would aswell like some advice : between grandpa slime and shogum , wich is best ?
    Thx ahead

  2. BOSS says:

    I’m trying to get Mumboh – jumboe but I don’t have a minus sceptre. Does anyone know how or where to get one??????

  3. Dqmj2 Masta says:

    hey, anyone might want to battle? email meh at

  4. Malevolynx says:

    Any way to easily get a mechanowyrm?

  5. brenden says:

    oops it is megalodon 64 zoma 55 and wulfspade ace 56 sorry

  6. brenden says:

    o and my problem is i cant bear estark in 10 turns it took 17

  7. brenden says:

    should i change my team any suggustions wulfspade ace lv42 zoma lv 45 and megalodon lv 53.

  8. i like pie says:

    im stuck on sagitar my team is green dragon lv 22 hades condor lv 16 backup metal slime night lv 18 heydra lv 8 magmalice lv 9 any suggestions

    • Malevolynx says:

      Make yoir hades condor into a slime stack, and get a hacksaurus to replace heyedra
      thats how i did it

  9. any sugggestions on what to have as a teamate to back up my boreal serpent anyone know i beat the game and its lv 50 i was thinking a mumbore jumboe but i dont know

  10. noob says:

    I got a sigittar what should I do with it

  11. God of warfare says:

    hey anyone know how to get nokturnus easy?

  12. Alabast dragon says:

    Is nimzo a good 2 spacer?

  13. durp17 says:

    my team is going to be sagittar, barbarus, and rhapthorne. how does that sound?

  14. durp17 says:

    how can i get a killing mchn.&overkilling mchn. easily? plz comment

    • Overkiller says:

      Have you gotten to dark world yet

      • DanMan says:

        I HAVE! I also won the game and now i got nothing but level 75s (maxium level). Im PRO! MY TEAM: orgodmir lvl 42, diamagon ace(lvl 100),shogum, wight king,and dullahan. all except diamagon ace and orgodmir are at level 75 max. my diamagon is lvl 100(star) and my orogodmir is at lvl 42(still raising it, its name is spiky)

        • Slimerguyofslimes says:

          i used to be pro, i was in top 30 in the wifi battle tournement with my star level conzar that had crazy high stats, then my save data crashed, now i need to start over. 🙁

          (And i didn’t synthesize the conzar, i used monster nip, like some random guy that relies on luck)

  15. who knows says:

    This is embarrasing. I am stuck on the true monster scout challenge. This is the extra embarrasing part. I cannot beat Rory. Anyone have some tips?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      try to level up or raise your monster

      • who knows says:

        My team iss dullahan and marquis de leon. Is that a good enough team? Should I make any changes? Or should I just keep grinding?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          iIRC marquis de leon eat 2 spaces right??I dont like 2 spaces or more monster. because they are not that strong IMO.

        • who knows says:

          Oh, thanks. What do you suggest I use instead? Keep in mind that I cannot do too much scouting, I suck at that.
          Even 70% scouting chances escape me, even after like 20 tries. I think my game is glitched.

        • Dqmj2 Masta says:

          try and get malroth, good fighter and amazing healer. For the last slot, try to use a strong A, S, or X monster ^-^

    • DanMan says:

      im sry to hear that slimer. but for an easy headstart combine two hammerhoods for a brownie, and four winkys make diemen

  16. sol 95 says:

    Easiest way to synth gold golem get a scorpion and a dancing flame in cragravation

  17. sol 95 says:

    Use the monster guide to synth one or catch one in bemusoleum when its raining

  18. TRMJP says:

    anyone no were to find a phantim fencer i want to make Sagittar and i need it to mix with a skelgon to make red dragon then mix that with a random noob monster to get metal dragon ive got canzar lv99 i want a Sagittar cause i love giant monsters plz help

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