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Posted on Oct 10, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: My Team Section

Since some of you request about my team, I’ll list all my monsters now 😀

If you have followed my guide since beginning t ill the end of the main story, you’ll know that my main monsters are:

  • Buffalogre
  • King Bubble slime
  • Lethal Armor

My Lethal armor is simply gone (who wants to use B rank monsters at this day :D), I synthesized it with a monsters (forgot what it is) and become Dhuran.

I go to Necropolis to upgrade my scout rings and to be beaten easily by him :D. I realize that I need to have stronger monsters so these are what I do.

For Buffalogre I synthesize it with Great Sabrecat. It becomes Mohawker which is more awesome that buffalogre. You can scout Great Sabrecat in Treepidation (I catch it when it’s raining on day time). Ranining on picture = raining; I am too lazy to edit it, sorry guys :D.

I am not satisfied with my team so I decided to scout Conklave. There are a lot of Conklave  on “Conklave village”( Area that located at left of Great Sabrecat location :D). I suggest you to catch 4 of them so you can make Conklave XY (it’s a great monster for scouting purpose).

I synthesize King bubble slime with Demon at arms to get a demon at arms with Cure-all skill (I equip phoenix scepter on demon at arms). I train this monsters and then synthesized it with previous Dhuran (the one I got from Lethal armour) with phoenix sceptre equipped on Demon at arms because demon at arms is awesome (with double trouble, it can acts 2 times per turn when you don’t order it manually). I need the third monster so I decide to synthesize easy S rank monsters 😀


Bone Baron + Phantom Fencer

You can get Phantom fencer simply by scouting it on Bemusoleum (Night and raining). You get Bone Baron by synthesizing Grim Rider (also on Bemusoleum; night and rain weather on the inside of blue door where you obtain “Vanish”) and dark slime knight (you’ll see a lot of dark slime knight at the necropolis; day time). Taa -dahh you just got S rank type monsters :D. I train them and beat Leonyx, You can see the video on my post game guide (Click This link).


This monsters can be created by synthesize 4 tyrants (wormonger x Missing lynx and Bjorn and Empyrea). For 4 bodies synthesize explanation click ME . Try to see my scouting guide if you face a hard time when catching them.

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87 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: My Team Section”

  1. Psaro4Ever says:

    is my team any good they are: lv 56 psaro +26 hp:1171 mp:330 att:938 def:880 agil: 582 wis: 394 and has leonine greatsword equiped and my subtitute is grandpa slime only his stats are : GRANDPA slime lv 25 +7 hp: 483 mp:250 att:259 def:386 agil:243 wis:414 and has gae bolg equiped

  2. aloox says:

    My friends team

    Rigor mortex lv 99
    hp ???
    exp ????????
    attack 999
    defense 999
    agility 999
    wisdom 999

    and it knows omniheal(my friend has too much time

  3. kingslimegaming says:

    here is a idea:step 1:get the phenix sceptre. im not sure if this is in the guide but go to empyreas nest and there will be another exit than you came through. it is in a red chest in there. step 2:find a great team that you like and are comftorbal whith. i reccomend the team selection in the guide here, but a gigantes whith a demon-at-arms is good and easy too. step 3:lv them alot. i reccomend light world for training. how to’s r in the guide. last step: synth and lv,synth and lv,synth and lv.
    i maxed out my canzars stats like this.it dosent have very high attack lol. its okay though,he is still awsome 🙂

    here is a idea for a team that is alot harder to get,but its worth it: first, get a gigantes. next,turn him into a demon-at-arms. then,get incarnus. after that,synth it whith a truaminator from the light world for some guy i forgot the name of. then,get conklave xy. finaly,reapeat my max stat strategy whith this team and you have my team.

  4. dddq says:

    dude try catching a king slime in the albatross area at night time it will have the cleric skill XD

  5. oetieloetie says:

    when looking at these monsters, i feel like i am never gonna get any of these monsters, i cant seem to get better monsters or scout them.

    any tips??

  6. `Joey says:

    I’m had trouble with rank a in the monster scout challenge so i went overboard and synthesised a wight king ,a black dragon and got the free metal king slime. I owned that rank.

  7. ProJoeGamer says:

    need help from experts
    I cannot beat Eugene pooles team of mettle slime, slime and ultra slime. my team is:

    orgodemir +15
    lv 56

    black dragon +7
    lv75 max

    should I just train orgodemir to max lv or should I get better monsters. if so what monsters should I get?

  8. oetie says:

    wow, nice monsters!
    i want some better ones too, but i dont want to get rid of my monsters i have now, since they are at a decent lvl.
    should i train them further to do those scout challenges, or get new, higher ranked sintizized monsters?(they wont be that high lvl but does lvl accualy matter?)

  9. GMCV says:

    hey when i synthesize my king bubble slim with demon at arms i cant get demon at arms again? what should i do

  10. Mjay says:

    how in the heck ya’ll not beating this game… this is way to easy i am beating i bat t with a rank Dboreal serpent lvl 26, great dragon, lvl 24, a hellhound lvl 23, and a green dragon lvl24 i beat leonyx with this team now i may get rapd in multiplyer but yall cant tell me nothing about how bad my team is…boral serpent is surely to powerful for rank D……

    • karasking4862 says:

      Someone may correct me if I’m wrong., but I’m under the impression that Leonyx’s power/level is adjusted based on the team you use. In other words, the stronger your team is, the strong leonyx becomes.

  11. sqwook :p says:

    get a zoma mine does 500 damage!!!

  12. sqwook says:

    how do u get a nimzo?

    • nimzo the destroyer says:

      its a VERY long process i should know cause it took me 23 hours ( i timed it) to make one
      okay first start out with making a hargon which is dhuran and a dierantula then start makeing a gemon which is starting out with gryphon add i think pazuzu i dont remember correct me if im wrong then u get a jamirus then make a belial which is a archdemon with something i forgot chek the demon family synthesis list then mix up the belial with the jamirus and u get a gemon net mix up that gemon with the hargon and u get baramos next and fiannaly mix a khalamari with the baramos and u get a NIMZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope this helped and id like to give a thanks to noob god like u really helped me out i luv yah not in the homo way but i luv your GUIDE!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jack says:

    Actually, you can synthesize a metal slime by going into the doubtback and catch a Meddle slime. which is right is in front of where you enter. They are very easy to catch and once you catch it, it will become a metal slime.

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