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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Nature Family Synthesize and List

Other Synthesize Section:

This guide contain synthesize list, I only write one synthesize (default). You can help me by leaving a comment that tells me about another way to obtain that monsters. But please don’t leave a comment about how to synthesize a slime (or anything that seems easy to obtain) because you can just catch it and it’s easy to get.

Terms (synthesize column):

Sl= slime, Dr= dragon, Na=nature, ma= materialist, un= Undead, de= demon, be=beast, sp =special

Terms (Weapon):

Sw= sword, Sp= spear /lance, Cl= claw, St= staff /scepter, Wh= whip, Ha= hammer, Ax =axe

Nature Family Synthesize

===Rank F===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Swarmtroop Treepidation ? Woosh & Zap Artful Dodger Ax, Cl, St
Hit Squad
Capsichum ? Swarmtroop (na) x komodo (dr) Saboteur Rabble Rouser Sw, Sp, Ax, St
Crafy Blade Blunter
Scissor beatle Treepidation Yabby (na) x Scorpion (Na) hive mind Psycho Sw, Ax, Cl, Wh
Crafty paralyser
Killerpillar ? Capsichum (na) x bad egg (Sl) Bang & Zam Desperado Sp, Ax, Cl, Wh
Hell hornet Treepidation Killerpillar (na) x Dragonthorn (Dr) Diminisher Artful Dodger Sw, Sp, Ax, St
Paralysing Touch
Mental Pitcher Treepidation Hell hornet (na) x Argon lizard (dr) Frizz and Sizz poisonous Touch Sp, Ax, Ha, Wh, St

===Rank E===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Great sabrecub Treepidation Mental Pitcher (na) x healslime (Sl) naturalist hit squad Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Crafty Gobstopper
Chimaera Doubtback Great sabrecub (na) x She-slime (Sl) Cleanser Hit Squad Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Crafty dance banner
Bullfinch ? Chimaera (na) x Drohl drone Toughie Counterstriker Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty sleeper
wild boarfish doubtback Bullfinch  (na) x wild slime(Sl) Huntsman paralysing Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Crafty Inactivist
Jailcat Iceolation Wild boarfish (Na) x Shell slime (Sl) Woosh & Crack Crackmeister Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Strangely Alluring
Spiked Hare iceolation Jailcat (na) x Mottle slime (Sl) naturalist psycho Sp Ax, Cl, St
Crafty zapper

===Rank D===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Boring Bug ? Spiked hare (na) x Mottle slime (sl) Enfeebler Crafty Decelerater Sw, Ax, St
Crabid unshore Boring bug (na) x Snowmangler (Sl) Defender Close Scraper Sw, Ax, Cl, St
Scorpion Cragvaration Crabid (na) x Swarmtroop (na) hive mind Critical massacre Sp, Ax, Cl, St
paralysing touch
Eveel unshore Crabid (na) x Slime knight (sl) hypnotist poisonous Touch Ax, Wh, Cl, St
crafty sagger
Khalamari kid unshore Eveel (na) x Angel slime (Sl) Aquapothecary Strangely Alluring Ax, Wh, Cl, St
Wormonger ? ? ? ? ?

===Rank C===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Chimaera X ? ? Cleanser Hit Squad Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Giant killer
Hades Condor Doubtback Lesser demon (de) x Platypunk (be) Cure-all Artful Dodger Sp, Ax, Ha, St
Crafty Dazzler
Great Sabrecat Treepidation (raining);Dark world 4 bodies synthesize;4x great sabercub Speedster Early bird Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Hit Squad
Foot Dragger
Treeface ? Khalamari kid (na) x behemoth slime (sl) Green finger Steady recovery Ax, Ha, Cl, St
big hitter
Hit squad
paws unshore Treeface (na) x Slime stack (sl) Anti metal Hit Squad Sw, Ax, Cl, St
heckling hector
Barracuda unshore Paws (na) x Noble gasbagon (dr) bang & Sizz Early Bird Sp, Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Crafty Inactivist
Yabby Unshore Barracuda (na) x Heyedra (un) Mage Aid Hit Squad Sp, Ax, Cl, St

===Rank B===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Beetleboy ? yabby (na) x Cyber slime (Sl) hive mind Psycho Sp, Ax, Ha, St
Crafty Abiliterator
Giant moth ? Beetleboy (na) x Magic Slime (Sl) Toxifier paralysing Sp, Ax, Ha, St
Hit squad
Gorerilla ? Giant Moth (na) x Tyrantosaurus (Dr) Huntsman Critical massacre Ax, Ha, Cl, St
Stark Raven ? Gorerilla (na) vs Ethereal serpent (dr) Bird brain Artful Dodger Sw, Ha, Cl, St
heckling hector

===Rank A===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Heligator ? Gracos (de) x king squid (na) naturalist Artful Dodger Ax, ha, Cl, St
Crafty Zammer
Thornella ? Gripevine (na) Dorsal Fiend (be) Thornella Health professional Ax, Wh, Cl, st
big hitter
Hit Squad
Riptide ? Heligator (na) x jumping jackal (be) firewind slashes early bird Sp, Ax, Cl, st
Hit squad
Foot dragger
Garuda ? hades condor (na) x Heligator (na Frizz & Zap Artful Dodger Sp, Ax, Wh, St
Crafty sapper
Gripevine Bemusoleum Marquis de leon (Be) x Hyper heyedra (un) Niflheim big hitter Sw, Sp, Ax, Wh, St
Hit Squad
Crafty dimmer
Empyrea Cragvaration ? Empyrea ? ?

===Rank S,X,?===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Bettlebully ? Beetleboy (na) x Metal king slime (sl) bounty hunter psycho Sp, Ax, Ha, St
King Squid Unshore Night clubber (be) x Khalamari kid (na) Cleanser big hitter Sp, Ax, Wh, St
hit squad
crafty decelerater
Khalamari Unshore 4 bodies synthesize;2 Khalamari Kid + 2 King Squid ? ? ?
Chimaera XY ? ? Uber healer Artful dodger Sp, Ax, Cl , St
Hit Squad
giant killer
leopold ? Dhoulmagus + Xenlon + Chainine + Hargon/Murdaw/Baramos leopold Artful dodger Sp, Ax, Cl , St
early bird
giant killer
Foot dragger
Numen ranking 1-100 in Ultra Scout in the WIFI Tournament ? Crusader Comeback kid Sw, Sp, wh, st
wave of relief
Trode ? Xenlon + Nokturnus + Gem Slime + Dual Duellers/Canzar(Both can caught in Dark World, After beating Rigor Mortex, In one of the portal) or + Dorsal Fiend Trickster psycho Sw, Wh, Cl, St
Escape artist
Heckling hector
great goldbird ? Empyrea (Na) x Dragovian Lord (Dr) ? ? ?


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71 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Nature Family Synthesize and List”

  1. Slime professional says:

    You can find thornella in the dark world

  2. Gracos says:

    hey anyone. i have a king squid and a night clubber and i’m debating whether to make a Khalamari or to just make a Murdaw or Baramos or something. i am in the dark world, but i haven’t beaten Rigor Mortex. any suggestions for a monster that would be a great help?

  3. Gorfon says:

    Is Leopold worth it?

  4. oetieloetie says:

    where can i find gripevine in bemusoleom?

  5. Anonymous150 says:

    More questions from the resident noob…
    Where do u find king squid? Is there another area in Unshore or am i not looking hard enough?

    • Scootz says:

      I have only found one area where you can find king squid, the first cave in the bottom area. It is actually really hard to scout I got it to 1% and scouted it like that

      • anon123123123 says:

        it’s not really hard my monsters all have 650+ attack when tensioned up to 100 and oomphled twice i got 50%

  6. Anonymous150 says:

    I’m not sure if this is true, but does anyone else think that platypunks are related to hades condors?
    Consider this:
    1. When you battle hades condor in the doubtback, at least one platypunk is seen outside.
    2. at night, you can sometimes see platypunks behind the condors nest by the tree
    3. one of the ways to synthesize a hades condor (the one thats listed here) involves a platypunk

  7. Wyvern says:

    Beetleboy, Gorerilla, and Thornella can be Scouted in the Dark World. (Thornella can be found in the room with the slime pillar after beating Rigor Mortex.)

  8. Raijiin The Supreme says:

    Gripevine in Bemuseleum? What weather? And when?

  9. Anonymous person says:

    is there any easier way to get thornella thanks

  10. dave says:

    i have a question you can only synthesize 2 monsters at a time right then how do you synthesize the monsters who need 4 or 5 monsters

  11. I'mABannana says:

    Which one is better, riptide or garuda? i have a heligator thatr I want to make something actually useful out of.

  12. dragonslayer says:

    you can find gorerilla, heligator, and beetleboy in the dark world, and thornella in the special place in the dark world please fix.

  13. slayer says:

    wat r all the wifi ranks and can anyone plz give me a captain crow

  14. Silver says:

    What is the easiest way to level up, metal grinding or normal battling, the slimes run way too much to do any good, and tell me if anyone has seen the king metal slime at the metal menegerie highest i’ve seen is liquid metal slime after the game is beaten.

    • slayerII says:

      nope,it’s only in light world.btw they runaway cuz u need to either sneak up with a monster with high attack or early bird(same type of monster(high attack)).my gigantes with 1184 atk deals 138-139 damage to metal monster a gigantes has higher atk than alabast dragon too bad a gigantes doesnt hav psycho.scouting and fighting monsters.lvl 50 captain crow rank S+1 and lvl 100 gigantes rank A+15

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