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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Necropolis and Monster Scout Tournament

Talk to Mynos who is standing in front of Rural at Bemusoleum. The path will be opened, enter


Enemy Exp Gold
dark slime knight 658 33
dark slime 605 30
Gargoyle 754 39
Lethal Armour 755 25
Drakularge 1490 80
Tyrantosaurus 1091 99
Gigantes 3481 14
Skeleton Soldier 842 67
Phantom Swordsman ?? ??
magmalice 1043 50
firebird 803 30
Demon at arms 1301 102

Tips: you can zoom to Necropolis from now on. Don’t need to go to Bemusoleum first 😀

Nothing special in this area, just take all blue treasure chests that scattered in this area. You’ll find a lot of dark slimes and dark slime knights, they’re a good material for synthesize and their EXP is also good :D.

Tips: I suggest you to have 3 A rank monsters in your party. You can get them easily by synthesize your monster with Gigantes (Monster at Iceolation; near the campfire) and Dark slimes knight that roams in this dungeon.

Keep going north until you arrive at spiral maze. Continue east until you see giant green obelisk at point (2), don’t go there yet. Take the green portal in front of you to arrive at point (1). Check the black obelisk to obtain new skills; Monster mender which allows you to heal your party’s HP and MP for 3 times before you need to re-fill the bottle again.

Go back to point (2) and enter the green obelisk. You’ll arrive at B1F

Move forward and check the purple wall to open it (Check it every time you see a wall like this to open it).Walk the narrow path (always guarded by Lethal armour enemy). Don’t take the portal that lead to the north, keep going east to the next area and grab RT1 (Metal Ticket). Continue northwest (backtrack and use the portal for quicker path). Recover your monster and head to the next area, take RT 2 (Yggdrasil leaf). Continue following the path until you arrive at B2F.

From here on there is only s straight path, just keep heading north until you arrive at the local portal, activate it and just head north to the last area.

See an event and continue when you’re ready to face

BOSS: Malevolynx

This beast is HARDDD…. I died about 3 times before winning this battle (and it’s very lucky 😀 just see my video …). It can attack twice perturn. Attack patterns:

[0] Attack: deals about 70-100 damage to all targets
[0] Lightning storm: Imba spell….. Deals about 150-170 damage to all targets
[0] Disruptive wave: dispel all buffs on your party (don’t need to cast any buff spell because of this spell, but this may be a good idea to make him cast this, but I believe it’s a random thing because it still cast this spell when my party is not on any positive status)
[0] War Cry: Disable inflicted targets for one turn (target all)
[0] Bounce: reflect any magic that casted upon him ……
[0] Multifist: 4 hits to your party monsters (random), about 40-50 damage per hit

If you keep dying fighting this beast, here are my suggestions:

[0] Try to level up your monster/ synthesize your monster, A rank monster will make this fight easier
[0] Buy a lot of Special medicine to help healing your monster
[0] Omni/ multi heal is necessary in this battle (IMHO)
[0] See my video to gain an inspiration ^&^&%*&??

After the battle you’ll be back at Albatross, yeah the game is not end now. Talk to Rory when you’re ready. You’ll arrive at Monster scout Tournament

Battle: Atlas and Mumboh Jumboe

This battle is very easy compared to Malevolynx battle. The only spell that you need to watch out is Kaboom (mumboh jumboe). Kill atlas first because it’s easier to kill than mumboh.

Congratulations you just beat main story for this game. Watch The credits and save your game when being asked.

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94 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Necropolis and Monster Scout Tournament”

  1. Ender says:

    Not sure if anyone said this, but if you see one of the walls that has red in the eyes kick it it will lead you to an area with either two blue chests or two blute chests and a red one. They are both in the optional area

  2. SkywardSword596 says:

    Um one thing you forgot, Gryphons can be found wild in one of the secret areas of the Necropolis maze, its in the upper segment of that two-lobed area right before the second circle elevator. Tell me if this doesn’t make sense and I’ll point it out

    Also sorry for late comment, not sure if anyone is even playing this anymore XD

  3. Twist says:

    Yea so i got a Great Dragon before i even did E rank at the tournament and used that monster to beat the game… he is losing on the post game stuff but yea this game was super easy

  4. Ahglas says:

    This was Easy, if you get monsters with the defense increase you’re golden, Malevolynx did about 1 or no damage, the only thing that did damage was the lightning storm which hit about 100 (my monster had about 600hp) Malevolynx was dead in a good 3 turns of auto-attacking.

    Raw damage immumity is amazing.

  5. aloox says:

    dude! you forgot the secret areas behind the doors!

  6. Jorgon186 says:

    I beat the whole game with a king metal slime alone lol

  7. sol 95 says:

    Yeh Malevolynx was a bit more challenging anyway first time i went in with great dragon dhuran and soulspawn dhuran and soulspawn died dragon lasted for like 30 turns before getting crit it died, i then went synthed soulspawn and dhuran for night knight kept dragon made a buffalogre ( OP as had a miracle mallet) trained em all to level 25+ then proceeded to own his face Solitaire was cake her atlas got 2 shot by buffalogre with oomph all lvl 30 at this point anyway so does anyone know some good synthesis for great dragon buffalogre or night knight? Be appreciated thnx

  8. oetieloetie says:

    i hope i dont bother you with this but you missed a blue chest in f1 in the second room.

  9. badboy360 says:

    Is my team good?

    skelleton soldier
    HP 111
    MP 80

    HP 247
    MP 145

    teeny sanguini
    HP 131
    MP 50

    metal slime knight
    HP 172
    MP 90

    HP 170
    MP 59

  10. slime king says:

    is my team good

    a king cure slime
    lv 24
    hp 227
    mp 194

    a slime stack
    lv 28
    hp 245
    mp 93

    a king slime
    lv 17
    hp 170
    mp 75

    do you think these are good

  11. Anonymous150 says:

    This team is not yet ready for malevolynx but i am just checking if these monsters are good

    Demon at arms
    Night knight
    great dragon

    In reserve

    Skeleton soldier
    giant moth

    Giant moth is my main healer and skeleton is a kerplunk dancer. Cockateer is strong so thats why i use it

    • Anonymous150 says:

      Never mind i just got a dracolord i think ill be fine

      • Anonymous150 says:

        I have a problem. I am eligible for one of two S-rank monsters that could really help against malevolynx. One is black dragon and the other is dracolord. Each has his pros and cons

        Pros dor dracolord
        i can do it immediately
        It will have at least one half complete skill tree as i mastered one tree each on the ingredient monsters(demon-at-arms and great dragon )

        Cons: i will have an empty slot on my team with nothing to fill it. And i lose two amazing a-rankers

        Black Dragon: i will not have to lose demon@arms but i cant make a bone baron so i cant make it for now. I have a grim rider but no mohawker to synth with. Plz help

  12. Anonymous150 says:

    does anyone know where to get a lot of gold fast? Malevolynx killing me has drained my money and i dont have enough to buy any yggdrasil leaves. the closest resurrection spell my monsters have is my hades condors song of salvation which is not reliable.

    • oetieloetie says:

      you lose less money, if you just buy the suplys, fight him, and if you die, restart the game(save before fighing lyx)
      and for money,you will earn it along the way when training.
      (what is your team btw?)

  13. johnny says:

    Hey, having trouble with Malevolynx my team is

    Hades Condor LV 32 C+0
    158HP 82MP
    & heal
    Demon AT ARMS LV 31 A+4

    Dullahan LV 24 S+8
    250 HP 166 MP

    Any good?

  14. DaTrollScout says:

    So, What Rank Should My Monsters Be, And Do You REALLY Need A Healer, If So, What Would You Recommend As A Good Healer?

  15. GODpulse says:

    Beat the game finally with a team of

    Mumboh-Jumboe lv24
    Conklave X lv31
    Dhuran lv28

    No substitutes

    Solitaire was too easy…

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