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Posted on Sep 18, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Rank F Monster Scout and Iceolation

Go to the arena (get out from the ship and use zoom command). Talk to Don mole and accept his offer to participate on monster scout challenge (rank F):

This challenge is very easy. Just use the same team that you used before when fought 3 moles to win this easily (no need synthesize or anything :D).

Round 1: stump chump and slime
Round 2: dracky, hell hornet, and swarm troop
Round 3: Lips, frogface , and mental pitcher

You’ll get a new area after beating this round, so go over there.

Tips: you can open Eugene’s treasure chest at the B1F to obtain (positive puller)

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Area Map IceolationIceolation

Name Exp Gold
Jailcat 48 18
Hammerhood 45 19
spiked Hare 51 20
Snowbird 60 24
Wild Slime 54 12
Frou-Fry 63 5

Head east and pass the small ledge. Climb down the ladder to obtain RT (seed of defence) at point (1). Now go west (don’t be deceived by mini map, there is a small path that leads to west part of this area). Follow the path to point (2). You’ll see Lily, help her by fighting 2 hellhound. They are just a normal monster with a strong physical attack (can deal 20-30 damage to your F rank monsters that are on level 13-15).

Go north to the big area. Keep heading north to point (3) and check the obelisk to obtain “heal all” ability.

Tips: It cost your monster’s MP that can use healing spell. It only meant to shorten time required to do the healing (cast the spell manually) not some “free healing skill” 😀

Backtrack to point (4) and talk to Lily to see an event about the bonfire. Continue west through the new path. You’ll see another unlit bonfire at point (5), you need to lit it to continue your journey. So go south to the cave until you arrive at point (6).

Tips: There is Gigantes at point (6); A rank monster. You’re probably not strong enough to capture/battle this one yet.

Check the bonfire to obtain the torch. The torch will go out if you have fought 3 times, so I suggest you to evade any monsters while carrying the torch. Lit the bonfire and it’ll open a new path. Go north to see another ice wall on point (7). You need to do the same thing as before; the torch located at point (8), so don’t need to go back to point (6).

Go to point (8) and you’ll see Lily. This time you need to defeat 3 hellhounds to save her. After saving her, backtrack to point (7) and lit the fire. Continue west and keep following the path until you arrive inside cave.

There is a portal and healing pillar in this cave. It’s a nice spot to train your low level monster (lvl 1-10) if you don’t have any metal ticket. Activate the portal at point (9).

Tips: Grind your monster on this cave and then use healing when needed. Zoom to Albatros when the healing pillar power depleted. You can use zoom then zip to return to this cave quickly to start your training again.

Go east to the outside once you’re ready  (save your game; the boss is quite tough). Continue east and

BOSS: Baby Bjorn

This boss is very tough (at least for me; see my video 🙁 (it kills 2 of my monsters and has 6 minute length). It will be helpful if your monster know “buff” spell. Its attack pattern:

[0] Bjorn attack: 2 hit attack that will hit all targets. Each attacks deal about 13 damage (7 if your monster has “buff” status)
[0] Firebreath: deals about 36 fire damage to all targets
[0] Boulder dash: deals about 35-40 damage to single target
[0] War cry: disable your monster for one turn if it hits. Target all monsters

Keep your health above 35 to be safe and make sure you help healing by item. Don’t throw all healing task to your healer monster :D.

After beating it you’ll be automatically back at Albatros. Talk to Lily and now you can open her treasure chest that located on B1F.

Tips: Go back to Iceolation and head to the spot where you fought Bjorn. It’s not needed just to complete your mini map :D. You can grab those blue chest on those area; I got metal ticket from one of the blue chest there that’s why I suggest you to do the same.

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12 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Rank F Monster Scout and Iceolation”

  1. Anonymous150 says:

    What level should ur monsters be before baby bjorn

    • oetieloetie says:

      lvl 15?
      recommend monsters:
      boreal serpent as attacker(or something you prefer),
      a she- slime as healer.

      as backup, some other strong monsters.(try a powie yowie, its stronger then it looks, it helped me from maniac mole all the way till kalhamari(make powieyowie by using a mischievous mole and a monster from the nature family))

      i hope this helped

  2. oetie says:

    how can i get to gigantis again(after diong everything in icolacion)?, i cant find it =(

  3. P!ng says:

    as lily says that thing is an idoit! i used tap dance on it like five times and it wasted its points and just sat there! i had a frou fry a slime and a scare cub in my main team!

  4. Caston says:

    How do you scout Gigantes?

  5. randomperson says:

    lol ikr! i used a ethereal dragon and lvl 21 frou-fry!

  6. Randomperson says:

    Oh I saw a Frou-Frou on a cliff in the area the boss is at night. I couldn’t reach it, but I think it might come down at some point. Just thought some people might like to know it’s there 😀

    • Randomperson says:

      Found it. It’s in the cave before the area where you fight a boss. It’s in one of short dead end areas, and its surrounded by frou-frys, which don’t move when they guard it. I don’t really remember if it was day or night, but I think it might only appear during the day.

  7. Randomperson says:

    That boss was so easy. I used a Bad Egg, Slime and switched between a Swarmtrooper an Healslime. All you have to do is keep yourself alive and hit it a bit until it runs out of MP, then heal after its normal attacks. Then you have 3 turns to beat the living crap out of it (It really is VERY stupid). I won on my first try without any monsters dieing. It’s all about enduring it while it wastes its MP then beat it to death while it tries moves that need MP after it wasted all of it. My strongest monsters were about level 15, and my weakest was about 10. Hope this helps 😀

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