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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Special Family Synthesize and List

Other Synthesize Section:

This guide contain synthesize list, I only write one synthesize recipe (default). You can help me by leaving a comment that tells me about another way to obtain that monsters. But please don’t leave a comment about how to synthesize a slime (or anything that seems easy to obtain and useless :D) because you can just catch it and it’s easy to get.

Terms (synthesize column):

Sl= slime, Dr= dragon, Na=nature, ma= materialist, un= Undead, de= demon, be=beast, sp =special

Terms (Weapon):

Sw= sword, Sp= spear /lance, Cl= claw, St= staff /scepter, Wh= whip, Ha= hammer, Ax =axe

Special Family Synthesize

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Ace of spades ? Wulfspade ace (Sp) x leopold (na) Cursader Zammeister Sw, Sp, Ax, Cl, St
hit squad
Cluboon ? Wulfspade (Sp) x Bag o’ laughs (ma) Cluboon Psycho Sw, Sp, Ax, Cl, St
Giant killer
Cluboon ace ? Wulfspade (Sp) x Trap box (ma);mumboh-jumboh x Wulfspade (Sp) Cluboon III Psycho Sw, Sp, Ax, Cl, St
hit squad
Diamagon ? Wulfspade (sp) x platypunk (be) diamagon psycho Sw, Sp, Ax, Cl, St
rabble rouser
Diamagon ace ? Wulfspade (sp) x atlas (be) diamagon III Psycho Sw, Sp, Ax, Cl, St
hit squad
Hawkhart ? Wulfspade (sp) x dracky (de) hawkhart Psycho Sw, Sp, Ax, Cl, St
hit squad
Hawkhart ace ? Wulfspade (Sp) x Robbin’ hood (de) hawkhart III Psycho Sw, SP, Ax, Cl, St
early bird
foot dragger
Leonyx ? 4 bodies synthesize;[Wildcard + Orochi] + [Marquis De Leon + Don Mole] Leonyx Grand Slammer, Tactical Trouper, Bouncer, and Perrilous Parrier ?
Mortamor ? Nimzo (Sp) x ???;Estark + Nimzo Mortamor magic regenerator Sw, Sp, Ha, St
big hitter
hit squad
Nimzo ? Baramos (de) x ?????;Baramos + Khalamari / Drakulard Nimzo Double trouble Sp, Ha, Cl, St
big hitter
disruptive wave
craftly sapper
Orgodemir ? Mortamor (Sp) x alabast dragon Muspell Big hitter Sw, Sp, Cl, St
hit squad
crafty fire breather
crafty ice breather
Rhapthorne ? Dhoulmagus (be) x Nimzo (sp) rhaptorne artful dodger Sp, Ax, Ha, St
disruptive wave
Rhaptorne II ? Rhapthorne + Zoma Raptorne II ? ?
Rigor mortex ? Zenith Dragon (Dr) x Leonyx (Sp) Rigor Mortex ? ?
Wildcard ? Wulspace ace (sp) x ???;Wulfspade Ace + Great Godbird wildcard hit squad Sw, Sp, AX, Cl, St
wave of relief
Wulfspade Incarnus sidequest Wulfspade (sp) x swarmtroop (na) wulfspade psycho Sw, Sp, Ax, Cl, St
crafty zapper
wulfspade ace ? Wulfspade (sp) x beetlebully (na) wulfspade III psycho Sw, Sp, AX, Cl, St
hit squad
Zoma ? Malroth (de) x captain crow (un)/ Dullahan Zoma bouncer Sw, SP, Ha, St
tactical trooper

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188 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Special Family Synthesize and List”

  1. rice man says:

    guys u know it sucks we save the island defeat rigor mortex tame gigantic monsters and all leonyx gives us is a sword!!!

  2. sol 95 says:

    Riceman try playing with the scepters to get what you can or synth more. Phoenix sceptre end of cragravation down cliff far side. Minus sceptre is from monster scout proficiency tests from marsha and. Plus sceptre somewhere along the way sorry cant remember btw they have unlimited uses

  3. rice man says:

    guys its kind of annoying because my healer is a metal slime and i needed cleric but i couldnt get cleric on my metal king slime but he has healer but unfortunately i cant synth to get metal slime without turning it into a king bubble slime

  4. Alabast dragon says:

    Anyone wanna trade a special with psycho for my zoma?

  5. Eposy says:

    Who’d be better for a magical typish monster

    Nizmo or Zoma?

  6. meh says:

    Is a Hawkhart ace with hawkhart 3, Über Dark Dynamiter, and wulfspade as its skills any good

  7. mortamor says:

    can you get malevoleonx with the action replay

  8. anon123123123 says:

    mortamor is such a BEAST i synthed my estark (lvl 62 hp 2143) with my nimzo (lvl 41 hp 1002) and my mortamor is lvl 31 and can already one shot metal kaiser slimes and has 1347 hp!!! plus at the level he is at now he has over 600 mp is that naural or is that from my two monsters they did have 300+ mp each. And should i synth mortamor with my alabast (lvl 36 hp 816) to make orgedemir?

  9. Scootz says:

    Is it worth it to make a nimzo to keep because i made 2 already 4 orgodemir and rapthorne 2 and it takes a while to make

  10. goreyalliz says:

    is it worth getting rid of malroth for zoma

    • il;uuuuui says:

      yes. zoma’s an awesome 1 slot healer with more hp and wisdom than malroth, and dullahan is easy to get. read this guy’s team guide.

  11. Zenith says:

    Can anyone tell me if I should turn my leonyx into rigor mortex or just enter leonyx into wifi I’m thinking of entering leonyx as he is probibly better as rigor mortex has that move which wastes a turn I need advice so if u could help then thanx

  12. monsterboss69 says:

    hey im getting stuff to get an orgodemi, but i just got to the hard part, so i wondered if it was really worth it? give some opinions, alsoif u synth like estark or one of ur bosses, can u re-scout them? im pretty sure u can but wanna know 4 sure, ty in advance!!

    • Scootz says:

      I made an Orgodemir and it was not worth it just save your time and make a Rhapthorne 2 which is a really strong monster or somethingelse. Also you can only get one Estark and one incarnus every other boss you can rescout

  13. oh i 4got 2 say. is there any way to get another wulfspade. i’ve done the other side quest for the 1st one. sorry if im being a pain, i’m a bit of a newbie :)

    • KingofDragons says:

      Sorry, there’s no other way. And don’t worry, we were all where you are now. There’s nothin against asking questions,

      • Anonymous150 says:

        Btw on the wulfspade topic, can u synthesize another incarnus form back into wulfspade?
        E.g. i synthesize wulfspade and whatever to get Diamagon can i synth him back into wulfspade again?

  14. also, does anyone know if/when dqm joker 2 pro comes to england?

  15. scoutin' glory says:

    i need hlp getting wild card. im tryin to make leonyx. i’ve got don mole but thats about it. plz hlp me.

    p.s i think ur very hlpful

    • Zenith says:

      I’m making leonyx I have Already made wildcard an it’s really hard but pretty much what I did to get anything that u only get once ( that I wasted) is buy a backup game and get them on that I have got wildcard, don mole, marquis de Leon and I’m about 75% into orochi and it will only take a phew hours to finish as I have to lvl up a lot but hopefully leonyx is worth it

      • anon123123123 says:

        dude leonyx isn’t worth it i made him a couple of days ago. If he was easy to make and you didn’t have to get rid of wildcard it would be totally worth it tho.

  16. Chaka says:

    It seems that the three septet monsters are better than bosses oh and I’m making a nimzo can’t wait luv the guide and THANKS!!!!!! U helped me out now i rank number 1 out of my reigon (USA)

    • Zenith says:

      What u said made no sense! Did u say u were best in America because of bosses I won’t believe you until u prove it first tell me the monsters u have then we talk

  17. Scootz says:

    Hey guys I was looking for somebody to battle with online. My friend code is 2881-5684-0915

  18. slayerII says:

    wat would the best monster be

  19. CORVUS says:

    any easy way for wildcard for leonyx

    • Zenith says:

      I’m afraid that’s the only way it’s lineage so I guess it is anyway and I made it so it’s easier than it looks to make!

      • CORVUS says:

        no i just beat the game trying to beat diamagon ace who is wild card any way

        • CORVUS1 says:

          i got leonyx then zenith dragon now i got libranex heres stats ps: psaro forever
          level star thing +26
          atk:1465 : includes giant sword
          AGI: 784

  20. Phili cheseteak says:

    I dont understand 4 way synthesizing, and why is there semi colons in some synthesizing panels above im new to this game so please help

  21. Dq2ftw says:

    Anyone know a easier way to get a wulfspade ace because getting a metal king slime is pretty hard, harder than a metal kaiser

  22. ZenithX7 says:

    actually idk how to make em i caught them.

  23. ZenithX7 says:

    Dude my Zenith dragon is level 50, health; 2370. my orochi is level 50, health; 2450. Estark level 50. Leonyx level, 50. Rigor Mortex level, 50. RhapathorneII ” , “. Canzar level 50. Saggitar Level 50. basically I have EVERY boss level 50! XD

    GIGAGASH! >:D My Orochi and Zenith can use it. I basically can kick everyone’s butt!

    oh and to the person who wants a Nokturnus I already have one! I actually COMEPLETELY FILLED my Library. The best thing ever would be to get a Maleonyx, that thing is just beast.

    • zoroark097 says:

      i got a lvl 100 buffalogre and a lvl 100 rigor mortex and also more random assortments of monsters from leopold to the big ruin all of which are leveled up pretty high (except the newly born ones which i seem to have a lot of) so yeah try hiding your amazement 😛

      • Zenith says:

        I think rigor mortex is a bit of a let down as leonyx is the one who learns frizz cracker and another thing leonyx doesn’t have that time wasting move that wastes a turn so I think leonyx would’ve been better

    • slayerII says:

      malevolynx is only in pro but things in japan can be brought to ur house but its very expensive

  24. nathan the Orcohi lover says:

    is zoma acually worth it?I mean, is there any spetacular monsters you can make with him?and also, what I’ve heard, hes pretty good, but I’m not sure.(and not tring to be a nag)is crow able to get again, ive heard that after you use him you can get him again the same whay the first time.if anyone can anser me on any of it or all, plez tell.

    • zoroark097 says:

      you can make rhapthorne|| with him so hes pretty cool i love how the furst rhapthorne is so cute add one zoma and DIE ALL WHO DARE CROSS YOU!!!

    • Zenith says:

      U only get caption crow once but what I did was get another game and use that as a spare to get all monsters u can only get once twice

  25. Jape27 says:

    Well too late, Rhapthorne II traits- Grand slammer, Hit squad, Tactical trooper and crafty zammer. He is pretty cool!

  26. Scootz says:

    Rhapthorn 2 traits are grand slammer, hit squad, tactical trooper, and crafty zammer

  27. Jape27 says:

    I need some advice- Should i make a dhoulmagus and make my psaro go away, which i can then use with my nimzo to make rhapthorne, who i will combine with my zoma to make rhapthorne II, or should I use my Nimzo in another way?

  28. R-dash 5000 says:

    Guys whats better orgodemir or mortamor?

    • Scootz says:

      Orgodemir I made him and is much better than Mortamor
      All his stats are higher than 1000 except for his agility
      and he is on level 62

      • Grammarnazi says:

        I would suggest Mortamor if you want to use him to synthesise. I would recommend that you level him up to 25-30 to get a fairly good attack and defense. But i agree with scootz, Orgodemir is much better in the long run.

    • slayerII says:

      well if u want dr snapped i would choose orgodemir but mortamor reflects fire and ice breath.make dr snapped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he makes nokternus which makes zenith dragon

      • Zenith says:

        Slayer has ago of point u should make a zenith dragon by using nokturnus which uses dr snapped

  29. Scootz says:

    This probably isn’t true but my friend told me you could make a Captain Crow by synthesizing a Dr. Snapped with a Robbin Hood

    Can somebody tell me if this is true

    • Apples says:

      Doubt it but it isn’t going to get you any more Captain Crows even if it does work. Dr Snapped comes from a 4 body synthesis including a captain crow.

  30. Scootz says:

    This probably isn’t true but my friend told me you could make a Captain Crow by synthesizing a Dr. Snapped with a Robbin Hood

    Can anybody tell me if this is true

  31. scouterxxl says:

    im just beat leonyx with an dhuran (level 40) an trauminator (level 20) and an orochi (level 28) but i cant deafeat rigor mortex pleas can sombody tell me with witch monsters i can deafeat rigor mortex already thanks.

    • JB says:

      I used a lvl 60 ruin and after some tries I managed to kill him by using bufferine, sapperine and omph powder

      • JB says:

        oh and with a giganties witha mirical club who was about lvl 55 with a king cure slime

        • Scootz says:

          I beat it with a Green Dragon X lv. 38 and a Mumboh Jumboe lv. 41. My backup was Orochi lv. 26

        • nathan the Orcohi lover says:

          if you want something that works for sure, try metal kasier slime with a person who can heal and kabuff,then for back-up orcohi lv 50. work for me the 1st time(allthought mks did die within 8 turns because of low lv but still magorly helped

    • avatar68 says:

      I beat him whit alabast dragon lvl 50 and black dragon lvl 40 with oomph powder.

    • Zenith says:

      Just used lvl 52 ruin and special medicines it took around 30 rounds and a lot of pre zings and comeback kids but eventually rigor finally fell

  32. scouterxxl says:

    how you can deafeat ruin in the true monster scout channgle

  33. slayer says:

    hey!can anyone come to my neighborhood because no one in my neighborhood has this game(not counting me)and i gave up captain crow hint:you’ll know its me when you see a lv 100 alabast dragon(that means he has a star),zoma(forgot his level but not lv 100.hes either in the late 60’s or early 70’s),and when u see the name slayerIII neighborhood is oakmont circle

  34. scouterxxl says:

    how you get wulfspade

    • noobbgodlike says:

      check my guide about post game stuff 😀

    • slayer says:

      beat the incarnus.then go to albatross.go to blue chest right next to it there will be friend and i r arguing about wat 2 make.he wants hawkhart i want wulfspade ace so i can make either wildcard or ace of spades.which one is better.wildcard i can use to make leonyx.but on pro u can make malevolynx.but ace of spades might help get canzar. plz tell me which is better fast

      • Fern says:

        Actually Wulfspade ace is better than both, since its stats are more even than wildcard or ace of spades. Ace of spades I believe has better health, but less stats. Wildcard max health is like 400 ish or something.

  35. slayer says:

    hey guys!sorry i havnt been on. i was outta wifi.but i beat rigor with a level 32 orochi(dr) alabast dragon (dr)level 45 and zoma level 32

  36. Promo06 says:

    What should I do with my new Mortamor :S??

  37. silvesty says:

    and how do you get an great godbird xD?

    • scouter XXX says:

      I think its empraeya + kalimari then sythasise whatever
      that is with a empreaya. but this might complatly bogus
      because my freind who has the game aswell said this was what he got from one of his friends. you know how this
      SH*T spreads. so soz if this is wrong.

    • slayer says:

      you need rhapthorn 2

      • slayer says:

        oh and dragovion lord which i can’t make since i used my crow for metal slime knight to make metal kaiser slime:(

        • slash7508 says:

          u used captn crow for a metal slime knight O_O wats worng with u

        • slayer says:

          for slash not me even though im posting on my reply:P.i was trying to make sagittar i already used trauminator and overkilling i need trap box and killing machine which trap box requires metal kaiser.on pro theres an easier way 2 make it with 2 of the same monster called uberkilling machine

    • Zenith says:

      It’s dragovion lord X empyrea I made it and turned it to wildcard and now I’m making leonyx!!!! 😀

  38. grif says:

    just got a zoma and don’t know what to do with it

  39. scouter XXX says:

    what is the best team ever would u say?
    anybody answer this! :)

    • mumbohjumboe says:

      well I dont know about you but Im insane about healing abilties I beat leonyx with only a mumboejumboh lvl 27 and hades condor lvl 28 on my first trie, on my 46th move i finally crushed him , mainly because i went insane on healer skills like zing and multiheal, so in coclusion get a mumboejumboe with fortifir skill can easily dish out 280 attack with omphile at lvl 28

      • scouter XXX says:

        thx for info but i am kinda way ahaed of u now cus i have a mumboh-jumboh myself except it is lv 45 and my other team member is malroth lv 40. they both have the healer, mumboe has attack boost 2 and defence boost 2 and malroth has attack 1 and 2 and defence 2. this team has only lost once. (against wulfspade ace) but I have deafeted him now. I will let u know if i changde ma team. for anybody else who reads this get a mumboe-jumboh cus they murder the oposision.

        • scouter XXX says:

          ok now my team consists of an orochi aswell cus i just made him and he is already lv 26 he is absolutely epic. I advise evryone and anyone if you want a strong post game monster get one of these bad boys. He has the skills orochi
          cleric attack 2 defence 2 defence 1
          and empreya. he raelly kicks the
          *%@# from me.

        • Ullimate scouter says:

          sythersise a mumboejumboh with a gold golem to get a ruin

        • scouter XXX says:

          i would not bother makeing a ruin
          but what do you get if u sythasise a ruin with a rosegaurdian???
          please tell me soon

        • slayer says:

          i won with ruin lv 32 alabast dragon lv 69 and zoma lv 60 i only had ruin for psaro so i could make estark.i almost hav marquis and then it’ll be estark vs. estark

        • Scootz says:

          For me the best team ever is my Estark+31 (I sythesized him) and Dragovian lord with malroth or zoma

      • Zenith says:

        Best idea make it into ruin and mix that with rosegaurdin to make psaro he good because he has very strong attack I have him he epic

    • slash7508 says:

      1 rule for a good team
      dont put in mighty monsters

      rule number 2
      monsters must be ranked a,s or x

      rule number 3
      you must have at least 2 healers on ur team or you r gunna fail. make the healers good attackers as well. you only need to use the second healer if the first one dies.

      rule number 4
      the third monster prefrebly needs the fortifyer skill too back up the main monsters. however, this is optional.
      you could make it anouther healer or the main attacker

      rule number 5
      if your team consists of 1 giant monster, make sure it can heal itself and can attack at least 2 times

      rule number 6
      your 2 healers should have a trait like counterstriker
      and tactical trooper that lets them attack more than once. your third monster should have a trait like this also optional again). if ur losing, you dont want the healers to only be stalling your defeat. they should be makeing a comeback as well as healing.

      rule number 7
      make the max and minimum of monsters with the double trouble trait 1. these monsters usualy take up more the 1 space and if they dont they ussaly have low attack stats.

      rule number 8
      for scouting, you will need at least one monster with the psyco trait. if you dont you will find scouting the good monsters rather hard. i know its hard to find a monster like this that does have a trait that allows multipule attacks but i advise conclave xy and dholemagus for this rule. the rule is optional.

      rule number 9
      one of your monsters should have the move disruptive wave and wave of relief. if your opponment powers up his/her monsters with omph or buff, their monsters attacks r gunna hurt and you wont do much dmg on them.
      your also in trouble if your opponment puts status problems on your monsters. the best way to achieve wave of relief is to give your healer the cure-all skill.
      give your third monster the job of getting disruptive wave.

      in the end my choise of team is

      shogum as my main healer and attacker with the traits counterstriker and tactical trooper

      wildcard as my main attacker and healer with the traits conuneractivist and wave of relief

      dhoulmagus as my fortifyer as well as an attacker and healer with the traits psyco and counter striker. it also has the move disruptive wave.

      my choise of giant monsters was orochi with the tacical genius trait

      please can you rate team out of ten and suggest improvments for my good team rules if any

      • slash7508 says:

        when you make your team try not to copy mine XD

      • Zenith says:

        I think dhoulmagus for scouting is bad idea since he a counterstriker and can attack when attacked and maybe kill the target it scouting or just waste the tension boosting

        • slash7508 says:

          i guess ur right.
          i just got an awsome idea.
          what do you get with a monster with early bird and the snowstopper move

  40. Dqmj2 Pwnz says:

    My team is :

    Zoma My healer with Cleric
    Lv 59
    Hp 612
    Mp 490
    Att 662
    Def 653
    Agil 547
    Wis 648

    Wulfspade Ace My full on Attacker
    Lv 100
    Hp 900
    Mp 700
    Att 902
    Def 900
    Agil 800
    Wis 900

    Zoma My buffer with Fortifier
    Lv 75
    Hp 700
    Mp 670
    Att 862
    Def 920
    Agil 713
    Wis 885

    Can anyone tell me how to make my team better?

  41. Pp says:

    Can you get only one wulfspade?

  42. noobbgodlike says:

    you need to be able to cast multi heal spell, see the video about how to defeat rigor on my guide. Go back to main guide of this game and search the rigor mortex part.

  43. mortamor says:

    how do you actually retrieve wulfspade does it have to do with the inarcus pillar i already beat wulfspade ace

  44. Scout master says:

    Unfortunately sam, you’ve picked out 1 of the very few gaps in my library, prince of thieves is obtained as a wi-fi prize, but I don’t have a clue if the priest skill is even in this one. I had a quick look on the internet but there was no mention of the priest skill. I’d just like to say that though I’ve never lost a fight, neither of my libraries is complete yet.

  45. concerned says:

    Leonyx can be found in his room in the necropolis but only 1 can exist at a time,in other words if you have a leonyx one wont spawn there

  46. Scout master says:

    Conklave XY does have better traits, but it’s maximum stats aren’t as high. A monsters maximum stats are decided by it’s rank, the higher the rank, the stronger your monster can be (not even seeds can increase a monsters stats past the maximum), the rank/power is as follows:
    rank f: 300
    rank e: 400
    rank d: 500
    rank c: 600
    rank b: 700
    rank a: 800
    rank s: 900
    rank x: 999
    (these are basic monster stats, but there are exceptions, a rank f monster designed specifically to be a warrior may have a lower agility and wisdom(note: you can still increase the lower stats to 300 with seeds) but its attack and/or defence will go up to 350, or even 400 depending on how many times the monster has been synthesised in the past)
    the incarnus is different, as I’m sure you’ve noticed the incarnus is rank ??? so its stats can’t be pinned down like the monster ranks above, its stats can go to 999, but the form lowers stats, for example cluboon ace’s weakness is agility, wisdom and MP, at 900. Wulfspade ace is nothing but 999’s, obviously you need to use seeds to get anywhere near that.

    • Sam says:

      Hmm ok so Nocturnus is better. Thank you for the answer.
      I dont understand how the monster with ??? can go pass their stat limits even with seeds. I have wolfspade ace and seeds dont further increase its stats.

      Also do you know how to get a prince o’ thieves and a the priest skill.

    • slayer says:

      actually alabast dragon is better(if u make him available 2 be lv 100 and use leonine gr8sword)he’ll be with 1055 atk,1000 def,800 agil(which doesn’t matter since he’s not early bird or last word),850 wis,700 mp,and 1250 hp

  47. Scout master says:

    For sam, who responded to my post about the ultimate team

    yeah, sorry about that. I was thinking about Rigor mortex, but estark is still much easier to get. Orochi may have more attacks because of its hitsquad trait, but it is noteworthy that hitsquad also shares the damage equally among each hit, so a three hit attack does the same amount of damage overall as a single hit. Because of that the trait hit squad is only useful against metal slimes, but apart from that it could be considered a downside, since every attack has a chance of missing and decreasing the overall damage by a large fraction.

    • Sam says:

      I was just saying orchi because Estark stats are lacking some.

      But anyway do you think Nocturnus is better than ConclaveXY? Considering the stats and traits.

    • slash7508 says:

      as well as the chance of missing its the same with crital hits. + the tactical genius trait i reckon its worth while

  48. Scout master says:

    Yeah, keep wulfspade ace. But if you’re trying to complete the monster list you either: A) find a friend who will give you their incarnus and use that one to get ace of spades, wildcard, leonyx, ETC. B) use your wulfspade ace and hope you can go back after leonyx (he isn’t part of the incarnus synthesis sequence, so that may be the point of no return).

  49. Scout master says:

    I’m afraid I can’t remember how I got Robbin’ hood, but I know you can’t get it through synthesis. It’s either a wi-fi prize or a reward for scouting a certain amount of different monsters.

    • slayer says:

      not a certain amount(like 100-250)but all monsters and skillsets.all monsters is easier to do than skillsets. some skills u have to create like diamagon II,etc.but i cant connect to wifi my dsi wont allow it for some reason so i want get robbin’ u even get a prize for 250 monsters

  50. Blaze says:

    How do u get Robin Hood, there’s no synthenis for him.

  51. Scout master says:

    Ace of spades and wildcard are complete opposites. Ace of spades is basically a stronger cluboon ace with slightly better wisdom and agility, but doesn’t have as much MP as a mage, and wildcard is hawkhart and diagmon aces combined (not literally of course), with hawkharts MP, agility and wisdom, and diagmons just above average attack and defence. Thanks to a friend, I own all three: ace of spades, wildcard and wulfspade ace, so I’ve compared the 3 and in “my” opinion, wulfspade ace is the best, wildcard and ace of spades are basically badges owned by experienced scouts to show off, but in battle they aren’t worth the valuable monsters needed to make them.

  52. Scout master says:

    4 body synthesis uses the grandparents of the monster instead of direct synthesis between the parents. If you go to the family tree on the monsters status, you will see that in addition to the monsters parents, the monsters used to make the monsters parents will be shown as well, these are the grandparents. In 4 body synthesis the parents don’t matter, as long as they can be synthesised together.
    For example
    mum+boe jum+bo
    parent+ parent-

  53. Blaze says:

    So is ace of spades good?

    • slash7508 says:

      dont bother getting ace of spades. its nothing speicle.
      get a wildcard if anything

  54. Scout master says:

    For blaze

    depends on the incarnus’ job in your party. Cluboon is a physical fighter, HP, attack and defence are its highest stats.
    Hawkhart and diagmon are both mages but diagmon has slightly higher attack and defence and hawkhart has higher MP and agility.
    Wulfspade is a good all-rounder so it can do whatever needs to be done.
    If you read my earlier post and are trying to make the perfect incarnus, always use wulfspade ace.

  55. DQMJ2guypersonthing says:

    how do you do the 4 body synth

  56. Blaze says:

    Out of diamagon, cluboon, hawkhart, and wulfspade ace whichone is the best?

  57. Scout master says:

    Fellow scouts, I, the master scout have created the perfect team, and have decided to share its composition with anyone who bothers to look here of all places. First wave:
    Nokturnus, skills: über knight, über attack boost, über defence boost, tactics: show no mercy, seeds used to max out attack, defence and HP.
    Zoma, skills: über healer, über helpful, über mage, tactics: mix it up/show no mercy/focus on healing (change as needed), seeds used to max out wisdom, agility and MP (Zoma’s natural defence and HP should be sufficent to keep it alive through most fights).
    Wulfspade ace (this will be your main monster), skills: cluboon III, hawkhart III and diamagon III, tactics: (depending on situation) basic, show no mercy, low HP, focus on healing, low MP, don’t use magic, buffed up enemy, mix it up (this is so it will use disruptive wave), seeds used to max out everything.
    Estark (the reason it isn’t leonyx is the trait perilous parrier, which, although it may stop all damage, will increase the damage taken when it fails, and all other giant monsters can only use staves, Estark has neither weakness, plus it is far easier to get), skills: bjorn (on no account max out that skill, 99 points at most, at 100 you get the trait HP gambit, which multiplies its HP by 1.5, but reduces attack and defence to 1), empryea, estark, orochi and khalamari, tactics: show no mercy, focus on healing, use seeds to max out everything.

    You may have noticed I didn’t mention weapons, because to be honest they just hold the strongest weapon you have, except Zoma who uses the strongest staff. I also didn’t tell you how to make the monsters because A) This is on a synthesis guide and B) I can’t do everything for you. Just remember that I am the master scout and you can trust my advice, who knows, maybe we’ll end up facing off in a tournament, and if we do, I look forward to seeing if you took my advice.

    See you then;-)

    • Sam says:

      Hmm you do know Leonyx doesn’t have perilous parrier and I would figure orchi was better than Estark with 12 hits.
      Leonyx traits are Grand Slamer, Hit Squad, Tactical tropper(sadly not genius), and crafty devil.

    • scouter XXX says:

      ok i will take your advice and hopefully we will see each other on the battlefeild. good luck in all ur nxt battles!

    • Mystic-Wolf says:

      how are you so sure this is the strongest possible team to make?, i saw the uber healer skillset and to be honest it sucks, the other skillsets are good though.

    • slayer says:

      get über zapologist.i got it(its my only über)and it’s awsome.i’m thinking about xenlon.i synthed ethereal serpent + boreal i need orochi.i already hav alabast dragon(at lv 100).btw whats the best monster and hardest to make

  58. Blaze says:

    How do u get to Incarnus quest?

  59. Blaze says:

    What size is diamagon ace?

  60. killer mashine says:

    how to get wulfspade???

  61. Bryan says:

    how do you make wildcard without great godbird?

  62. Sam says:

    Thanks for the guide; it really helped. ^_^

    Wildcard is WAY harder to make now…..
    Hate to give up my Cap N crow.

  63. dragonquestpwn says:

    who has better defence HP AND wisdom? zoma or darkonium slime?

  64. dragonquestpwn says:

    what size is zoma? plz tell me!

  65. apollyon says:

    not to complain but i think i found a litle error in your list

    Wulfspade = Wulfspade (sp) x swarmtroop (na)
    now it can be that that is actually a way of making wulfspade but i think it would be more usefull to add a way to make him without having wulfspade

    • noobbgodlike says:

      lol, yeah i just realize it. BUt i got the list from library. I believe you need to have wulfspade (incarnus) to start syntheisizing. all incarnus monsters can only be created by incarnus (CMIIW). you get wulfspade only once (CMIIW again).

      • dragonquestpwn says:

        there’s another synthesis way synthesize a swarmtroop w/ a special family monster (ANY!)

        • dragonquestpwn says:

          P.S. I’m not sure if it works with monsters such as Zoma but that would rock if it did!

  66. Bookwyrm says:

    Leonyx, rhapthorne II, and Rigor Mortex all have skillsets named after themselves. Rigor Mortex’s traits are Grand Slammer, Tactical Trouper, Bouncer, and Perrilous Parrier

  67. hunter says:

    wtf it wont let me synthesize a + atlas with a -/+ wulfspade so i cant get a diamagon ace

  68. hunter says:

    zoma = malroth x dullahan

  69. Overleveled says:

    Rhapthorne II = Rhapthorne + Zoma

  70. Yami says:

    Fill in the Leonyx and Rigor Mortex =(

    Zenith Dragon + Leonyx = Rigor Mortex
    [Wildcard + Orochi] + [Marquis De Leon + Don Mole] = Leonyx

  71. MrMeh says:

    a easier way to make cluboon ace is mumboh-jumboh+wulfspade

  72. Yami says:

    Wildcard = Wildcard Ace + Great Godbird

    Nimzo = Baramos + Khalamari or Drakulard

    Mortamor = Estark + Nimzo

  73. Yami says:

    Zenith Dragon + Leonyx = Rigor Mortex
    [Wildcard + Orochi] + [Marquis De Leon + Don Mole] = Leonyx