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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Undead Family Synthesize and List

Other Synthesize Section:

This guide contain synthesize list, I only write one synthesize (default). You can help me by leaving a comment that tells me about another way to obtain that monsters. But please don’t leave a comment about how to synthesize a slime (or anything that seems easy to obtain) because you can just catch it and it’s easy to get.

Terms (synthesize column):

Sl= slime, Dr= dragon, Na=nature, ma= materialist, un= Undead, de= demon, be=beast, sp =special

Terms (Weapon):

Sw= sword, Sp= spear /lance, Cl= claw, St= staff /scepter, Wh= whip, Ha= hammer, Ax =axe

Undead Family Synthesize

===Rank F===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Ghost Doubtback Slime (Sl) x Dracky (de) Graveheart Artful Dodger Sw, Wh, Cl, St
Crafty Fizzler
Stump Chump Treepidation Ghost (un) x Dracky (de) Green finger none Sw, Sp, Cl, St
Funghoul Treepidation Stump chump (un) x Lips (de) Graveheart Crafty poisoner Sw, Wh, Cl, St
Muddy hand Treepidation Funghoul (un) x Winky (de) Materialist none Sw, Ha, Wh, St
Firespirit ? Muddy hand (un) x Conklave (de) Frizz & Sizz Frizzmeister Sw, Wh, Cl, St
Crafty Frizzer

===Rank E===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Drohl Drone Doubtback Firespirit (un) x See urchin (de) Sizz & Zam None Sw, Wh, Cl, ST
Mummy boy Bemuseloum Drohl drone (un) x Heedoovoodoo (de) Graveheart Sleepy touch Sw, SP, Wh, St
Demonrider ? Skelegon (dr) x Dracky (de) Diminisher Counterstriker Sw, Ax, Ha, St
Crafty Sagger
Drohl Diabolist wi-fi prize wi-fi prize Woosh & Zam Talent scout Sw, Wh, Cl, St
Crafty magic drainer
Skipper ? Mummy boy (un) x frogface (de) Saboteur Escape artist Sw, SP, Cl, St

===Rank D===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Hellhound ? Skipper (un) x imp (de) Crack & zam psycho Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Flyguy ? Hellhound (un) x Dancing devil (de) Seal Artful Dodger Sw, Sp, Ha, St
Crafty dimmer
Hyper heyedra ? Flyguy (un) x shadow (ma) anti dragon hit squad Sw, Wh, St
crafty zammer
Skeleton unshore hyper heyedra (un) x lesser demon (de) enfeebler Crafty abiliterator Sw, Sp, Ax, St
Phantom fencer unshore Skeleton (un) x Cross eye (de) Wind blower Artful dodger Sw, Sp, Ax, St
giant killer

===Rank C===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Bona constrictor unshore Phantom fencer (un) x Silvapithecus (de) Fortifier none Sw, Cl, St
Walking corpse bemusoleum bona constrictor (un) x Dangler (de) bad breath poisonous Sw, Sp, Ha, St
Restless armour bemusoleum Walking corpse (un) x king kelp (ma) Anti dragon Psycho Sw, Sp, AX, St
Crafty Donker
Heyedra ? Restless armour (un) x Malevolamp (ma) Antimagic hit squad Sw, Wh, St
Crafty zammer

===Rank B===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Skeleton X ? 2 x skeleton lvl 20 or more Enfeebler Counterstriker Sw, Sp, Ax, St
Heckling hector
Phantom Swordsman Necropolis Skeleton soldier (un) x skeleton soldier (un) Woosh & Zam Artful dodger Sw, Sp, Ax, St
confusing touch
Skeleton Soldier Necropolis Heyedra (un) x jumping jackal (be) healer paralysing touch Sw, Sp, Ax, St
Grim rider bemusoleum Bona constrictor (un) x demonrider (un) Assassin counterstriker Sw, Sp, Ax, St
crafty confuser
Soulspawn Dark World Skeleton soldier (un) x firebird (be) Graveheart Hit squad Sw, Ha, Cl, St
Confusing touch
Cross bones ? Soulspawn (un) x Jum (ma) Muspell Desperado Sw, Sp, Cl, St
crafty sagger
Fright knight Necropolis Cross bones (un) x pink sanguini (be) Firewind Slashes Able ambusher Sw, Sp, Cl, St
giant killer

===Rank A===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Wailin’ weed ? king kelp (ma) x skeleton soldier (un) all rounder rabble rouser Sw, Ha, Wh, St
Exorsus Dark world (post rigor mortex) Wight king (un) x dorsal fiend (be) Exorsus big hitter Sw, Cl, St
crafty sizzer
Night knight ? Wailin’ weed x demon-at-arms (de) Sizz & zam metal beater Sw, SP, Cl, St
fly swatter
Tortured soul ? Fright knight (un) x wailin weed (un) Cursader Crafty paralyser Sw, Sp, Ha, St
Roseguardian ? Lethal armour (de) x bone baron (un) Diminisher Counterstriker Sw, Sp, Ax, St
tactical trooper
bone baron ? Grim rider (un) x mohawker (be) Diabolist Counterstriker Sw, SP, Ha, St
heckling hector
Dierantula Cragvaration; Dark world Gripevine (na) x ??? Nifleim big hitter Sw, Ax, Ha, St
scare stare
crafty woosher

===Rank S, X, ?===

Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon
Dullahan ? Bone baron (un) x phantom fencer (un) Champion psycho Sw, Ha, St
wight king ? Tortured soul (un) x king slime 9sl) reaper poisonous Sw, SP, Ha, St
magic regenerator
Captain crow ? ? Captain crow psycho Sw, Ax, Wh, St
rabble rouser
Skeleton XY ? 2 x skeleton X at level 50 or more uber knight Counterstriker Sw, Sp, Ax, St
Close scraper
disruptive wave
crafty sagger
Dr Snapped ? Rhapthorne 2 + Darkonium Slime + Orgodemir + Captain Crow Dr Snapped Poisonous Sw, Ha, Cl, Wh
Big hitter
hit squad
Confusing touch


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140 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Undead Family Synthesize and List”

  1. Bruh says:

    How can I get a scorpion? I have a Mumboe-Jumbo and was wondering if i should combine him with Gold Golem to get a ruin. Is Ruin a good monster to have? Thanks

  2. tawafflelord says:

    what should i make with ruin? there are alot of strong mosters that need him, and i cant decide.

    • noob says:

      Yeah you can easily get any mumboe jumbohs by scouting magmalices in necropolis

    • Herpaderp says:

      Need help, should I make a demon at arms, or megalodon? I would be happy if someone would reply back.

      • Slime professional says:

        Demon at arm he’s got a tactical trooper wich means he attacks twice and does multiple attacks wich is better (if you want to scout 😉 ) so I’l rather get him

      • superbossscout says:

        megaladon you should be able to scout a demon at arms at necropolis if your strong enough.

  3. Superpetguy1 says:

    I need help beating maleonix so any synthesis tips for a good monster to beat him

    • tawafflelord says:

      ruin is pretty good, and easy to make. scout a couple magmalices, make mumboejumboh, make gold golem, and easy three sized monster.

  4. Vickthorlee says:

    Hi guys, this game is new for me, i’m playing it from 3 days only
    and there are some things i didn’t underatood yet about how
    Sinthesis work:

    1- what means the number at the end of the new monster name
    ( +1 after the first sinthesis, +2after the second, +5 after the fifth
    +10 after the tenth consecutive sinthesis) and what chages?
    Is it a modifier of the skill points you get each lvl?
    And if not, what is it exactly and how it works?

    2 – what is better: to combine lots of monsters at low lvl. (10-20),
    Sinthetize few stronger monsters ( 50 or more ), or sinthetize monsters
    With high lvl and same sinthesis number (lvl. 50 monster +6 with another
    With same monster lvl and sinthesis number)

    3- i was looking at the stats of one of my monsters at lvl one after a sinthesis and i whote them…
    Than i lvled untill lvl 15 and sinthetized with another lvl 15, the result?:
    The 2nd new monster (sinthetized from the first with the phoneix shepter) had lower stats
    At lvl one than himself before the sinthesis!!!!!

    4- are there limits of strg, def, agi, wis, hp and mp? Or good sinthesis can make any monster ultra strong?

    Pls answer, any help will be apreciated

    • Superpetguy1 says:

      I can only answer one of ur questions. Your synthesizes monster should be weaker because after you synthesize the new monster will be level 1. You’re judjing a lvl 10+ monster with a level 1 monster . So raise it and it may or may not be stronger that the first at the same level. Hope this helps

    • Superpetguy1 says:

      Wait one more thing, nobody really playes this anymore in America/uk and this site is inactive so you won’t get many answers other than me but in that case, talk away I’m happy to talk and my freind code is 0906 4399 1060 to register this, go to the home screen and click wifi then click obtain freind code tell it to me then register mine.

    • Akuahebi says:

      The higher the+ number, the higher the lvl max for your monster
      Stats max at 9999
      Yes I know its a two year old question, but I felt compelled to answer… these are the basics, btw,and is all explained in the game

  5. durp17 says:

    i need dierantula plz help

  6. Alabast dragon says:

    Anyone know if you can get captain crow twice

  7. Eposy says:

    i’m confused on trying to make a wight king. Does the 9sl mean i need to use 9 slimes to make king slime (which i thought was only dqmj 1) really confused and in need of help. thanks

    • Matthew says:

      a king slime only needs 4 slimes. Quadrasynthesis/grandfather synthing

    • DanMan says:

      if you won the game just scout a king slime at night by the albatross. They may be in their 2s but their easy to scout 🙂 by the way wight king is sooo worth it. he/she has a lot of wisdom and he NEVER runs out of mp thanks to his/her magic regenerator. but his weakness is his low defens its more of a wizard anway.recipe: tortured+king slime or king cureslime hope my advice helps 🙂

      • DanMan says:

        sorry I didnt mean defense I meant ATTACK
        my wight king is at its max lvl and its attack is only 200 like I said though hes more of a wizard so you should add some wizard-like skill trees to it but hes still worth it 🙂

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