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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Unshore and Rank C,B, and A Monster Scout Challenge

Before going to Unshore I suggest you to synthesize your monster because you don’t need to do monster challenge for now. Try to create at least Rank C monster at this time.


name exp gold
Shell slime 145 19
Barracuda 169 9
see urchin 152 24
cureslime 188 26
khalamari kid 233 18
octavian sentry 295 20
paws 186 55
king kelp 264 30
bona constrictor 341 37
dangler fish 286 15
Crabid 262 26
snail slime 216 35
Yabby 303 40
Merman 265 14

You’ll see countess as you step into this dungeon. Move south and you’ll see giant tentacle (1), you’ll get into a fight. Actually it’s a monster named Tentickle……. And it’s easy. Continue south to take 2 leafs on the cliff. Go northwest to the next area (cave).

In this area you’ll see countess again and fight the same tentickle at point (2). In this area you’ll meet a new enemy (ocatavian sentry), try to scout this monster because it’s rank C monster and quite strong IMO. Continue west t othe next area.

You’ll fight tentickle again at point (3), take red treasure chest on the southwest that contains Metal ticket (RT), and continue northeast. There is a healing pillar in this cave, so make sure you use it before descending to the lower ground. Kill another tentickle at point (4). Continue east to the outside.

Tips + Warning: You’ll meet a new enemy at point (5), called Bona constrictor. They’re great source of experience (341 each) and easy to kill. However they can cast spell called “whack” which can cause one hit kill to one target. So be careful (bring monster that have zing ability) when you’re killing them (keep healer monster on your reserved slot).

There is nothing on area (5) just take 2 Blue treasure and head north. Climb the cliff to take 2 leafs over there. Head northwest to the cave and activate the local portal, go back to the town if necessary. Descend and kill tentickle over there. There is something moving on the underground, so go northeast and descend by using the purple plant.

Use the healing pillar and save your game, Go west and

BOSS: Khalamari

This one is easier than Gemon. It can only attack once per turn and its attacks are not deadly. Attack pattern:

[0] Watersprout: deals about 40-50 damage to single target
[0] Attack: hit all targets about 12-20 damage (2 hit)
[0] Sleep Sock: Inflicts sleep status as inflicts damage
[0] Poison Attack: Inflicts poison status as it inflicts damage

You should obtain a metal ticket from this battle. Now go west to see Rory’s ghost and take plus scepter from red treasure chest (RT2). Go back to Albatross and talk to the captain. He’ll tell you to go talk to Rory, so head to the bridge and talk to Rory. He’ll say that Don Mole will reveal something when you beat Rank A monster challenge. So go to the arena to do the challenge.

Rank C

Round 1: Bad o’ Laugh, Demonrider, and Goody bag
Round 2: Angel Slime, Slime knight, and behemoth Slime
Round 3: Fencing Fox, Erazor Blade x2

You’ll obtain Partisan as a reward. Continue

Rank B

Round 1; Scissor beattle (healer), beetle boy, boring bug (cast oomph)
Round 2: Dancing devil (dodgy dance), conkclave (attacker), Imp(sultry dance)

This round has Conklave as an attacker and other 2 monsters as a distractor. You can’t the monster manually so just hope for the best.

Round 3: Jumping Jackal, Great sabrecat, great sabrecub

Tips: all of those battles shouldn’t cause you any trouble. But Rank A battle is very hard (especially round 3).  Level up/synthesize your monster if you’re losing to the challenge by using metal ticket. You should have minimum 2 of those tickets from previous dungeon.

Rank A

Round 1: Skelegon x2, grimrider (counterstriker)
Round 2: mimic, trapbox (can cast ZING!!!!), cannibox

Round 3: Hunter Mech, Black dragon, Killing machine

It’s very hard IMO, killing machine and hunter mech can attack twice per turn.killing machine can cast bounce which will reflect your magic that cast upon it. You’ll get miracle mallet as a reward.

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40 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Unshore and Rank C,B, and A Monster Scout Challenge”

  1. sol 95 says:

    This part was the hardest part in the game i beat B And A rank with an aquestrian knight a skelegon as support and a cureslime

  2. e.e says:

    so right now im stuck on the tournament A my team is lvl 23 green dragon, and a lvl 20 trantosauras…… how should i make this team better other then lvl-ing up?

  3. oetie says:

    plz, help, i just can seem to defeat the rank b tournament.

    i use a flamespirit, a she- slime and a powieyowie all lvl 26+
    what am i doing wrong?

    • oetie says:

      i dont want to sintesize(or something) my high lvl monsters, but i find it hard to scout better rank monsters

    • noobbgodlike says:

      level don’t matter much on this game, try to synthesize and level up your monster again.

      • oetie says:

        thanks, i got a new team now:

        main attacker:
        tyrantosaurus lvl 19 210+ atk hit squad rank b
        (red dragon + dark slime)

        skeleton warrior lvl 20 rank b
        (baracuda + funghoul)

        second attacker: not sure yet, one of these 2:
        *powie yowie lvl 28 hit squad atk 210+ rank e
        (cant remember)
        * “gr” the monster you get for having 50 monsters lvl 19 150+ atk rank b

        would this get me through the rest(at least almost all)
        of the storyline? and if not,would it get me to atleast necropolis?

        i would apricciate advice


        • Anonymous150 says:

          I cant get past rank A tournament. The sabrecat and jumping jackal are really annoying.

          I have fencing fox lv. 17
          Hacksaurus lv. 21
          Hades Condor lv. 24

          I synthesized the fox more recently then the others which is why its not as high levelled.

        • Anonymous150 says:

          My problem is that the condor runs out of mp too soon. The fox is pretty frail defensively

        • Anonymous150 says:

          Lol i mean rank b

  4. johnny says:

    Can I plz have some help on rank C.

    My team is : Green dragon LV 20 and skeleton soldier LV 15 ( training).

    SUB Metal slime LV 13 **13 HP** boreal serpent LV 19



    • oetie says:

      2 things, 1, substitudes dont work in the challenges, sadly, and maybe 3 monsters would help, i used a healer(sheslime) and 2 more offencive monsers(draky and flame spirit i think)
      good luck!
      your not the only one struggling with those challenges, i cant seem to beat rank b =(

  5. Chewdrew says:

    I have a level 19 demon at arms, 15 great dragon, and a level 17 great argon lizard. But still cant beat rank A. I killed Khalamari in like 3 turns using Oomph powders.Take a lesser demon and dark slime, found in cragravation (clear night) area 7, i think, to make an archdemon and combine that with a dancing flame. Might make a demon at arms

  6. Daniel says:

    Stuck at rank A, team is green dragon lvl 22, holding a zombiebane, and a slime lvl 25, holding a sidewinder whip. I’m working on changing out the slime, but nothing has worked!

  7. P!ng, Pokemon hero says:

    help me please my team needs synthesis. i really need tto what i hould have stuck on C rank. i am still training

    • P!ng, Pokemon hero says:

      okay really sorry about the grammar. hould is should. i forgot to put in the word know and to has 2 Ts. my message is; i need to know what i should have. stuck on C rank. im still training. please help

      • oetie says:

        a she slime, behemoth slime or better slime with heal could help alot.
        if you put it on “focus on healing” it will automaticly use midheal(heals up to 100+) and zing, ziing can ressurect a monster,it might not work the first time, but i might after a few tries.

  8. limelusquake says:

    I can’t beat rank c my team is: fenca “fencing fox” lvl 17 rank d+1, spear “lethal armor lvl 13 rank b+2, dragon “sea dragon” lvl 15 rank c+2
    anything helps thx bye

  9. Sean says:

    i’ve rank s monsters(dracolord) and im stuck on canzar!!!!!!!!!!!!wat should i do?just finished sagittar…

    • Sean says:

      oh..and 1 metal dragon and 1 liquid metal slime

    • noobbgodlike says:

      why canzar defeat you?? you should be able to beat him using S rank monsters. If you can’t heal all your party at the same time then catch hades condor in cragvaration to obtain heal-all skill :D. Thanks for using my guide

      • Sean says:

        have multiheal…dracolord i syntesized it with a hades condor(monster to make dracolord)….only lv 19-20 ps:tks i’ve been using ure guide for final fantasy:the 4 heroes of light,TKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sean says:

          all monsters lv 19-22 so where is a good place to get good xp besides metal menagerie and metal slimes?tks for the help…love this guide!!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          the best leveling place you can go is the last dungeon you came from. Just keep training if you’re still losing. Thanks for using my guide

        • Sean says:

          been using this guide since ff:the 4 heroes of light!love it,TKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Sean says:

          sry,didnt noticed i posted that in my original post ps:which place in bemouselem can farm the most xp?thanks for the help!

  10. anonymous says:

    I’m fighting the Khalamari now in my game and it also has 2 other moves that I know of. Sleep sock and a poison attack. The poison attack acts like the normal attack and can poison everybody and the sleep attack hits one person. It could be the other way around though, can’t remember…

  11. Sean says:

    When will you release the My Team section?

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