Posted on Sep 30, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide

Release Date : 19 September 2011

Genre: RPG

Platform: NDS

Developer: TOSE

Publisher: Nintendo

Main Guide:

1. Albatros to Treepidation
2. Doubtback
3. Rank F Monster scout challenge and Iceolation
4. Rank E and D Monster Scout Challenge and Cragvaration
5. Unshore and Monster Scout Challenge Rank C,B,A
6. Bemusoleum and Special Monster Scout Challenge
7. Necropolis and Monster Scout Tournament

Post game

1. Tyrant monsters, Leonyx and Cap’n Crow
2. Dark World and Rigor Mortex
3. Estark and World of Light
4. True Monster Scout Tournament and Obtain Incarnus


Bestiary + Synthesize

Skills Tree (Spells and Abilities)

This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2011.

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 is copyright of TOSE, Nintendo


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188 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide”

  1. dqm2 pro says:

    since nintendo network was terminated is there still a way to get the wi-fi prize monsters?

  2. Gracos says:

    Is Xenlon a good monster for fighting and scouting, because i have an ethereal serpent and a boreal serpent and im pretty close to making an alabast dragon all i need is an orochi but im just wondering should i make a Xenlon or should i use the orochi and alabast dragon for something else. i also have a king squid and gracos, and i want to know if i should use them to make some other things.

  3. God of warfare says:

    anyone know how to make a zenith dragon i heard it was higher than rank x!

  4. God of warfare says:

    Ok i recently got rid of my rhapthorne 2 to make a + dragovian lord my barburus is + also should i use minus sceptre on one of them i just had a sneaky feeling they would make something new………………………………………….

  5. God of warfare says:

    Here’s a tip for you try and make an orochi then make an alabast dragon then make boreal and ethereal serpent mix them all together and you get one of my fav monsters…………… XENLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Alabast dragon says:

    Should I make a super slime with ma schleiman tank thx if ya say somthin

  7. Dezu says:

    OMG TY this guide has helped me so much

  8. sol 95 says:

    or is libranex just another name for rigor motex? Anyway their is no best monster for wi-fi and ive had conkettes and conklave xy i prefer conkettes but if your going to make the conkettes actually make the thornella or mortella required it will be stronger if you do

  9. sol 95 says:

    I heard mention of a Libranex in the special section what is it and can i get it without pro? or is it just leonyx and rigor mortex combined together? That would take forever.

  10. dddq says:

    guys, whats the best monster for wi-fi battles?

  11. dddq says:

    is conklave XY better or Conkettes?

  12. sol 95 says:

    Just Curious anyone know the monster that has Genius Talent Scout?

    • God of warfare says:

      Not shore about genius talent scout but i do know critical massacre overlord, tactical genius, bouncer genius and ultra grand slammer.

  13. Evil Good Guy says:

    guys what should i do i made an alabast dragon and was exploring the synthesis menu and found out that i could make dhoulmagus by fusing estark and Alabast Dragon should i get rid of estark even though he doesmt respawn? ps my team is wulfspade ace lvl star black dragon lvl star king cureslime lvl star in subs alabast dragon lvl 97

    • Evil Good Guy says:

      also i plan to fill that empty space with an overkilling machine

      • Evil Good Guy says:

        i got the over killing machine so now i found out that i dont need estark unless i want rapthorne plus i can make estark via synthesis

        • God of warfare says:

          You can actually find Estark again it is rarer than rare but he dose appear in the world of light in front of the door back to the dark world.

  14. Keamy says:

    Hi, I try to make dqmj2 on roblox :3, if anyone plays im dkeams12.

  15. Oetieloetie says:

    Any tips on what monsters to synthesize for rank s monster challenge? Maybe beetleboy or gaint moth?

    • oetieloetie says:

      i just pwn the rank S and killed leolyxes first form, but i am having trouble with the second one.
      should i use my demon-at-arms to make buffleogre or dhuran?
      and is conclave xy any good?(i got 2 conclave x’s lvl 40)

      • anon123123123 says:

        dude you don’t need to synth into better monster just train with metal slimes and metal liquid slimes and if you know it the move double edged slash is very effective against metal monster

      • Ello says:

        I’d say make Dhuran, Hit squad+Imposing, has better stats than DaA, and is currently the best monster I’ve used. Buffalogre has Psycho+Desperado, But is not a very good metal killer and SUCKS with spells.

    • God of warfare says:

      definitely dracolord for it it only needs great dragon and a demon at arms simple.

  16. Son Goku says:

    ZapWard100+ZamWard100= Uber Darklight Ward Here Is What It Gives You
    Maximum Hp+20 (5 Skill Pts.)
    Maximum Mp+20 (10 Skill Pts.)
    Maximum Hp+30 (30 Skill Pts.)
    Maximum Mp+30 (50 Skill Pts.)
    Zap Guard (70 Skill Pts.)
    Zam Guard (100 Skill Pts.)

  17. Son Goku says:

    Uber Health Boost ((Boom Boxer 100)+(Healer 100)+(Attack Boost 3 100)+(Martial Artist100)

    • God of warfare says:

      get uber trait master it will give you double trouble grand slammer ( for a size one!) magic and health regenerate and basically all the traits in the game

  18. Aguywhogames says:

    I have a Wi-fi ready team but no wi-fi, it sucks.

  19. oetie says:

    i cant beat rank b and a from the monster challenge, what levels and rank should my monsters have? and what monsters should i choose?

    • God of warfare says:

      i recommend a level 30 ethereal serpent and a level 31 abyss diver both are rank b the ethereal serpent is size 2.

  20. Lonlon says:

    I don’t really know how you may call your team the best ever.
    If you snyth like hell every monster can get very strong.
    Example: I’ve a Black Dragon with 999hp 400mp (MP Regenerator rocks! doesn’t matter if you only got 100 max mp.. 1 gigagash and I get those mp back :D) I’ts lv76 atm and get’s +0 +0 +0 +0 and so on if it lvls up.. so. Just get your faves to +10 or higher and gather the best skills together. My faves atm: Cleric (Omniheal,Gigagash), Dual Duellers (can be scouted in the Dark World, Kazing, MP Regenerator), and of course Fortifier. 2nd monster is Alabast Dragon with 1200hp 1010atk and 1000def, about the same skills. Psycho really rocks at scouting 😀

  21. BossLikeThat says:

    Plz rate my team!!!

    Diamagon ace lvl 81
    Hit squad
    Attack 1023
    Def 910
    Agil 554
    Hp 930
    Mp 583
    Equipped metal king sword (+102)
    Wulfspade 3 (100)
    Critical miss
    Oomphle(one of my favorites)
    Abilterator guard
    Attack boost 3 (100)
    I am not going to name all these skills cuz its kinda pointless
    Attack boost 2 (100)
    Again not gonna name em all
    Shogum lvl 75 (max)
    Tactical trooper
    Attack 918
    Def 770
    Agil 670
    Wis 497
    Hp 910
    Mp 395
    Equipped metal king sword (+102)
    Defence boost 3 (100)
    Not gonna name them all
    Attack boost 3 (100)
    Not naming them
    Darklight slashes
    Mysterian mauler
    Blizzard slash
    Sacred slash
    Shadow slash
    Miracle slash
    Nokturnus lvl 96
    Hit squad
    Attack 1038
    Def 820
    Agil 757
    Wis 740
    Attack boost 3 (100)
    Über dark dynamiter (100)
    Inferno slash
    Blast slash
    Shadow slash
    If this helps they can beat Solitaire in 3 turns and Eugene Poole in 7 turns

    Thanks 😛

  22. Zek says:

    Mmmm-Getting Scheimans tank as wifi prize for what…

  23. Silver says:

    Uhh, if you’re scouting, the opponents dont take damage, so I think you are doing it wrong.

  24. slime says:

    would it be better to make psaro,estark,orochi or ruin and which one is better

    • Jape27 says:

      I quite like Psaro, as I can use him quite a lot, but just experiment and find out, as they all have Pros and cons

    • Lecca Giovanni says:

      come posso avere rigor mortex, sto cercando di ottenerlo.

    • Ello says:

      Orochi has Tactical Genius and Crafty Fire Breather, but takes up 3 slots, making it a lone wolf.

      Estark also has Tactical Genius, and VERY high attack, but is very hard to get (Psaro + ??? or beat it in 10 or less turns). Also 3 slots.

      Ruin has Hopeful Hitter(makes physicals into Hatchet Man), and Double Trouble, with insane attack and defense compared to Orochi. Has a huge disadvantage on wifi though-Minus 17 tally points per win.

      Psaro? Who’s that? Lol

  25. Fern says:

    Question: Can you battle/trade with others far away like in pokemon with friend codes?
    I’m just curious. 😛

  26. Whitewall! says:

    After loads of sythns, I have finally made the best team ever

    Shogum Lv.29
    Nokturnus Lv.34
    WildCard Lv.28

    Time to take on Wi-Fi!

  27. drakelord says:

    hi which is better for 2 slot monsters psaro or gem slime? (currently making gem slime) and which 2 slot monsters are better out of these 3? (dhoulmagus +5 dullahan +9 and overkilling machine +5) i have zoma (+10) with uber healer so will use that as 3rd monster (going to use zoma with both teams may put psaro/gem slime in sub with my diagamon ace)

    • Gorfon says:

      gem slime has highest defence in game and psaro has highest attack (even better than atlas)

      • drakelord says:

        thx but psaro is now estark and using rapthorne trap box and my fav healing monster zoma :) (great guide btw DONT USE DHOULMAGUS for scouting killed 5 kalimari’s by accident with that thing XD)

    • Ello says:

      Gem Slime. Give it a ward with Steady Recovery, Uber HP, Uber Defense and a physical skillset OR spell skillset (either works) and it destroys ingame and wifi.

  28. Nemeslime#1 says:

    Hey can you make a pose or something on tag battle and multiplayer stuff cause i want to know how to get exclusive monsters and also maybe info on dragon quest monsters joker 2 proffesional as well

  29. pokemon master says:

    help i cant past the monster scout chalinge level B

  30. Shirepa says:

    To everybody who is going to kill rigor mortex use poison than you will kill him easy

  31. Felipe says:

    Hey how i get Black Dragon??,i read the dragon family and the synthesize is: Great Dragon (dr) x Bone Baron (Ma)

    but where i get Bone Baron}????

    in material List dont show him :/,please help!!!

    and i have Great Dragon

  32. marlfox63 says:

    i this enough to beat leyonex

    khalamari lv 25

    atk 286 def 268

    king metal slime lv 20

    ddragonlord lv 30

    captin crow lv 30

  33. WhiteWall! says:

    Hey guys just wondering if this is a good team to beat
    Rigor Mortex.

    Lv23 Mechowyrm
    Lv43 Dhruan
    Lv38 King Bubble Slime (Knows OmniHeal)


    • Dmaster5 says:

      I did with a level 33 king metal slime +20 and a level 32 bjorn + 12

    • Dmaster5 says:

      or any thing that ccan poison him my bjorn had the wormonger skill and learnt venom breath because i poisoned him switched to king metal slime and i attacked and i heald repeatly k.m.slime does about 136 damage and the poison did about 750-800 damage sorry for the long message

  34. Ryangroovy says:

    Does Trode have “AttackMagic Proof”? Some of my friends say he does, but I don’t want to lose my Nokturnus if he doesn’t.

    Bjorn has a chance of dropping Beastie Bites. I’ve notised that it’s not listed as his drop.

    Excellent guide, by the way.

  35. I read the Article on Bemusoleum.It was very helpful,more helpful than my friend (he said he knew but would never tell me,give me a break).Anyways,Sagiitarus Hard?Give me a break pal.Easiest boss ive ever fought,EVER.I have a reason for my nickname Atlas Breaker.My Atlas is strong and it payed off.i took most of my game time synthesising,and it payed off.Sagiitarus could barely land a hit,if he did, 1 DAMAGE. Bro,you need to sythesise
    Heres how to make a atlas
    heres how to make a moosifer
    Pan Piper+buffalogre
    Heres how to make a gigantes
    Living Statue+buffalogre
    TaDa theres how to make an atlus
    Kid:hey what does this button do?
    Buzz lightyear:waitwait no!
    *kid presses button*
    Buzz lightyear: WHAT THE FUUUUUU**********nuke goes off*

  36. Gizyteeli says:

    Hey um can you put a guide for online? I have won 1 match out of 20 my team consits of lv 28 Great dragon lv 30 Captian crow and lv 28 king bubble slime. I mean I tryv to grind levels but I can’t find any where good to grind.

  37. Rtkplayer says:

    Great game guide. Really helped out a lot. My team that I beat evil leonyx with during main story was just esterk lv 45. I only use big monsters since they can attack everyone and get more exp from each battle. I noticed you had pretty weak monsters when facing the last boss post game. Kinda made me feel like an over achiever haha. Good game guide. Keep it up.

  38. Yami says:

    Come and support me!
    I’m in the Woodus DQM 2 Tourney Final Rounds!
    Me(DarknessYami) Vs. Sandypup

  39. Sean says:

    do u think this team will work (final boss)
    demon at arms lv 15 to 20:crack and zam3:100 anti-metal:12 def boost:???
    dracolord nifleim:i forgot and multiheal
    mohawker:has multiheal and white kight

  40. Mr. Rumblebee says:

    *groan* this Item Drop Guide is ridiculous. from this point on, i am only going to include the monsters that drop seeds, skill books, machine parts, and weapons. covering useless items like Medicinal Herb and Monster Manure is not worth the hours i have spent. including every item is time consuming :(

  41. Mr. Rumblebee says:

    here are item drops covered in Iceolation

    I = Item
    W = Weapon

    Jailcat- “Knowledge is Power” (I)
    Strong Medicine (I)
    Shadow- Seed of Magic (I)
    Anitmagic Powder (I)
    Wild Slime- Stone Claws (W)
    Imp- Pitchfork (W)
    Gigantes- ?
    Frou fry- Set of Machine Parts (I)
    Frou Frou- ?
    Snowbird- Insulade (I)
    Spiked Hare- “Duck and Cover” (I)
    Iron Lance (W)
    Metal Slime- Seed of Magic (I)
    Bjorn- ?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ups thanks you very much. I will create another section later about item drop. Please help me by posting it like this or just send me an email (you can send me a draft) I will make the table version of it. I won’t claim your work as mine, I will give you credit at the beginning of the guide :D. Once again thanks

      • Mr. Rumblebee says:

        glad to hear it. i really support your guide. the woodus site was great, yet it felt very commercial. still, got other synthesis ideas from there. but this was the first site i stumbled upon when i first got my copy of DQMJ2. but keep up the good work :) when Terry’s Wonderland for the 3DS comes out, i’ll be sure to help you complete your guide with another Item Drop Guide (unless someone beat me to it :P)

    • dqmj2begun says:

      mr rumblebee the gigantes drops an oaken club, if you didnt know. they always drop them every where

  42. Mr. Rumblebee says:

    i believe i deleted my browsing history, erasing my comment from here. anyways, i’d like to add an Item Drop Guide, which i have spent hours experimenting on. so far, i have covered most of Iceolation and working on Treepidation, Metal Menangerie, etc. i hope this information helps treasure hunting for seeds and rare weapons. also, to make item hunting less stressful, i constructed a team of “Lootists” to help find the items easily. my main team consisted of a Cyborg Slime, Cannibox, and Mischievous Mole, all possessing the “Lootist” trait. my subs (which i do not have a clue whether they count or not) are all Mischievous Moles. i have no idea if subs with “Lootist” count as higher probabilities, but it’s worth a shot. also, take note of the items that monsters drop, for i may have missed an item or two (for example, Spiked Hare normally drops “Duck and Cover,” but i also received an Iron Lance, which i have not confirmed yet.) i’ll leave my discoveries in the next comment. also, if i made a mistake or “missed” an item, feel free to correct me or add information that you discovered :)

  43. Mr. Rumblebee says:

    ah. another new item drop confirmation:


    Frou fry- Set of Machine Parts (I)

  44. Mr. Rumblebee says:

    hey. i noticed there is no Item Drop Guide yet, so i went ahead and confirmed many item drops from most enemies. these are confirmed drops from individual monsters, seeing that i went toe-to-toe with each monster to confirm their item drop. hope someone can make the guide. here are some for Iceolation:

    I = Item W = Weapon
    Jailcat- “Knowledge is Power” (I)
    Shadow- Seed of Magic (I)
    Wild Slime- Stone Claws (W)
    Imp- Pitchfork (W)
    Gigantes- Strong Medicine (I)

    if you’ve confirmed other items, just message the guy responsible for making the guide. hope this helps people. more item drops soon to come :)

  45. MysterianBowler says:

    About time someone put a synth guide up… I can’t get a couple of the DQMJ things to work (old recipe for Malroth in particular) so this’ll help alot, thanks much!

  46. Dyrk says:

    OK, thanks! Great game…great guide!

  47. Dyrk says:

    The list of locations I can ‘zoom’ to seems incomplete! I have up to ‘Dark World’ but, there are still two spaces! Do you know what locations should be there?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe it’s already complete 😀 yeah, it may still has 2 places but there are no more area that you can zoom to. Thanks for using my guide

      • Tomdqmultra says:

        Hey, just an fyi, I have fought Eugene Poole 22 times. I zoom & zip down the list of places until I find him, sometimes it takes revisits to find him. After you beat him, he asks if you want a monster from his collection, say no, he asks if you want from his alluring monster collection, say no again, he asks if you want a monster from his invincible collection, say no again and you are forced to take a monster at random. I have harvested 5 balhib, 2 Marquis Deleon, 5 Bone Baron, 4 metal slime, 3 slime X, 3 conklave. Just save b4 you fight, then if not a monster you want, just restart game.

  48. dragonquestpwn says:

    best defensive monster in game: king metal slime w/ Healer & defence boost 3 (i think there is a defence boost 3 + i hope)

  49. Yami says:

    Having DQMJ 2 Tourney!
    Only for first 16 Members.
    Deadline will be Monday the 14th November.

  50. That Ol' Skrull says:

    Hey, is there a specific stat that determines resistance to magic? :/ Gettin hit hard by some of the tyrants and whatnot…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      resistance depends on your monsters, so you can’t do anything … use item boosting status to help you against the boss. Like jumbo insulade if yo uhave trouble against breath attacks

      • That Ol' Skrull says:

        ‘Kay, thank you. >_> Yeah, I’ve just been gettin wrecked by magic attacks. I’m trying to breed some dudes in with antimagic to help out with that.

  51. Yami says:
    Woodus chat.
    Kazzier, the woodus champion of DQMJ 2 is also there too!

  52. renthead3 says:

    Hi there, I love your guide. However, I have lots of metal tickets, but I can’t figure out where or how to use them. Can you please tell me, in detail, how to use the tickets.


  53. Name says:

    How do i get captain crow i already beat the game? my party is rhapthorne 1 and baramos and murdaw :) Ps murdaw is Bjorn+Night clubber

  54. hazellnut says:

    Anyone know how to get gripevine in the bemusoleum? I know it’s in the room behind where sagittar was. I’ve spent ages checking the room in all weather conditions, and haven’t found it at all.

  55. dragonquestpwn says:

    hey noobbgodlike u should make a guide on damage calculation

  56. MrMeh says:

    is mortamor good?

  57. Yami says:

    We could chat here.
    [Remove this comment if its wasn’t allowed to post link here]

  58. MrMeh says:

    i just switched from super scout to mega scout and i wanted to stay super scout for a barbarus i switched to mega scout because i over lvled my nimzo

  59. Yami says:

    We should make a chatroom here..
    It’ll be great.

  60. Diego says:

    if you lose aginst Incarnus will he come back

  61. rodo says:

    Where i can find lily gilder? i search in every room in the ship and no luck and there nobody in the ship….. please help my!!!

  62. Tapkov says:

    Hi, do you know what do you have to do in order to get “vanish” in the game? i think i’ve read all the guide and i don’t find how to do it.


  63. GMCV says:

    Can i ask . . . Can i Get another Captain Crow to Synthesis a Zenith Dragon And to get Rigor Mortex Because i Only synthesis a Leonyx and its lvl100

  64. MrMeh says:

    i just scouted a metal kaiser slime

  65. Yami says:

    Asking if anyone know something about Wicked Waltz .
    My Rigor Mortex Level 100 with MAX STATS used Wicked Waltz on Great Godbird and it deal 300+ damage .
    That Great Godbird used Wicked Waltz on me and deal 2000 damage .

    What is going on..
    I don’t wanna waste time making a Great Godbird too..

  66. MrMeh says:

    this guide helped me alot and im going to make a psaro soon 😀

  67. Landon says:

    Hey its me again, I have no defeated leonyx and I am in Dark World BUT… I have more post game info… You can also take part in the true monster scout tourney by going into the previously blocked cave in arena… First you go against Melonie, then The engineer and finally That bratty woman (cant remember her name, she has the teeny sanguiny thing) After you have won those 3 battles you get the chance to rest and return whenever you like to do the second part in which you go against C’pn Rex with his ruin and finally you go against Solitair with her Dr. Snapped and Wildcard/Joker. If you win those you get 10 beastie bites and then you have tp go to mynos the elder in the other part of the arena. He will then tell you to go fight him.
    Thats all I got up to… Thanks anyways.

  68. Robert says:

    Also, a good team I use to back up Orochi is DracoLord (Demon-at-arms, Great Dragon), King Bubble Slime (King Cureslime, Slime Family) and Hargon (Dhuran, Dierantula (Wormonger, Gripevine (Hyper Heyedra, Marquis De Leon))). The Hargon only exists until I get the Gemon to get Baramos with, but it hits heavy damage. Around 200 at level 16.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hey thanks for your suggestion :D. You said it’s hard to scout A rank monsters but You can scout 4 tyrants to create an orcohi? DO you have another recipe for creating an orochi besides Wormonger, Missing lynx, Bjorn and Empyrea??

      • Yami says:

        No way to create them..
        They’re just like Captain Crow..
        I completed the game in 48 Hours [With Rigor Mortex Defeated]

        • MrMeh says:

          i think i beat the game around 30 hours and im thinking about making a orochi is it good? and what are some good healers

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Orochi is quite good but not that good, it has tactical genius traits which can attacks up to 3 times per turn when you don’t use order command. I use it when battle with Rigor mortex and it died :D. Video will be uploaded soon :D. Thanks for your other info

  69. Robert says:

    I should mention a quick way to get A-ranked monsters in the postgame for more complex synthesis combinations. Perhaps only in the postgame, I don’t know, King Slimes appear at night outside the Albatross. Synthesizing two of these gives a King Cureslime, which is a B-rank and will create an A-rank if synthesized with anything. A-ranks also appear in the Necropolis but they are ridiculously simple to scout.

    Another thing is, I swept through the entire game with a Gigantes (King Cureslime, Beast Family) by teaching it Oomph and giving it a Miracle Mallet. With Oomph by the final fight it was hitting 500+ on Malevolynx. That ends the battle kind of quickly. Now that I’ve beaten the game I fight with an Orochi.

  70. LalaLand says:

    Where is the metal slime dungeon where we use the metal tickets?

  71. Clayton H says:

    Oh and also, I have some of the synth answers to what your missing if you would like them, You have my email so let me know if interested or reply :3

  72. Clayton H says:

    Hey, Loving the guide, Shame I didn’t find it when I was doing it all D:
    Loving the synth lists though, Very useful so thanks ^^
    I was just wondering when the Post-Game updates are coming, Done alot on it and wondering when I can find out what I have missed 😉 Thanks

  73. Landon says:

    Hey dude, thanks this is a real help but I think you should make a ‘My Team’ section and tell us the steps you made to get to the point you re now with your monsters. Also I would like to thank you for helping me get a DracoLord as this really helped me out to defeat Leonyx! Finally you should give more detail on the synthesize list for example include more ways to sythesize and add some usefull tips on how to synthesize to get to that monster eg: the quickest way to achieve that monster!

    Thanks… Email me if you have any further question!

  74. carlitowhite says:

    this is a really good walk though it would have been interesting if u had gone back to defeat the monster from the prevous areas and show us u makeing ur team and showing us ur levels and other things

  75. ACG says:

    hi, I just wanted to thank you for the effort of this great guide, I saw it and it is amazingly complete, though I alredy finished the main story, I’m most interested now (and I think some other people) in learning more about a souting and a syntheticing guide after the main game, that I would really appreciate and be helpful

    but anyway, great guide, amazing effort, thanks

  76. Michael Howard says:

    Hello just saying your guide is very impressive and that although I won’t be able to get the game until October I can find synthesis guides among other things if you want it haha! Just give me a message and I’ll send them over. Thats all I have to say apart from that I cannot wait to see the guide finished as its already quite a good and detailed so yeah haha!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      haha thank you, just finished main story guide :D. will add about synthesize and other section later :D. will send you an email when I need something or you just can leave comment if you feel lack of anything on synthesis, trait skill, later :D.

  77. Lord-jester says:

    hi dude send me a msg and add me on facebook so that i can share you my knowledge about this game and some hidden stuff here my facebook


    I would prefer contacting me on facebook I often open my yahoo mail

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