Posted on Sep 30, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide

Release Date : 19 September 2011

Genre: RPG

Platform: NDS

Developer: TOSE

Publisher: Nintendo

Main Guide:

1. Albatros to Treepidation
2. Doubtback
3. Rank F Monster scout challenge and Iceolation
4. Rank E and D Monster Scout Challenge and Cragvaration
5. Unshore and Monster Scout Challenge Rank C,B,A
6. Bemusoleum and Special Monster Scout Challenge
7. Necropolis and Monster Scout Tournament

Post game

1. Tyrant monsters, Leonyx and Cap’n Crow
2. Dark World and Rigor Mortex
3. Estark and World of Light
4. True Monster Scout Tournament and Obtain Incarnus


Bestiary + Synthesize

Skills Tree (Spells and Abilities)

This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2011.

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 is copyright of TOSE, Nintendo


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188 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide”

  1. dqm2 pro says:

    since nintendo network was terminated is there still a way to get the wi-fi prize monsters?

  2. Gracos says:

    Is Xenlon a good monster for fighting and scouting, because i have an ethereal serpent and a boreal serpent and im pretty close to making an alabast dragon all i need is an orochi but im just wondering should i make a Xenlon or should i use the orochi and alabast dragon for something else. i also have a king squid and gracos, and i want to know if i should use them to make some other things.

  3. God of warfare says:

    anyone know how to make a zenith dragon i heard it was higher than rank x!

  4. God of warfare says:

    Ok i recently got rid of my rhapthorne 2 to make a + dragovian lord my barburus is + also should i use minus sceptre on one of them i just had a sneaky feeling they would make something new………………………………………….

  5. God of warfare says:

    Here’s a tip for you try and make an orochi then make an alabast dragon then make boreal and ethereal serpent mix them all together and you get one of my fav monsters…………… XENLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Alabast dragon says:

    Should I make a super slime with ma schleiman tank thx if ya say somthin

  7. Dezu says:

    OMG TY this guide has helped me so much

  8. sol 95 says:

    or is libranex just another name for rigor motex? Anyway their is no best monster for wi-fi and ive had conkettes and conklave xy i prefer conkettes but if your going to make the conkettes actually make the thornella or mortella required it will be stronger if you do

  9. sol 95 says:

    I heard mention of a Libranex in the special section what is it and can i get it without pro? or is it just leonyx and rigor mortex combined together? That would take forever.

  10. dddq says:

    guys, whats the best monster for wi-fi battles?

  11. dddq says:

    is conklave XY better or Conkettes?

  12. sol 95 says:

    Just Curious anyone know the monster that has Genius Talent Scout?

    • God of warfare says:

      Not shore about genius talent scout but i do know critical massacre overlord, tactical genius, bouncer genius and ultra grand slammer.

  13. Evil Good Guy says:

    guys what should i do i made an alabast dragon and was exploring the synthesis menu and found out that i could make dhoulmagus by fusing estark and Alabast Dragon should i get rid of estark even though he doesmt respawn? ps my team is wulfspade ace lvl star black dragon lvl star king cureslime lvl star in subs alabast dragon lvl 97

    • Evil Good Guy says:

      also i plan to fill that empty space with an overkilling machine

      • Evil Good Guy says:

        i got the over killing machine so now i found out that i dont need estark unless i want rapthorne plus i can make estark via synthesis

        • God of warfare says:

          You can actually find Estark again it is rarer than rare but he dose appear in the world of light in front of the door back to the dark world.

  14. Keamy says:

    Hi, I try to make dqmj2 on roblox :3, if anyone plays im dkeams12.

  15. Oetieloetie says:

    Any tips on what monsters to synthesize for rank s monster challenge? Maybe beetleboy or gaint moth?

    • oetieloetie says:

      i just pwn the rank S and killed leolyxes first form, but i am having trouble with the second one.
      should i use my demon-at-arms to make buffleogre or dhuran?
      and is conclave xy any good?(i got 2 conclave x’s lvl 40)

      • anon123123123 says:

        dude you don’t need to synth into better monster just train with metal slimes and metal liquid slimes and if you know it the move double edged slash is very effective against metal monster

      • Ello says:

        I’d say make Dhuran, Hit squad+Imposing, has better stats than DaA, and is currently the best monster I’ve used. Buffalogre has Psycho+Desperado, But is not a very good metal killer and SUCKS with spells.

    • God of warfare says:

      definitely dracolord for it it only needs great dragon and a demon at arms simple.

  16. Son Goku says:

    ZapWard100+ZamWard100= Uber Darklight Ward Here Is What It Gives You
    Maximum Hp+20 (5 Skill Pts.)
    Maximum Mp+20 (10 Skill Pts.)
    Maximum Hp+30 (30 Skill Pts.)
    Maximum Mp+30 (50 Skill Pts.)
    Zap Guard (70 Skill Pts.)
    Zam Guard (100 Skill Pts.)

  17. Son Goku says:

    Uber Health Boost ((Boom Boxer 100)+(Healer 100)+(Attack Boost 3 100)+(Martial Artist100)

    • God of warfare says:

      get uber trait master it will give you double trouble grand slammer ( for a size one!) magic and health regenerate and basically all the traits in the game

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