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Posted on Oct 13, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Post Game Guide:Dark World and Rigor Mortex

Go behind Leonyx and enter the door and you’ll be arrive at

Dark World

Argon Lizard
Behemoth Slime
Dark slime Knight
Great argon lizard
Great dragon
jumping jackal
Killing Machine
Living  Statue
Metal Dragon
metal kaiser slime
Notso Macho
Red Dragon
Teeny Sanguini
Wax murderer

Forbidden mark means that you will go back to the very same area if you go through them.

Talk to all people nearby, smash the crystal in the middle of the area. You need to destroy 3 more crystals that look like this one. The crystal’s location shown in my map above, but I am not sure whether it’s random or not. Go to the next room and you’ll arrive at central point of the dark world.

From here you’re free to go wherever you want (up, right, or left). If the crystal’s locations are fixed then I suggest you to go right first then continue to destroy 2 other crystals that located on the north side. You’ll meet a lot of enemy varieties in dark world, so it’s a good idea to start capturing any rare monsters that you see through your progress.

Tips: You can meet metal Kaiser Slime. Try to attack them from behind to get pre-emptive strike. The party probably consist a normal slime and 1 metal Kaiser Slime. Make sure you have metal killers in your party (I have Demon at arms as MKS killers; it equips Gae bolg which has nice attack status and increases your critical chance).

MKS monsters suggestions:

  • Have multiple hits in one attacks (demon at arms’ attack is 3 hits; plus with tactical trait it’ll result in 6 hits per turn), another good example for this monsters are swarmtroop, conclave, etc.
  • Can equip metal killers weapon (ex: obsidian sword) or increase critical rate weapon (ex: Gae bolg)
  • Have any skills that can deal with metal monsters (ex: metal slash).

PS: If you see the left side of my map there is a Special (??) section. I was transported to mysterious area that have a treasure chest contains Gae Bolg. Once again, I am not sure whether it’s random or not (because I can’t go back to that spot using the same door; or maybe it’s just because I have obtained the treasure chest over there so I don’t have any need to go there again).

If you have taken the treasure chest in the special area, defeat the monster that stands above the black hole (right screenshot). Stand on the black hole and you’ll be transported to the very beginning of dark world.

You may find another black hole while you’re travelling around. Enter the black hole to obtain another chests or fight/scout a rare monsters (I heard there is overkilling machine in the middle of special area).

After breaking all of the Rigor Mortex crystal, go back to the central point of the dark world, The door is open now.

The area is pretty straightforward, just follow the path and check the lever every time you saw a rotating gears (you can’t pass them if you don’t pull the lever). Continue until you reach the next area. You should be able to see Rigor Mortex now. Activate the zip portal nearby and go back to the Albatross to buy items if you want {buy a lot of yggdrasil leafs (about 5-10), special medicine, jumbo insulade, etc}.

BOSS: Rigor mortex

This one can hit you really hard and a lot harder than Leonyx. Use your boosing spells/items as it can’t cast disruptive wave. Jumbo insulade and Wizad’s shilling are very useful to reduce his spells damage. Attack Patterns:

[0] Attack: deals about 100-130 damage to all targets (monster’s defence is about 500)
[0] Kasap: reduce all targets’ defence (counter it with kabuff or items that has kabuff effects, if you’re not counter this spell then his physical attack will become ouch..)
[0] Frizz cracker: Imba spell ?>? that deals about 400-600 damage to your monster (probably kill them, this is why I suggest you to buy yggdrasil leaf)
[0] C-c-cold Breath: P-p-powerful breath attack that can deals up to 200 to all targets (this is where jumbo insulade come handy :D)
[0] Cremate: Fire elemental spells that attack all targets, deals about 130 damage

After beating rigor mortex you’ll get an access to a new area (land of the light) which will be covered in the next post :D.

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75 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Post Game Guide:Dark World and Rigor Mortex”

  1. BOSS says:

    Is this team good enough to beat rigor mortex? Mumboh jumboe LV.41 ATT: 697 DEF: 720 AGIL:224 WIS:298 HP: 717 MP: 277 Attacker Dullahan ATT:512 DEF:631 AGIL:484 WIS:533 HP:573 MP:382 Buffer and healer Demon at arms ATT:538 DEF:528 AGIL:283 WIS:228 HP:549 MP:213 2nd attacker

    • Herpaderp says:

      Lol, it was a mircale when I beat rigor mortex!!! I had night knight with 300 stats. I had a Draco lord with 400 attack a defense. And I had an awesome king bubble slim with level 300 stats. I used this same team to beat leonyx and rigor mortex and I use it to scout! It’s a miracle because I guess rigor mortex is weak to poison?? He hit my bubble slim and it gt poisoned and did 300 damage a turn. And all of my monsters died except dracolord. So I just made him use clang the whole battle until rigor mortex was dead. A cheap way to kill bosses, but it’s amazing.

  2. sol 95 says:

    Ok rigor mortex annoying mainly becaue of frizz cracker and he hits hard with normal attack depending on defence though i used an atlas lvl 46 and a great dragon as healer he was easy with these 2 lol both had mucho defence and crazy self heals oomph atlas and he can hit for 1500 each turn lol also steady recovery and miracle mallet = a possible 400heal each turn great dragon just had to keep himself alive why atlas pawned him make sure they have about 500 or more health though frizz cracker hits for about 450 so yep

  3. dddq says:

    do you kill rigor mortex first or beat solitaire usually?

    • Super Kid says:

      I’d say Rigor first he’s a good warm up for Solitaire’s crazy ass team! (Dr snapped and ace of spades) By the way how the hell does she get an Incarnus monsters and Dr snapped!

  4. Super kid says:

    Here’s a good tip because I think that wight kings are the best healer monsters in the game!!!! Mine has cleric which he has mastered and because his magical might is so high he can do a crap ton of damage with gigagash! He also has over 700 MP and he has magic regenerator!!!!!! To get one it is a tortured soul and a king slime!

  5. Super kid says:

    With my team of level 75 buffalogre, level 50 overkilling machine and level 63 wight king I somehow managed to beat Rigor Mortex in 5 rounds!!!! My buffalogre has around 895 attack and he can kill king metal slides in one hit!!!!

  6. Rocket says:

    rigor mortex was a push over to my darkonium slime died in 11 turns.

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