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Posted on Oct 14, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Post Game Walkthrough: Estark and World of Light


Before going to the land of light, go to Cragvaration. Use your zip as you arrive over there. Go north to the inside of the cave (this is the cave where you got “heal-all” skill), Check the giant sword that located on the middle of the cave. Answers with “no” first then “yes” to enter the battle with Estark.

Estark is strong but it’s not stronger than Rigor Mortex that you have defeated. The only problem is you need to defeat him below 10 turns to make him join your monster party. However you can have Estark by using monster synthesize, so it’s all up to you whether you want to make him join your party or not. I use the exact same party that I have used to defeat Rigor Mortex. Estark has about 8500-9000 HP. Attack Patterns:

[0] Attack: deals about 40-70 damage per hit (total 2 hit; monster’s defence is about 500) to all targets.
[0] Kazammle: Lightning damage to single target (about 400 damage)
[0] Psyche up: increase his tension
[0] Disruptive wave: Dispels positive buffs on targets

Buy a lot of Yggdrasil leaves to revive your fallen members (don’t use kazing/zing; let your monster attack him). Use all attack boosting items that you have (I use timbrel of tension against him; don’t forget to use Oomph powder; it works better than Oomphle spell).

Now back to the Dark world

You can go to a new place called World of Light. There are a few steps that need to be done to reach that place

Go to the central point of the dark world and you should a red pillar over there. Check the red pillar and It’ll tell you about the key pillar that leads to the world of light. Ex: In the screenshot the pillar tells you to go to “Slime” symbol.

Use the map below to know where the location of the pillar. There is a special monster on every pillar area. You can scout or kill them (worry not because they will spawn immediately after you re-enter the area). Ex: this time I meet with Thornella since she is the guardian/special monsters in slime pillar (guardian doesn’t mean that she need to be defeated first, it’s just for cool name :D, you can touch the pillar immediately if you want).

Symbol Symbol meaning Special Monsters
  Beast Duel-duellers
  Demon Mortella
  Dragon Dorsal Fiend
  Material Marquis de Leon
  Nature Canzar
  Slime Thornella
  Undead Exorcus

In the special area that have been mentioned before, check the pillar and it’ll become red. Answers with “yes” when you’re being offered by a question to go to the world of Light.

World of light

You CAN’T SAVE your game in this area but you can zoom if you’re bored and want to get out. This place can be used for training ground, because there are many king metal slimes in this place (yeah, there are metal Kaiser slime in dark world but you probably won’t see it frequently; unlike in dark world, you can see a lot of king slimes running around in this place), king slimes has about 70.000 Exp which is very good because a lot of them scattered in this area. Try to catch them from behind to increase your chance for pre-emptive strike (vanish is very helpful).

The only problem is they tend to run away from you if you have 3 strong monsters in your party. To avoid this bring weak monsters that you want to train into front line (not on the substitute position).

Other monsters besides metal slime family (please leave comment if you see monsters that not written below):

Trauminator, Jumping Jackal, Great dragon

You can only stay in this place for about 20 minutes after you’ll get out from this place automatically and need to do the same steps like before to enter world of light again (red pillar at the central point => Go to the mentioned symbol => touch the pillar inside mentioned area => world of light ).

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Main Walkthrough

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45 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Post Game Walkthrough: Estark and World of Light”

  1. Sage says:

    wow. if anyone here has played the good old dragon quest 4… you know just how awesome estark is. I love how after playing all of the classic dragon quest games, they bring in the old bosses from the older games, and they have newer ones as well. although i do think they need a synthesis guide like how they had the recipe book in dragon quest 9. that way people dont have to look up how to make what. then again theyd probably just make it so you could get shitty recipes in game and then all the good ones online WHICH THEY NO LONGER HAVE! i hate how nintendo takes something perfectly good, waits three years, and then completely kills it and leaves it in the dust to get picked up by some other game console thats either horrible or is just too expensive. STOP KILLING YOUR CHILDREN NINTENDO! THE GAMECUBE WAS AWESOME AND YOU DROPPED THAT AFTER A FEW GOOD GAMES AND A MILLION SHITTY CHEAP ONES CAME OUT!

  2. oetieloetie says:

    i just thought i would mention it, but there is also a pillar in the rigor mortex room, its the special type pillar.
    i havent had to use it yet, but thought i would let you guys know

  3. Silver says:

    I heard a rumour that you could battle orochi, is this true or is this person lying, also, can you tell me if the professional verson of this game comes in english at all, even if its in europe, thanks. Also, the original game is different, I sythezised a demon at arms and great dragon and guess what the result was then, MALROTH WTF.

    • TheFingerTrapMaster says:

      As far as I know you can not fight Orochi, Hes not taht hard to make though. And sadly Pro is still in japan only.

  4. PancakeOnAStake says:

    I can’t sem to find a way to Mortella in the demon pillar room. Does anyone know how to reach her?

    • kfir says:

      Don’t worry she easy to find scouting her is the hard part so if i were you I’d bring tension timbrill just in case.:D

  5. Promo06 says:

    I got my Estark via synthesis (wasn’t that hard) and lets just say in the Estark v.s. Estark battle that ensued, I totally kicked Estark’s butt.

    • Klay says:

      I was using my Malroth and Estark kept using Kazammle on me and he kept healing me it was funny and I also defeated him in 9 turns.

  6. the correcort says:

    If im right on my game there ??? family not special and in the room with estark you get nose for treause not heal all cause heal all is in iceolation
    and i want a ragin contagin but the only thing i can synth from soulspawn and walking corpse is cross bones
    help maybe? and correct me if im wrong about the heal all thing

    • Zebra_Lord says:

      Sorry mate, but Ragin’ Contagion is only in professional, which sadly hasn’t had an American release yet.

      Also, you are indeed correct that it is Nose for Treasure you find in that cave, not Heal All.

  7. Shirepa says:

    I got a metal king slime and now I don’t know what I should do whit it.
    Got someone an idea?

  8. dqmfan says:

    What about the ??? pillar that is found where Rigorous Mortex was

  9. Helpfulman says:

    Marquis de Leon’s drop bags of beastie bites! They are in the material place. Use kelpto clobber to steal it from them.

  10. DQMJ2guypersonthing says:

    how come my monsters only go to level 50???

  11. Pwner says:

    I used my lvl. 31 Psaro to beat him and i ripped him to shreds! My psaro used to be my healer. Angel slime is where he started. plz rply!

  12. Darkrai1276 says:

    Im glad you posted this, helped me out alot, by the way i couldnt help notic you said estark was easier than rigor mortex, even though rigor only deals around 170 per turn, estark can do 200-500(O_o) per turn(to everyone that is) with his anoing phsch+scorch
    also, hasent anyone noticed solitare, the biggest cheater to live, she has the dark incarnus, which just isnt possible sonce she sant get the incarnus, and she has dr snapped, who requires captain crow to syntise, so once again, an impossiblity for her to have

    • Gorfon says:

      Did it ever occur to you that there is more than one incarnus. That’s what I reckon and the wildcard from the original had puppies and you get one and solitaire gets another. Do you want a mop to clean up your mind ‘COS I JUST BLEW IT!

      • Promo06 says:

        Hey Gorfon, how come the Estark in the cave can use Psych Up yet mine can’t? I still kicked its butt, but I would also like to be able to psych for scouting purposes?

        • Gorfon says:

          That is a good question.

        • Ender says:

          The game does that to give you a challenge. Like Eugnene Poole. His Ultra Slime should not be able to use Frizz Cracker. They throw in things you can’t have to test you.

      • kfir says:

        Hey chill out dude you have no right to get mad for no reason at people you jerk. 🙁

    • kfir says:

      not too change the subject but do you by any chance like Pokemon?:)

  13. ellioy says:

    World of light is awsome

  14. dragonquestpwn says:

    um I think u mean slime = Canzar and nature = thornella

  15. John Versackas says:

    This is the best website EVER!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get more visitors everyday and get more synthesizing monsters like Assuming you’re in the post game, and can use the unlimited matchmaking, but don’t have freely recruitable Dark Slime Knights and aren’t using monsters that are only recruitable once, Dr. Snapped requires:

    4 C-F slimes (any type)
    8 B-F dragons (any type)
    2 nature monsters (any type)
    8 B-F beasts (any type)
    10 C-F material monsters (any type)
    2 demons (any type)
    8 Scissor Beatles
    4 Gorerillas
    5 beetleboys
    3 Restless Armors
    4 Silvapithecus
    4 Giant Moths
    8 Wailin’ Weeds
    4 Metal Slimes
    2 Lethal Armors
    2 Behemoth Slimes
    2 She Slimes
    1 Captain Crow

    Total 81. Captain Crow and the Metal Slimes are the really time consuming ones.

    Scissor Beatle + any C-F material monster = Jum x 8

    Jum + any nature monster = Boe x2
    Jum + any beast = Boh x 2
    Jum + any material monster = Mum x 2

    Metal Slime + Metal Slime from matchmaker = Liquid Metal Slime x 2
    Gorerilla + any B-F beast = Gigantes x 2 (also recruitable, but a pain because of low chance of appearance)
    Jum + Boh = Jum / Boh x 2
    Mum + Boe = Mum / Boe x2
    Beetleboy + any C-F slime = Dark Slime Knight x2
    Restless Armor + Demon Rider at Matchmaker = Grim Rider x 2

    Liquid Metal Slime + Liquid Metal Slime = Double Liquid Metal
    Silvapithecus + Gigantes = Pazuzu x2
    Giant Moth + any B-F dragon = Drakularge x2
    Wailin’ Weed + any dragon = Great Dragon x 2
    Mum / Boe + Jum / Boh = Mumboe-Jumboh x 2
    Grim Rider + Dark Slime Knight = Bone Baron x2
    Gorerilla + any B-F beast = Gigantes x 2

    Double Liquid Metal + Double Liquid Metal = Metal King Slime
    Metal Slime + Metal Slime from matchmaker = Liquid Metal Slime x 2
    Drakularge + Pazuzu = Drakulard x2
    Great Dragon + steel dragon from matchmaker = Mechan o Wyrm x 2
    Mumbo-Jumbo + Gold Golem = Ruin x 2
    Bone Baron + Lethal Armor = Roseguardin x 2
    Silvapithecus + Gigantes = Pazuzu x2
    Giant Moth + any B-F dragon = Drakularge x2
    Wailin’ Weed + any beast = Buffalogre x 2
    Wailin’ Weed + any demon = Demon At Arms x 2

    Liquid Metal Slime + Liquid Metal Slime = Double Liquid Metal
    Mechan-o-Wyrm + Drakulard = Alabast Dragon x 2
    Roseguardin + Ruin = Psaro x 2
    Beetleboy + Metal King Slime = Beetlebully
    Beetleboy + any C-F slime = Dark Slime Knight
    Restless Armor + Demon Rider at Matchmaker = Grim Rider
    Drakularge + Pazuzu = Drakulard x2
    Demon-At-Arms + Buffalogre = Malroth x2
    Wailin’ Weed + any beast = Buffalogre x 2
    Wailin’ Weed + any demon = Demon At Arms x 2

    Double Liquid Metal + Double Liquid Metal = Metal King Slime
    Behemoth Slime + She Slime = Beshemoth Slime x 2
    Psaro + Alabast Dragon = Dhoulmagus
    Psaro + BeetleBully = Estark
    Grim Rider + Dark Slime Knight = Bone Baron
    Malroth + Drakulard = Nimzo x 2
    Demon-At-Arms + Buffalogre = Malroth x2
    Drakularge + Pazuzu = Drakulard

    Beshemoth Slime + Beshemoth Slime = Double Beshemoth Slime
    King Cureslime + Metal King Slime = Cureslime / Metal King
    Nimzo + Dhoulmagus = Rhapthorne
    Nimzo + Estark = Mortamor
    Malroth + Bone Baron = Zoma
    Malroth + Drakulard = Nimzo

    Double Beshemoth Slime + Cureslime / Metal King = Darkonium Slime
    Rhapthorne + Zoma = Rhapthorne II
    Mortamor + Nimzo = Ogrodemir

    Orgodemir + Rhapthorne II = intermediate 1 (type unimportant)
    Captain Crow + Darkonium Slime = intermediate 2 (type unimportant)

    Intermediate 1 + Intermediate 2 = Dr. Snapped.

    – John

    • Mathias says:

      Doesnt work for me. Giant Moth + Dragon != Drakularge, Deamon-at-Arms + Buffalorge != Malroth. Too bad 🙁

    • Apples says:

      Note to whoever, the information here is valid for the first DQMJ, not Joker 2. Some breeding combinations are the same but not all of them.

      Just as a sample (in Joker 2)
      Nimzo = Baramos + Khalamari or Draculard

      Baramos = Hargon + Gemon

      Hargon = Dierantula + Dhuran
      Gemon = Gryphon(or whatever the smaller orange version is called) + Pazuzu

      Dhoulmagus breeding is the same
      Rhapthorne still = Dhoulmagus + Nimzo
      Rhapthorne 2 still = Rhapthorne + Zoma

      I do not have the ‘recipe’ for Orgodemir on me because I am making Dragovian Lord not Dr Snapped at the moment.

      • ashton says:

        im so thankfull that you can make rapthorne without monsters only available through online play. although finding out i cant make the zeneth dragon… its like giving you a billion dollars and then you get hit by a bus just to find out north korea just grabbed that money and is using to blow up millions of people cus kim is a crazy fat kid.

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