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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Post Game Walkthrough: Leonyx and Cap’n Crow

You can’t get out from the ship yet. The captain will tell you to go downstairs, check the box where you come from at the very beginning of the game; see the event. Go to the bridge (captain Rex’s room and check the treasure chest to obtain beastle bite). Zoom to Arena and talk to Don mole, he’ll tell you to go to meet Leonyx once again.

Zoom to necropolis and use zip to go quickly to Leonyx’s place. Your scout ring will be upgraded by Leonyx. Now you can scout Tyrant monster like wormonger, missing lynx, etc.

Tips: You can talk to the slime inside albatross to change the time of the day (morning/ night). There is also liquid metal slime that sells metal ticket for 10000 G.

Now you can fight and scout all tyrant monsters that you have met before. Once you have scouted them, they will DISAPPEAR FOREVER until you have used them in synthesized/ release them. If you defeat them just simply get out from the dungeon and return to the dungeon after period of time to make them re-appear.

List of The Tyrants (Just in case you forget them :D)

Treepidation  Tyrant: Wormonger (difficulty: easy)

EXP: 8760 Gold: 256

You can fight it at the same place you go inside its belly. This time it will spit you out and then you’ll enter the battle with this monster. Attack Patterns:

[0] Kafrizzle: deals big fire damage to one targets (300-400). It rarely use this… so this attack is nothing to be afraid of.
[0] Sandstorms: reduce accuracy (all targets)
[0] Attack: deals about 40-50 damage to all targets (You monster’s defense status is about 200)
[0] unnatural order: make lowest agility monster act first

Unshore Tyrant: Khalamari (difficulty: easy)

EXP: 14776 gold 530

The giant squid is back again. You can fight him at the same spot as you have fought it before. Its tentacles are a good source for machine parts, so I sugest you to hunt them when you need machine parts. Attack Patterns:

[0] Tidal wave: 150 water damage to all targets
[0] Attack: Deals 30-40 damage per hit to all targets (monster defence about 300) ; cause 2 hits attack.
[0] Paralyzing punch: Like normal attack with a chance to cause a paralyze
[0] Sleep Sock:  Like normal attack with a chance to cause a sleep
[0] Baffling bonk: Like normal attack with a chance to cause confusion
[0] Venomous volley: Like normal attack with a chance to cause poison
[0] Kafrizz: fire damage to single targets (about 150)

IceolationTyrant :Bjorn (easy)

Exp: 11550 gold: 434

Check the campfire at the spot you fought with Baby bjorn before (you can also fight him simply by touching him when he’s walking around)

[0] Attack: 20 damage per hit to all targets (monster defence about 300 with kabuff); total 2 hits
[0] Donk: reduces target HP by 1/4
[0] Scorch: 200 fire damage to all targets

Cragvaration Tyrant: Empyrea (Normal)

EXP: 12305 gold 496

Check the place where you have fought Gemon before. Attack Patterns:

[0] Attack: deals about 30-40 damage to all targets per hit (2 hits)
[0] Lightning storm: 156 lightning damage to all
[0] Kazap: Lightnign spell deals about 180 damage to single target
[0] Kazapple: powerful lightning spell, deals about 370-400 damage to single target
[0] Attack: deals about 30 damage per hit to all targets (2 hit; defence about 300)
[0] Disruptive wave: Dispels all positive buffs

Doubtback: Missing Lynx (Difficulty: little hard)

EXP: 9850 gold: 312

You need to defeat Tall tail first, it’s quite dangerous because it can cause Kaswoosh (100 damage to all targets). Missing Lynx attack patterns:

[0] Sandstorm: Reduce accuracy of affected monsters (target all)
[0] kaswoosh: 100-150 wind damage to all targets
[0] attack : 60 damage to all (defence about 300)

Cap’n Crow

You need to talk to the Mischievous mole that stands beside the blue treasure chests in the first area of the arena. There is another special battle. Go to the world map and head to any area when it’s raining to meet with Cap’n Crow.

1st time: 2 x Orc and skeleton
2nd time: Crossbones and 2 x skeleton
3rd battle: Cap’n Crow and 2 x Crossbones

The battle itself is very easy, you can’t scout him. Talk to mischievous mole and he’ll reward you with a sidewinder. Talk again and mishcievous mole will tell you that Cap’n crow has return. Go to any area when it’s raining to fight him again.

4th batte: Marquis de Leon
5th battle: Cap’n Crow

After the last battle, he’ll join your party. Go back to the arena and talk to mischievous mole to obtain loyalty card (reduce price in the item shop).

After beating all the tyrants, I am pretty sure you have leveled up/synthesize stronger monsters than before. You can see My team Section for more info about my team and my activity before fighting Leonyx again.


He is harder than before …. (of course). You probably can’t use magic on him because he keep casting bounce. He can attack up to 2 times per turn. Attack patterns:

[0] Attack: Deals about 40 damage per hit to all targets (2 hits; my monsters’ defence are about 350-400)
[0] Miracle Slash: Same as normal attack but it heals him
[0] Kazap: powerful Zap spell (lvl 3) that deals about 180-200 damage to single targets
[0] Disruptive Wave: Dispels positive buffs from your party
[0] Wind Shear: Wind damage to all targets, about 100-150 damages
[0] Bounce: Reflect magic that casted upon target

This battle may last very long (mine was 15 turns within 7-8 minutes). After defeating Leonyx , he’ll open the portal to the Dark world. The guide about Dark world will be available in the next section 😀 please be patient, just go inside Dark world and train your monsters 😀 when I am working on it :D.

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77 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Post Game Walkthrough: Leonyx and Cap’n Crow”

  1. Slime professional says:

    I used a marquis de léon lv 45 to defeat leonix
    Now my marquis de Leon is lv 72 and defeated rigor mortex when he was lv 64

  2. sol 95 says:

    Riceman, depends on what you want to use them for? I personally dislike king bubble slime and would much prefer Wight king, Black dragon is great try and get zam specs for it though mine hits for 700 with shadowslash not buffed and your Great dragon could turn into a mechanowyrm which is much better at defence combine great dragon with metal dragon (either scout it in dark world or synth it using red dragon and hunter mech)

  3. sol 95 says:

    Hi guys im on my second playthrough and have just gotten Incarnus so im wandering with captain crow, I beat him 3 times before fighting malevolynx now i need him for synthing dr snapped but he isnt spawning at all ive talked to the mole a few times anyone know a way around this or am i going to have to start a 3rd playthrough? I don’t want to though just got my Estark to lvl 100 (star)

  4. rice man says:

    guys is my team good i have no subs yet leave a suggestion please… i have king bubble slime( hes the healer) black dragon (hard hitter) great dragon (the defensive guy)

  5. sol 95 says:

    Also when scouting those 4 i got to 90% with an alabast dragon and conkettes full psyched and oomph deal about 2k dmg then start psyching also beastie bites are incredibly useful btw they are both maxed alabast is s+12 and conkettes are a+15 so they are powerful

  6. sol 95 says:

    For all you people wanting to beat leonyx the second time i used a buffalogre with a miracle mallet a great dragon healer and a night knight buff dpser basically the night knight just died but with my other 2 i had the buffalogre constantly attack why the great dragon healed took a little bit but yeh just make sure you have A grade monsters lvl 40 or more with meditation steady recovery or miracle mallet

  7. Black Ace says:

    I’m lucky enough to scout Missing Lynx at 3% hahaha! the same as Trauminator :)

  8. oetieloetie says:

    does anyone know why i can scout wormonger, empyrea and khalimari.
    but cant scout bjorn and lynx?(i cant press the scout button)

    • blah says:

      you’ll have to go to the area where you can fight them and scout them properly. For Bjorn, you’ll have to zip and go to the last bonfire (the one where you fought the baby Bjorn). There should be an exclamation mark and click it and Bjorn will come. As for missing lynx, you’ll have to wait till it is daytime. Then go to the cave where the mole is guarding and you can enter. You’ll have to fight the tail first.

    • Black Ace says:

      You should first defeat em’ once. Wormonger at Night and Missing Lynx at Morning after that they are able to be scouted now 😀

  9. Ruin dude says:

    I just beat Leonyx with my Single ruin alone

  10. Anonymous150 says:

    I dont think u can fight bjorn when he’s walking around because after a few turns it will say that he wanders off, like the missing lynx at night

  11. Daniel says:

    Missing Lynx a little hard? He was downright easy!

  12. Thom says:

    How many hp does Leonyx have?

  13. SLIMEluv says:

    I cant Beat Leonyx…..Any recomended teams? P.S. I beat wormoger with level 9’s

  14. shawn says:

    what shoul i do with my mumboh jumboe? your guide was a great help because i found it after i couldnt get to sagittar

  15. codawg211 says:

    Not sure if you noticed it in your fight with him, but wormonger used poison breath on me.

  16. Caston says:

    How much HP does Leonyx have?

  17. Riley1097 says:

    I beat Leonyx with 2 monsters, Tyrantosaurus and a Green Dragon. Green Dragon was at level 46 and the Tyrantosaurus was level 41. Is that possible to beat Leonyx like that?

  18. Weirdfreak33 says:

    I beat leonyx only using a level 30 orochi, not to mention a hell of a lot of special potions and about 32 turns.

  19. kadedean says:

    if you want to defeat leoynx use alabast dragon level 75 it takes a long time to rank up to level 75 synhsise drakulard in order to make drakulard synhsise a drakularge and a atlas and to make mech o wyrm its easy synhsise a metal dragon and a great dragon

  20. Justin says:

    Hey I’ve killed missing lynx before I completed Rank C monster scout challenge (battles) and beating the game and I STILL CAN’T FIND/SCOUT MISSING LYNX. HELP ANYONE!?

  21. thunderbolta says:

    Captain Crow won’t appear the 5th time… I fought him when he had a Marquis de Leon, but since then I can’t find him. I’ve searched everywhere, but he just won’t appear. Any clues?

    • Adrian says:

      talk to the mole in the arena entrance.
      then keep going in and out of doubtback (no zoom) until its raining. you fight and win a rank S captain crow.

    • silvesty says:

      I got the same problem,i killed the Marques de Leon and it rains but i dont see any captain crows…

  22. Jay says:

    HOW DO U BEAT THE TMSC?!!!!!!! D: i cant get pass it!!!!! T^T

  23. MysterianBowler says:

    Is there any particular reason Bjorn keeps Kadonking and then disappearing on me? I want that knucklehead to fall in line with the rest of them…

  24. ellioy says:

    Is this enough to beat leonyx?

    Orochi rank X +5

    lvl 36 1085 hp 116 mp (He wastes his mp using scorch but scorch does 400+ damage O.O)
    422 att
    403 def
    161 agil (Leonyx is very slow)
    277 wis

    hes equipped a crystal staff

    tell me how to inprove him *He was all thretryants skill includeing the orochi skill but the unshore tryant one took a while to scout all those tryants though… *Missing lynx was the hardest and last to get*

  25. LinkAnother says:

    Will captain crow reappear after we release/syn him away?

  26. LinkAnother says:

    Can we only have one Captain Crow? Or is there a way to syn it and how? THX! (other than wifi)

  27. dragonquestpwn says:

    how do i get leonyx

  28. hey123 says:

    you don’t need to beat tall tail first to fight missing lynx if you get into a fight with a rockbomb and you don’t kill him he will explode and you wil get no damage repeat that a few times until missing lynx wakes up

  29. dragonquestpwn says:

    2 cross bones

  30. dragonquestpwn says:

    battle 3 is cross bones & cap’n crow but fifth battle u got correct

  31. hazellnut says:

    What level does a metal king slime have to be to gain hp when it levels up?

  32. Diego says:

    wich level should my monsters be if i want to beat Leonix

  33. MrMeh says:

    i never saw captain crow in the post game why?

  34. Sci-Fi says:

    Sorry I made a mistake. You talk to the mischievous mole standing next to the blue treasure chest in the first area of the arena. will update my guide now :D.

  35. MrMeh says:

    im pretty sure if you beat captain crow 3 times he will join your team thats what i heard

    • punkisdead says:

      Yep. It’s true.

    • Sci-Fi says:

      I think you can beat Captain Crow three times before beating the game; whatever number it is, you can go to the mole next to the red and blue chests in the first part of the Arena and get a sidewinder for chasing Captain Crow off. After you beat the game, go back to the arena and talk to the mischievous mole standing next to the mole who will tell you Captain Crow is back. Go and beat him one or two more times and he will join. After that go back to the mole to get a loyalty card, which is a key item that gives you a discount at the vending machine. Note that you don’t have to beat Captain Crow at all before you beat the game; if you didn’t get the sidewinder before beating the game you can get it and return to the arena to cause the mischievous mole to appear.

    • anonymous says:

      actually, it’s 5 times. 4th time is Marquis de leon, 5th time is just Captain Crow. Much stronger than the 3rd time when it’s captain crow with 2 cross bones.

  36. Bradley says:

    the Cp’n crow battles at random times in rainy areas is in order to get him on your team. In the post-game, after fighting him 4-5 times he will challenge you himself. if you win, he will force his way onto your team like in DQMJ.

  37. sailorbowser says:

    About Captain Crow, the first three fights happen after you speak to one of the moles in the entrance to the Arena, who mentions that there’s a guy who attacks when you try to enter any area where it’s raining, not just the Bemuseoleum. After you beat his party 3 times, he’ll stop showing up, and the mole that originally told you about Captain Crow will give you a sidewinder. At least, I think that’s what it was, I’m currently into the post-story part of the game. Once you get to the post-story, a platypunk will appear next to the mole from earlier, and tell you that Captain Crow is back to his old tricks. Beating him twice more will trigger a scene where he talks about how he can’t move on because you keep beating him. He then decides that since he can’t beat you, he might as well join you, and you get a message saying that Captain Crow has joined your team. Once he has joined you, the platypunk is grateful for you having gotten rid of Captain Crow, not to mention surprised that you actually managed to scout him, so to speak. As a reward, he gives you a Loyalty Card, an item which reduces the prices of items bought from the vending machine by 20%.

  38. Zaky327 says:

    Cap’n Crow does trigger an event (sorta). This can only be done post-game, after defeating him three times, zoom to the arena and talk to the monsters that are there when you first come in. One of them tells you that Cap’n Crow has returned. He can be found the same way as before. After beating him for the fifth time, he joins your team and is never fought again.

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