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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Post Game Walkthrough: True Monster Scout Tournament and Obtain Incarnus

First qualifier

[0] Melonie; Restless armour, Roseguardin, and Lethal armour
It’s even easier than normal encounter in dark world

[0] Rory: Balhib, Ethereal serpent
Easy.. They died before doing anything. So, please leave comment if they have some kind of deadly attack.

[0] Lily: Magic slime, Teeny sanguine XY, Goodybag
Try not to use magic attack in this battle because magic slime has auto-bounce status from the very beginning of the battle. Goodybag can cast magic frailty which will amplify your magic effect to the affected member.

Grand finale

[0] Captain rex; Ruin
It has a strong attack but it won’t ruin your team  as long as you can cast omniheal :D.

[0] Solitaire: Dr. Snapped and Wulfspade Ace
She is tougher than last time but it’s still easier than Rigor mortex. You need at least one monster that can use multi/omni heal to defeat her easily. Dr. Snapped has a ton of HP but its attacks aren’t deadly.

You’ll get 10 Beastie bites for winning this Tournament. Now go talk to Don mole and go to synthesize lab west of the arena (where you usually talks to mud mannequin to get a side quest). Talk to Mynos the elder, he ‘ll tell you about Eugene Poole who will give you a decent battle :D.

I only meet him once in Treepidation near the waterfall. He use Green dragon and Komodo. After winning the battle he’ll give you a monster (The monster is random and always has neutral element; I get metal slime). Eugene Poole can be found near every zip portal, if there are no monsters in that area, this mean he’s nearby.


You can obtain Incarnus a divine monster after beating the game (malevolynx). You need to fight it 4 times on different forms before it gives you Wulfspade. You can find Incarnus at different place:

  • Treepidation: at the waterfall area (use zip to go there quickly)
  • Doubtback: Outside of the missing lynx cave
  • Bemuseloum: blue door that only opens at rainy time
  • Unshore at the end of the second cave (thanks to Monkonator)

Easiest way to find incarnus is by visiting Treepidation and then use Zip. As soon as you arrive there, hold “B” and look up. If there is a round object (like in the screenshot) go to that spot and check the mirror to fight Incarnus. Repeat this step 4 times until, it says that you can find his infant within sight of your ship. Incarnus Forms:

1. Diamagon Ace

[0] Attack: 2 hit attack that deals about 60 damage per hit
[0] Blizzard slash: ice elemental slash on single target
[0] Tidal Wave: water damage on all targets (deals about 60-80 damage to all)
[0] Gigaheal
[0] Disruptive wave: dispel all positive buffs on your monsters

You’ll obtain a Book of Diamagon (Grants you Diamagon III skills tree)

2. Cluboon ace

[0] Attack: 60 per hit (deals 3 hit)
[0] Boulder Toss: deals 100 damage to all targets
[0] Disruptive wave: dispel positive buffs on all targets

You’ll obtain a Book of Cluboon (Grants you Cluboon III skills tree)

3. Hawkhart ace

[0] Attack: 150-170
[0] cremate: 100 fire damage to all
[0] Kafrizzle: Dealas fire damage to single target (about 250)
[0] Kasnooze: Inflicts sleep on all targets

You’ll obtain a Book of Hawkhart (Grants you Hawkhart III skills tree)

4. Wulfspade Ace

The last form before you can obtain incarnus. It has steady recovery which will recover his HP by 100 on the end of each turn. Attack Patterns:

[0] Attack: deals 2 hit attack, deals about 80 damage per hit
[0] Oomph: Boost his attack
[0] Lighning storm: deals about 80-100 lightning damage to all targets
[0] Kazapple: single target lightning spell

You’ll obtain a Book of Wulfspade (Grants you Wulfspade III skills tree)

It’ll bid a farewell and tell you a location where you can get infantus. Zoom to Albatross and go to the northwestern part of the area (there is a treasure chest). Talk to the infantus to obtain Wulfspade.

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  1. will suggs says:

    turns out you forgot 2 things about diamagon ace
    he can you kacrackle a very strong ice move
    and he can use up to 3 moves a turn

  2. oetieloetie says:

    what if one of the incarus forms beats you, can you get back to them again?

  3. CORVUS says:

    using psaro with dracolord who has mega heal then I had zoma and nimzo

  4. stone55 says:

    there is also an Incarnus Mirror in cragravation, go to the very top where Empyrea is, then go down the other way then the way you came up, should be one at the end

    (sorry I can’t get a pic of my DS)

  5. sol 95 says:

    I was actually surprised how easy she was for me, I used an alabast dragon and conkettes both star lvl though they didnt do much but yeh try get your monsters lvl 60 or 70 to take her kabuff magic mirror plus omniheal and magic recovery all useful

  6. J-D says:

    I’m trying to find the best offensive monster in attack and wisdom stats and must have double trouble trait what i’m trying to do is teach it cure-all, fortifier and healer. But i cant seem to synth powerfull monsters.
    my current team is
    Buffalogre: lvl26
    attack boost
    deffence boost
    Metal king slime: lvl 20
    wisdom boost
    deffence boost
    and a Demon-at-arms: lvl22
    whack ward
    wisdom boost
    will these help get past the second monster scout tourmenant rounds

    • Michael says:

      I really don’t know… I used Cap. Crow, MKS, and a Zoma and still struggled against the Dr. Snapped one…

  7. Anonymous150 says:

    Just in case anyone is interested, the incarnus forms have their own level
    Diamagon is lv 50 maximum
    Cluboon and Hawkhart im.not sure but wulfspade is always lv. 88

  8. Diablo says:

    I found the incarnus portal in the 1ST CAVE a.k.a second area not second cave.

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