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Posted on Oct 15, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Scouting Guide

Well this is one of the most important feature in this game. Scouting basically means catch/capture the monster so you can use them in battle or use them as synthesize ingredient. There are few items that can affect the scouting result, they are:

  • Positive puller: makes the captured has “+” gender
  • Negative thinking: makes the captured has “-” gender
  • Neutral ground: makes the captured has “neutral” gender
  • Beastie bite: increase initial chance of scouting from 0% to 10%

You can obtain Positive puller, Negative thinking, and neutral ground from the item shop. But for Beastie Bites, you’ll only find 11 (fixed location) throughout your game (you can get more beastie bites by opening blue treasure chest but it’s random).

First beastie bites obtained from the treasure chest on the Albatross bridge (you need to defeat the game first before you can open that chest). Other 10 can be obtained when you have won the True Monster Scout Tournament and you’ll get them as a reward from Don Mole.

It seems not important in the beginning of the game in terms of scouting monster. But in the later part of this game, you’ll face a hard time if you don’t know the things that are needed to increase scouting chance.

See the screenshot when I am trying to capture Khalamari in normal state. My team consists of Dullahan, Conklave XY, and Mohawker. It’s not a bad team because this is the same team that I have used to beat Rigor Mortex.  It’s pretty low … only about 6 % success rate. I tried to reduce khalamari Hp but it seems doesn’t have any effects.

Conclusion: You don’t need to lower Monster Hp to scout it.

In this screen shot my chance increases from  6-8 %. What happen is that I cast Oomphle on my party before trying to scout Khalamari again.

Conclusion: from this example we can learn that attack/damage affect the scouting chance. You can also reduce monster’s defence to increase the chance.

But the chance is still low; you don’t to re-load up to 10 times in order to scout the monster.

The chance in above screenshot has been improved dramatically, maybe you ask what the hell is happening?? The team is still same as before, but I use awesome command called Pysch up. It’ll boost your damage in the next attack and you can accumulate it up to 4 times (100 tension; 5=>25=>50=>100).

Conclusion: Psych up is very important when you want to scout strong monster. 😀

In the last screenshot you see another boost in my scouting chance, that’s happen because I use Oomphle before scouting (Oomphle doesn’t reset my Dullahan’s tension). Just use beastie bites to increase your chance by 10% (54 %). Don’t forget that I don’t lower my opponent’s defence (Sap spell or Sapperine) which you can do to increase scouting chance further.

There are few factors that not mentioned in my scouting guide with Khalamari:

  • Critical can appear when you scouting a monster and it will greatly boost your chance ( so use critical weapon like Gae Bolg).
  • Monster that have “hit squad” traits seems to increase scouting chance better than the one who don’t have hit squad;multi hits also means that it increase your chance to score a critical hit)
  • some traits have an effect when scouting the enemy {genius talent scout, giant killer (when you scout big monsters)}

Those are the things that I know about scouting, if you have any tips or feel there is a mistake then please leave a comment :D.

Some monsters that good for scouting:

Conklave XY (They’re hard to be made but ti’s really worth the effort; have psych and hit squad; Create them after you have an access to the world of light; it’ll take you a longgggg time to grind on the other places), Buffalogre (easy to create for beginner), Dullahan (S rank, have psych, and easy to made), all multi hit monsters (Dhuran, Demon at arms, etc). Just leave your monsters in comment and explain why they’re good for scouting :D.

Tips before scouting:

  • Save your game when you want to scout a special monsters (tyrants, pillard guardian to the World of Light, etc)
  • Save your beastie bites !!!! unless you have found a lot of them on the blue treasure chest.
  • Remember that persistence is most powerful things in scouting world, even if you got 1% chance you still can scout the monster if you’re patient enough……….. ( I told you this so you can patient when trying to capture gigantes to make buffalogre for the first time, etc)

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