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Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Walkthrough: Bemusoleum and Special Scout Challenge

You need to obtain medal of merit, so go to


enemy exp gold
hacksaurus 487 85
gargoyle 415 39
cyber slime 410 25
hunter mech 515 55
cannibox 521 30
bona constrictor 481 40

From starting point go north following the path. Ignore the blue door nearby because it’s still locked at this moment. Continue southwest to the dark room (1), check the wall to see a picture about giant monster. Continue east to the north to point (2). Activate the local portal and enter the big door.

You’ll arrive at a giant room. The defense mechanism will be activated and there will be cyber slimes roaming this room. You need to deactivate the barrier to progress further. So head to the portal at point (3) first.

Explore the maze until you arrive at point (4). Press the red switch on the wall. Use Zip to return at the entrance and re-enter the room. Now your goal is point (5), go there and activate the red switch again. The red door at point (6) is unlocked now.

Go there and go inside to point (7)

Mini Boss: Overkilling machine

It’s quite hard because it can attack you twice per turn. Its attack pattern:

[0] Attack: 3 hit; each hit deals about 15 damage
[0] Lightning: 70 damage to all
[0] Dragon slash: extra damage against dragon
[0] Helm splitter : reduce defense
[0] Multislash: all about 30 damage

Now go back to the giant room, You can fight the giant monster now.

Tips: The upcoming battle is hard, go back to the town to buy latest equipment.

BOSS: Sagittar

This one really hard…. It can attack twice per turn and have powerful spells. Attack pattern:

[0] Attack: deals multiple hit attack to all targets; deals about 50 damages to all
[0] Thin air: powerful spell that can deals up to 100 damage to all targets !!
[0] helm splitter: deals the same amount of damage as normal attack and inflict defense down
[0] Kadonk: inflict poison on all targets if it hits 😀 (deals about 30 damage)
[0] Donk: same as kadonk but only affect one target
[0] Blizzard slash: same as normal attack with ice elemental on it. Deals less or more damage depends on monster resistance

Go north to the next room, see an event and you’ll obtain medal of merit.

PS: You can obtain Scouting skill called vanish. Go back to Bemusoleum when it’s raining. You can press the blue switch that can’t be reached before (south area of point (5) and north area of point (4) ). After pressing both of the switches, the blue door at the beginning of Bemuseloum will be openeed, check the black obelisk to obtain Vanish skill.

Recover your party at Albatross and go to the arena. Give Medal of Merit to Don Mole and you can enter special battle now 😀

Talk to Don mole once you’re ready and

1st battle Don mole

Attack twice per turn, Attack patterns:

[0] Multifist: 4 hits to your party monsters (random)
[0] Fuddle dance: make your party confuse (if it hits)

2nd battle Canzar

HARD!!!!! Even harder Sagittar (IMO), it can attack twice per turn. I used the same party as the one that I sued to fought Sagittar. the battle ends with all my monsters died except gryphon with red HP (lucky me :D). Attack patterns:

[0] Attack: 2 hit to all targets (each hit deals about 30 damage)
[0] Slime dunk: deal extra damage to slime type monsters.
[0] Boulder dash: inflict 100 damage to all targets
[0] Chilly breath: inflict about 90-100 damages to all targets
[0] Disruptive wave: Dispel positive buff from your party
[0] Mist me: protect oneself from one attack

Mynos will tell you to come visit him at Bemusoleum; point (1).

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48 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Walkthrough: Bemusoleum and Special Scout Challenge”

  1. starter says:

    is there a way to get a rank A monster from the monster in doubtback and treelocation?

    • Hi says:

      Yes. First, scout 3 swarmtroopers or any high hit number monster like conklaves. Equip them with metal claw since this makes them easily hit meddle slimes. Even when they’re all lvl1, they have about 15-20% chance to scout meddle slimes. When you scout them, they immediately become metal slimes so there won’t be a lowering of the scout percentage chance. Scout eight of the meddle slimes then fuse them to one another to make liquid metal slime (rank c). Fuse the liquid metal slimes with one another to make another batch of 2 liquid metal slime. Fuse those two together to make a metal King slime (rank s). This guy can branch out to many other A ranks and some s ranks. Also, once you reach cragravation, you can get angel slimes with will turn into behemoth slimes when fused with almost anything. Fuse two behemoth slimes together to make King cure slime. This guy can make many A ranks as well like King bubble slime which is a great healer.

      Tip: save before you fuse. It gets really annoying when they don’t get the right signs (+,-)

  2. Cheato1 says:

    The locked area is opened by pressing 2 buttons only available when raining. The buttons are at point 4 and also at the opposite side of the map on the platform with the 6 small spike shapes poking out. When it rains the small square platforms in the aqueduct rise and you can use them to proceed around the map. The locked area has the vanish ability and also 6 blue chests. The locked area doesn’t remain opened when the buttons are pressed however as it always closes when it isn’t raining but when it is raining the door opens again without the need to press the switches.

  3. SkywardSword596 says:

    I understand that this is ridiculously late, but if you’re still editing it, maybe a tip/recommendation of oomph/oomphle for Sagittar would be nice? I had a team of grimrider with fortifier at lv. 21, a slime stack at lv. 27 (healer, it had a mastered cure-all), and a lethal armour at lv. 20 with maxed frizz and woosh, and it was pretty much lethal armour soloing it while grimrider and slime stack healed/boosted. At any rate, thanks for the guide 🙂

  4. Ello says:

    I destroyed sagitar. Abyss diver as a healer, Hacksaurus as an attacker, and aqua glagiator as support.

  5. Kevin says:

    I normally beat each boss in 1 or 2 turns depending on its hp def and or possible elemental resistants. Since I seem to far out lvl most people apparently and I probably spend less time worrying about my lvl then anyone here. Yet when I finished this area my main group was all lvl 90, and I never actually bother or try to raise my lvl. I focus on the story line, I simply just beat everything I see into oblivion if it is inbetween me and the next area.

  6. Kevin says:

    This was easy since my team always takes around 1 or 2 damage normally, at this point my team was what I started here with I pick 1 group for every few areas and then switch with my subs so they gain good exp as well. My group when i entered here was lvl all 64 and when reaching the step 4 to 5 part with second red button it was lvl 80. Its not that hard to gain 16 lvls in less then an hour like that as long as you dont skip or run away from monsters. When you beat them to oblivion whenever you see them you gain lvls easy. (not counting the cyber slime room as they will be never ending, however it makes a good spot to grind lvls if your that patient.)

  7. IDK says:

    there’s a gripvine inside the place where the medal of merit is at night

  8. sol 95 says:

    Canzar wasn’t too bad i had great dragon, durah ( devil soldier dude better then demon at arms) and soulspawn, great dragons my healer has aquapothecary maxed for magic recovery btw how do you synth a black dragon?

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