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Posted on Sep 16, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Walkthrough: Doubtback

Talk to Rory and Archie, Archie will tell you that you can open his treasure chest on lower level. Open it to obtain machine parts. Now get out from Albatros and head for


name exp gold
ghost 37 18
platypunk 23 10
mischievous mole 24 15
heal slime 29 19
dracky 24 11
satyr 51 18
weaken beacon 32 12

Tips: Watch out for missing lynx in this area. Avoid it because you can’t kill it yet. Flee if you encounter it accidentally.

Enter the cave to the underground. Go to point (1) and see event over there. Recover your health and take an iron lance from the red treasure chest.

NOTE: red treasure chest seems to have same treasure and only appear one time (can’t re-spawn) but blue chest can appear every time you re-enter the dungeon and has different item on it.

After taking all the items, go northeast to the upper ground. Explore the area and head west. Go north to point (2). You are at the top of the mountain. You can check condor’s nest to obtain an item; there is also a blue treasure chest over there.

Go to point (3) and talk to the slime who will ask you to deliver the letter. Accept the quest and head southwest to the next area. Follow the path and activate the local portal. Continue north to point (4). Talk to the mole that guards the cave and give the letter to him.

Tips: Use zoom to Albatros and then enter the ship to recover your monster’ health. Also buy weapons for your monster. After done that use zoom to return to Doubtback and zip to go to the local portal.

Now backtrack to point (3), where the slime gave you the letter. Enter the cave and save your game. Follow the path and you’ll see familiar face, help him and

BOSS: mischievous mole x2, maniacal mole

Mischievous moles are a bit stronger than moles that you encounter in this dungeon. Maniacal mole are stronger than 2 mischievous moles in this battle, so I suggest you to defeat mischievous mole first before start killing maniacal mole. Use multi hit speel like woosh when there are 2 enemies or more in this battle.

Set one of your monster to focus on healing (slime, healslime, etc) when there are 3 enemies on this battle. After you have killed one of the moles, use medicinal herb to heal you monster and let the healer to participate on your attack. Maniacal mole can deal about 10-15 damage to all targets, other than this all of their attack are just normal attack.

See an event with Don mole. Don mole will introduce you to Dr. Lump. You can go back to the albatross now by talking to Eugene and agree when he ask you to return to albatross.

Tips: You can go west and find Marsha (mannequin that you saved at Treepidation). She’ll give you a sidequest.

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14 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Walkthrough: Doubtback”

  1. Anonymous150 says:

    Anyone try to scout hades condor? Its hard

  2. Randomperson says:

    What would happen if I got in battle with the missing lynx by accident and couldn’t escape?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you’ll be killed :D. DOn’t worry you’ll restart your game at the beginning of the dungeon IIRC

      • Randomperson says:

        Oh that’s good 😀 I might try fighting it now just to see how badly it owns me.

      • Randomperson says:

        So the first time I fought it I chickened out and fled. The second time was by accident, and I tried to run. Didn’t work -_-
        It then hit my Swarmtrooper for over 500 damage with a normal attack and then wandered off. The moral of the story: Stay the heck away from the missing lynx if your party is full of unsynthisized rank F level 15-20 monsters. It can easily own you.

  3. ellioy says:

    Marsha gives you a minus staff and a plus staff during the tests

  4. jen says:

    i’m sorry, but where exactly is the cave to the underground? i’m lost and can’t get to doubtback.

  5. Maddeebee says:

    I noticed that, in this area and the last, you cant fight some big monster or what not. In the last one it was the troll, but now it is the lynx. When will you ever be able to fight them and are they boss battles or can you recruit them?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you’ll be able to recruit big monster like lynx after you have beaten the game once :D. Thanks for using my guide

    • Randomperson says:

      I accidentally fought the troll in the tree area, and I think I was allowed to scout it, but I just ran. You can’t scout the giants yet though, and even if you could it probably wouldn’t work out very well for you if you tried. And I have a question. I haven’t seen the troll since I ran from it. Will it ever come back?

  6. GMCV says:

    can i ask did u only scout the monster above of slime?

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