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Posted on Sep 20, 2011

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Walkthrough: Rank E and D monster Scout Challenge and Cragvaration

To continue your journey you need to go to Arena and do monster scout challenge.

Rank E

Round 1: Platypunk, slime, and Heal slime
Round 2: Mischievous moles x2 and hammerhood
Round 3: Cheeky tiki x2 and Heedoovoodoo

Receive battle whip as a reward. See an event and enter Rank D monster challenge.

Rank D

Round 1: Drohl Drone x2 , Chimaera
Round 2: Firespirit x2, Bad egg
Round 3: Dragonthorn x2, Mud mannequin

A little tougher than Rank E; Chimaera and  Bad egg have a high HP which make the battle last quite long. You’ll get metal claws as a reward and a ne w area will be unlocked (Cragravation).

Tips: Equip battle whip on your monster :D. Whip can deals damage to all targets if you haven’t known it by now (the damage will be reduced after hit the enemy though).

NOTE: On the next area, there are new item legends (FW; fossilized wall), check the wall that have fossilzed bone (left screenshot). There are also many climbable walls (right screenshot), so always watch your environment when it seems that you are at a dead end.


Name EXP
Scorpion 60 12
Rubble slime 63 12
Dancing flame 67 30
mecha Mynah 80 20
Dancing Devil 69 18
dragon slime 70 11
night emperor 107 23
Shadow 67 22
angel slime 124 41
Silvapithecus 121 18

Take northeast path if you want to progress quickly (northwest path only has some leaf items). Continue until you arrive at the cave. Make sure you take RT on this cave; it contains Jumbo Insulade which will be very helpful on the upcoming battle. Go southwest exit if you want to gather some items (I got metal ticket from the blue treasure over there).

Take the north exit after you have done all of those things. You arrive at snowy area of this dungeon.

Tips: Defeat/ scout angel slime, they’re easy to kill and grant you quite large amount of exp (142 each).

Head north following the path until you arrive at the next area. Activate the portal and then head north to the cave. Go to point (1) and check the black obelisk to obtain a new scouting skill (Nose for treasure).

Tips: It detects all kind of obtainable things inside an area (leaf, pebble, blue and red treasure chest, etc).

Now, Zoom (Albatros)- Zoom (Cragvaration)- Zip, to the local portal. Your monsters’ HP are full now. Go to point (2), see an event and

BOSS: Jamirus

He’s quite tough. If you have weakening wallop/ slowing slug make sure you use them in this battle, because those skills will make this battle very easy. His attack pattern:

[0] Attack: about 10 damage to non buffed monster (he’s already weakened  by weakening wallop tough). So it may deals about 15-20 damage.
[0] Frizzle: strong fire attack, deals about 50-60 damage to single target. He rarely cast this spell though.

After defeating him continue northwest to point (3) to see an event. Head north and recover your monsters by touching the healing pillar. Go north to Boss’s area. Don’t engage him yet, go southeast to take Phoenix scepter (RT2). Now go to Boss’ spot

BOSS: Gemon

Gemon can attack twice per turn. His breath attack is very deadly, if he uses it twice in a row your party probably dead (if you’re around at my level; rank D monster lvl 16-19; He rarely uses this though). This is why I suggest you to take Jumbo Insulade. It will reduce the damage from its breath attack. His attack pattern:

[0] Attack: deals about 35-50 damages to single target
[0] Chilly Breath: deals 40-50 ice damage to all targets

I don’t use Jumbo Insulade in my video because I didn’t read the description of Jumbo Insulade before this battle and luckily I survive the battle :D. When writing this guide just realize that this is the main purpose they put it on Red Treasure Chest :D. He can also be inflicted by weakening gallop and slowing slug, but it’s a little harder than Jamirus.

Tips: Try to inflict slowing slug first, it seems that after his agility dropped, it will be much easier to inflict weakening gallop at him.

Watch the event and you’ll be automatically return to Albatros. A new area will be revealed :D.

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  1. Ghh says:

    Does rockbomb shard work on bosses?

  2. Don Karnage says:

    I captured jamirus and m stuck in the game. The captain have disapear and there is no boss on top of the mountain where is the nest with the 3 bigs eggs. I have the phoenix staff.

  3. yulgur says:

    its boreal serpent I’ve got one so i should know i synthesised it using a frou fry and a sabre cub i think 🙂

  4. Pro says:

    i beat taking no damege using kasnooze

  5. Randomperson says:

    *cough*boreal serpents and snowbirds absorb ice breath*cough*
    Also, I think I saw something the size of a boreal serpent fly by near the top of the mountain, but the clouds were messing up my view so I didn’t get a good glimpse. Do you have any idea what it could have been?

  6. Dragonfang5 says:


  7. Dragonfang5 says:

    Rt2 didn’t give me a Phoenix sceptre so if it doesn’t what dies?

  8. GMCV says:

    can i ask what is the skills of your jargon

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