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Dragon Quest VI Guide: Amor to Amor cave

Go west, passing the bridge and then open your world maps (so you can see the same picture like the one in the screenshot). Just follow the road to Amor.

PS: You can visit the amor cave and talk with the old man inside.


To proceed in this town you need to talk with all people in this town. If you haven’t talked to all people, the church’s door will be blocked by a pope.

Few thing s you can do in this town:

  • Go to the house on the northwest of this town. Check the board in the rightmost room to obtain a chimaera wing. Go downstairs and break the barrel to obtain a phial of amor seco essence (there is a man in this area that you need to talk to progress in this town, so make sure you talk to him).
  • West house; Check the drawer to obtain a mini medal. You can talk with the owner of this house about bandits that live at Amor.

I assume you have talked to all people in this town, so go to the church and talk with the pope. He will tell you to enter the door at the downstairs. Go inside the room and destroy the vase to obtain a phial of amor seco essence and a holy water. Talk with old woman (Evgenya) in the next room and you will sleep.

Amor ???

Go left and break the vase to obtain a mini medal. Get out from the church and see an event. Make sure you talk to all people to learn about a couple that went to the northern cave (especially the man at the northwest house;visit the lower floor too, it seems they are the parent of Evgenya).

Few things you can do:

  • West house: check the drawer to obtain 50 gil
  • Northwest house: check the drawer to obtain a bunny ears. Go downstairs and break the barrel to get a phial of amor seco essence.

Get out to the world map and enter the cave which you saw earlier.

Amor cave

enemy exp coins
cumaulus 15 12
dead resident 21 21
goblin pixie 22 21
ruffled goon 22 17
blooming sorceror 22 24
mud manequin 25 14
slime knight 27 16
baby goyle 28 10
rotten cotton 32 9
silencing ram 33 15
metal slime 1350 75

Talk with Evgenya nearby and take a seed of life from the treasure chest that located in the northwestern part of this area. Proceed to the next area. Take the stairs at point (1).

The log only move south and once times (You can’t go back to the same spot). You must re-enter the area to reset log’s position.

Go south and take a mini medal from the treasure chest. Go north and then step on the log at point (2). You will arrive at platform with an edged boomerang. Go upstairs using the stair nearby at point (3). Take 410 gold from the treasure chest and then go back to point (3).

You should be able to see a log on the rightside now. Step on it to cross to another platform. Take a seed of magic from the treasure chest, and then go upstairs by using stairs at point (4). You’ll return at the 2nd area of this dungeon. Go downstairs again by using the stairs at point (1).

Enemy alert: metal slime

This dungeon has a metal slime. I managed to defeat it and obtain 1350 exp. It has about 4 HP so just do your best to  kill this thing to get a nice amount of EXP.

Now step on the log at point (5) to the next platform. Take the left log to point (6) and then go to the next area by using the stairs nearby. Take magic water and an iron claw before you proceed to the boss area.

Talk to the knight who is fighting the monster right now. Agree to help him and

BOSS: Gargoyle

He is easy but his flash and fuddle dance ability can prolong this battle duration. He is susceptible to Sap. Have Milly cast Crack because it can deals quite lot of damage against this boss. His attack patterns:

  • Fuddle dance: Can cause confusion at your party.
  • Flash: make your character blind (their attack tend to be miss).
  • Attack: Deals about 20 damage at single target

After defeating him agree to escort the knight to the entrance. So, go back to the entrance and he will give you an agility ring (use the stairs at point (7) and then just keep following the path until you return at the entrance of this cave). Go back to Amor and sleep at the church again to return to the Amor (real).

See an event and you will get The moonmirror key from Evgenya.

Main menu


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  1. Jiawei says:

    Actually there are many metal slimes in the dungeon, i have encountered more than five meatl slimes in there. Some alone and some with other monsters 🙂

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