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Dragon Quest VI Guide: Aridea to Isle ‘O Smiles

Head north and you should see 3 houses over there. Few things you can do in those houses:

  • Right blue house: talk to the man inside the house to get a hint about where you should head next. Break the vase nearby to obtain a holy water. Go right and check the board to obtain a gold ring.
  • Inn (left blue house): Check the board on the north room to obtain a medicinal herb.
  • North green house house (barn): check the drawer to obtain a mini medal. You can also break the vase for 7 gold 🙁

Go west and you will see a stairs. Go upstairs and you will arrive at the dream world

World map ( dream)

Go southeast and keep following the path until you see a cave nearby. Enter the cave

Cave to Aridea

Go south and south again when you arrive at a branching path. Open treasure chest which contains a mini medal. Backtrack and keep going west (you can rest at the inn if you want; it’s a little expensive). Go west and upstairs to the world map.

Enter the town nearby.


Few things you can do in this town:

  • House, right of the items shop: Check the drawer to obtain a wayfarer’s cloth
  • Northwestern house: break the vase to obtain a mini medal
  • West house: Break the vase to obtain a holy water

Now, talk to all people in this town (inside every house, church, and shops). You should see that the sky will darken (night time). Go out from the town and head west to the peninsula. You will see a green island.

Isle os smiles

Talk to the guard and he will let you enter the island. Talk to the man who is in the steering wheel. Go inside the bar. Break the barrel on the northwest to obtain a mini medal. Talk to Bartender and say “yes “twice. You will fall asleep, watch a cut scene.

BOSS: Jamirus

[0] Susceptible to Sap
[0] Deals high physical damage
[0] Attack Twice times per turn
[0] Resistant against fire

Cast Sap twice and Kabuff 4 times. Your party should be ready to face this beast now. My MC keep using double edge slash and Carver with his knuckle sandwich. His attack patterns:

  • Fire claw: deals about 50 fire damages to single character
  • Grab: Deals about 70 damages to single target
  • Claw: same as fire claw but it’s physical and deals less damage than fire claw (maybe it’s because buff-ed party)

See an event, go back to the island and then talk to the old man to set sail back to Aridea. Talk to Bartender to rest (there are 3 treasure chests on the lower floor). Go back to Aridea and talk to the towns people, the floating island is yours now :D.

Zoom to Haggleton and go to the place where you saved the blacksmith. You will see a castle instead of a giant crater. Go inside to

Medford’s mannor

Talk to the lady on the left to learn about the prize that you will get by gathering mini medals. Talk to King Medford to obtain a staff of divine wrath (if you have followed my guide since the beginning then you should have 16 mini medals right now).

Main menu

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  1. sidewaysj says:


    home of the magic key and your first slime buddy Goowin (slime knight)

    the kings son is a coward and trouble maker when asked to find him search the barrels in the store room on east side on the first level of the castle

    when he runs again he hides on the ledge just outside the basement halls of the south of the castle

    finally you take him to the baptismal cave but then again he runs to the small farm town you see before you make it to howcastle (he is hiding in the house with the boy outside at the far north west part of this town)

    after all this you get him in the cave and he slowly gets less scared and only takes a tactical retreat to the treasure chest after beating the first test you must have him in your party to advance in this dungeon so when he runs get him back he wont run off too far

    after beating all 3 tests you enter a room with a priest by a waterfall before doing this head south to get the 3 treasure chests (which you might miss cause they are out of the way) then return to the castle and receive the magic key and make your way the the young princes room and exit the door with the magic key and meet up with Goowin

    make your way south to the shrine and you will find your self entering to a well to the dream world near clearvale where you will possibly find your next slime friend Healie

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