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Dragon Quest VI Guide: Ghent Village to Real Murdaw Castle


Go to king’s palace and you will be thrown to jail. Wait a while in the jail and the guard will apologize for the inconvenience. Talk to the king and he will say that he want to meet you at the outside.  Go to the northwest tower in 2F, you will meet the  king while going there.  Agree to help the king and he will give you a royal missive. Get out from Somnia.

World map

Head north and you should be able to see a border checkpoint in your map. Talk with the guard inside border checkpoint to learn about Ghent’s location. Continue north and you should be able to see a village in your world map now.  Enter the village

Ghent village

Few things you can do:

  • house left of the entrance: break the vase inside and you will obtain a seed of resilience.
  • Inn: Check the drawer beside the bed where the little girl sleeps to obtain plain clothes.
  • Elder’s house (northwest of the town): break the vase to obtain a seed of magic and then open the board to obtain a pointy hat.

Talk with the elder and he will tell you that he can’t lend you the ship. Try to get out from the house and see an event about Nevan. Go outside and follow Nevan to the big house on the north side of this village. Talk to the Nevan and say “yes” to set sail the providence to defeat Murdaw.

Enter the cave nearby

Murdaw’s cave (Lava)

enemy exp coins
goodybag 60 444
hell nino 63 20
thaumatobat 66 ??
walking corpse 80 18
cannibox 118 96
lesser demon 138 46
metal slime 1350 75

Warning: walking on the lava is hazardous for your health :D. So walk on it only when necessary.

Party Tips: Nevan has one of the most useful items in the beginning of this game. Don’t ever ever sell Ghent’s staff!!! It can be used as an item inside the battle. Its healing power is same as midhheal spell and you don’t need to use MP to use this staff.

Battle Tips: Don’t need to conserve your Mp because you will recover your health before you fight boss later.

From the start point, go west to point (1) and use the stairs to the next area. Take Chain whip from the treasure chest and head east to point (2). Take a seed of life from the treasure chest and go back to point (1).

Take 1150 gold and full plate armor on the north of this area and head east to point (3). You only need to follow the path to Murdaw cave (watery area); there is a fake treasure chest (cannibox), it’s easy to defeat cannibox and you will obtain a seed of agility (SOA) as a reward.

Murdaw’s cave (watery area)

enemy exp coins
hell nino 63 20
walking corpse 80 18
malevolamp 88 33
animated armour 93 ??
arrghgoyle 98 44
mudslinger 105 22

Enemy Alert: Mudslinger. It can cast whack which can cause an instant death if it hits. So, make sure you focus to kill mudslinger first, when it appears in a group of enemy.

Cross the bridge to the east platform on this area. Take magic water and defeat Cannibox to obtain seed of agility. Go northwest to point (1), follow the path and you will arrive at the right side. Go upstairs by using stairs on the northeast. From there, just follow my map to the exit.

You will see a familiar event and your health will recover. You’ll arrive at

Real Murdaw Castle

Talk to everyone in the room (especially Nevan). Go upstairs by using stairs on the northeast room. You will see 3 treasure chest in this room (Iron mask, 1800 gold, and amor seco essence). Backtrack to previous room and go north. Keep following the path and you will see an event and Carver will learn “knuckle sandwich”.

Ignore southwest door in this area because it leads to a dead end (locked jail). Go southeast and check the statue which blocks your path (You will fight a sculptrice every time you check the statue; it’s quite hard so watch out). Follow the path to the next area,  and open the treasure chest to obtain a fire claw (in the electric room).

PS: You can go south to the upper floor, talk with the man over there. You will fight a grim keeper; it doesn’t give you anything special, you only get 530 experiences by defeating it.

Backtrack to the room where Carver obtained the knuckle sandwich skill. Go north and keep following path until you arrive at a familiar corridor. Milly will warn you when you’re trying to enter Murdaw’s room. So, make preparation before you enter the door.

Tips: Put all your recovery item in Carver’s inventory because he is the only one without a healing spell right now. You can also give him a Ghent staff (do not need to equip it) and let Nevan heal your party by using his spell (I don’t do this though :D).

Enter the room when you’re ready

BOSS: Murdaw (about 500-600) and 2 prickly pranksters

He is accompanied by 2 prickly pranksters. If you kill them, he will summon another one (it’s random, so I suggest you not to kill them. Who knows if Murdaw can summon a Sculptrice?:D). Focus your attack at Murdaw (normal attack from MC and knuckle sandwich from Carver (“knuckle sandwich” tends to miss frequently, so I prefer double attack than sandwich). Milly cast kabuff (to reduce damage from prankster) and healing spell while needed. Nevan heals on each turns by using the Ghent’s staff. Murdaw’s attack patterns:

  • Attack :deals about 20 -30 damages to single target
  • Fiery breath: deals about 30-40 damages to all characters
  • Kasap: lower your party’s defense (counter this spell by casting kabuff; Milly has it)

After you have killed Murdaw, then kill one of prickly pranksters. Heal all of your characters before you kill the last enemy.

Prickly prankster attack patterns:

  • Attack: deals about 15-20 damage to single target
  • Gust slash : same as above, but it maybe have some special effect ?(please tell me if you know it)

See an event and

BOSS: Murdaw 2nd

He is hard!!!! He can attack twice per turns and most of his spells are targeting all characters. His attack patterns:

  • Attack: deals about 25-40 damage to single target
  • Terrible lightning: deals 30-40 lightning damage to all characters
  • Chilly breath: deals about 30-40 ice damage to all characters
  • Gleam: sleep spell targeting all of your characters
  • Dazzle: makes one physical attack miss at the next attack (target all characters).

Have MC cast heal when necessary; don’t need to force him to attack on each turns. Carver is you’re the key to defeat this monsters, use double up (my knuckle sandwich is tend to miss so I prefer double up than it). Milly cast midheal/heal on each turns (kabuff is not really useful in this battle because Murdaw’s physical attack is not dangerous). Nevan also heals on each turns by using Ghent staff. Remember to protect Nevan whatever it’s cost because he is the only one who can revive another characters when they are die.

You will return to Somnia castle after defeating Murdaw. Talk to the kind and he will give you a lightning staff as a reward. Talk to the queen and she will tell you that “your journey is not finish yet”.

Main menu


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  1. Cassiel says:

    The Animated Amour gives 33 coin!

  2. Tylerhill says:

    what do u do after u beat murdaw im stuck at the part where u get your ship to control and i also did 2 events at villiges (the event with the dragon monster and the other with the amos dude who turns into a monster bunnie) dont know what to do next

  3. Mikey II says:

    on murdaw’s cave watery area the exit is not where the guide says it is it is near the top center of the map

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