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Dragon Quest VI Guide: Secret Passageway to Port Haven

TIPS: Buy some antidotal herb because the upcoming enemy can cause a poison status at your character.It’s not important though (I didn’t buy it because I didn’t know the enemy could cause poison status but I didn’t get any difficulty without bringing the antidotal herb, so it’s up to you).

Always use Carver’s flying knee because it deals more damage than normal attack and it doesn’t cost anything 😀

Go northeast to the checkpoint; simply go north to the world map again. You can go to resting area to save your game and sleep freely. You can obtain a holy water by breaking a bottle in the left room and a pretty betsy by checking the drawer on the right room.

Go south to the small house. Talk to the dwarf inside the house and say “no” when you’re being asked about private property. Agree to help him (just answer “yes” after previous question).Check the drawer and break the vase to obtain a hardwood headwear and an antidotal herb. Get out and then see an event. Talk again to the dwarf; he will tell you about Alltrades abbey. Get out from this area to the world map.

Go east and to secret passageway (your character will automatically check the area to reveal this cave).

Secret passageway

enemy exp coins
batatouille 7 6
slugger 7 9
ornery onion 9 10
cumaulus 15 12
mad mollusk 18 16
bubble slime 19 10

There is nothing that needs to be explained in this area. The area is pretty straightforward, so just follow my map to the exit. Don’t forget to take all the items (270 gold and bronze shield).

World map

Keep going east and then move to the giant crater to enter the area. Go to the north side of the crater so you can jump down to the lower world.

The ruin nearby is alltrades abbey. There is nothing inside so go west to

Tips: If you want go back to the upper world. Go to alltrades abbey and then go downstairs. There is a well on the lower floor, check the well and you will be teleported back to the upper world.

Port Haven

Few things you can do:

  • Everyone in this town can’t see you but you still can save your game in the church.
  • Go into the small house north of the church and then talk to the old couple to learn a story about their son “Carver”.
  • You must pay 30 gils to rest at inn :D. Break the vase beside the owner to obtain a medicinal herb. Go to the room behind the counter and then check the board to obtain a pretty betsy.
  • Go to the armor shop and then exit through the door right of it. Destroy the barrel to obtain an iron claw.
  • Go to the normal house on the south of this town. Check the drawer to obtain a bamboo spear.
  • Go to the warehouse that located at the northwest of this town. Destroy barrel to obtain a fur hood.

Go to the southwest part of this town to see an event between Johan and Ella (IF you don’t see this event, then talk to the girl in the room behind the inn’s counter). Now enter the small house in the south of this town (where you took a bamboo spear), talk to Ella and follow her upstairs. Talk to her and go downstairs to see an event about Ivy. Get out and see an event about Mr. Barkington (bark in town ?? clever name :D). In the end Ella will be sent to a cell.

Go to the bar (west side of this town) and then talk to Milly. Save your game at the church and then get out from this town.You will automatically go to Luca’s hut.

After an event, check the drawer to obtain a lucida shard. Talk to Luca and agree when you’re being asked. You’ll obtain 10 med herbs and Milly will join your party.

ALERT: Make sure you are at a full health; check the well beside Luca’s house and you will fight with

Mini Boss: Well wisher

He is quite hard; make sure you keep your HP above 30 point. Use Carver’s flying knee as it doesn’t cost you any MP (you can use this from carver’s “magic” menu).Milly can’t be controlled; she only cast buff at herself and do a petty damage (1…) so ignore her even she is dying :D. His attack pattern:
[0] Attack: deal about 10-15 damage to single character
[0] Grin: inactive in that turn
[0] Show up suddenly: makes your characters frozen
[0] throw a stone: He will throw stones at all members (deal about 10 damage)
[0] Take a deep breath: Unleash a powerful attack at the next turn (Defend after you have seen this command). It deals about 25 damage in defend state.

Get out from Luca’s house after you have defeated the monster (don’t forget to equip the trailbalzing bandanna which you get from the well wisher).

Main Menu


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  1. krish says:

    i did beat the well wisher i was level 70 carver was level 82 and i have a slime on my team its level 61 milliy is level 60 and i got the slime at pattys party planner.

  2. dorit vaknine says:

    ive been to the part you posted in the walkthrough about the secret passageway, nothing comes up for me to enter it and i press examine and it says theres nothing there, please help

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