Posted on Feb 24, 2011

Dragon Quest VI Guide Sidequest 1: Kidnapping in Wellshire

If you have followed my walkthrough since beginning then you must remember that I mentioned about the thugs were planning a kidnapping plan in Wellshire. But, you can’t do anything because you’re invisible. Now you’re visible so go back to


Req: after obtaining the dream dew (you can become visible in lower world).

Recommended level: 14

Go back to Wellshire (just in case you forget, fall from the giant crater west of Haggleton). Go into mayor’s house, you’ll learn that Cynthia (his daughther) has been kidnapped. Now get out from Wellshire and head north to a small house.

Talk with the thug over there and He will ask you to pay 5000 Gold. If you don’t want any violence then pay up :D. If you like violence then answer “no” and

Battle: Bigg and Liddle

They are pretty easy, have Milly cast buff if you want to reduce their damage further, but even without buff you won’t find any difficulty while facing them. Let Carver use double up to deal a lot of damage. Just keep attacking and you will win I no time. Bigg’s attack pattern:

[0] Attack : deals about 25-30 damage to single target
[0] Shout: cause the party to frozen

Liddle attack patterns:

[0] Attack: deals about 7 damage to single target
[0] Heal: Using a herb to heal (maybe about 40 HP)

I suggest you to kill Liddle first because he can heal Bigg who can cause more damage than him. You will obtain a boxer short as a reward from this battle.

After defeating them (or pay 5000 gold), the mayor will come and ask you whether you pay the ransom or not.

You’re fighting the thugs:

If you answer “yes” then the mayor will give you 5000 Gold as a compensation
If you answer “no” then go back to mayor’s house later to obtain Seed of life as a reward (talk to him).

You pay 500o gold to the thugs then:
If you answer “yes” the mayor will give you 5000 gold and seed of life
If you answer “no” the mayor will give you a seed of life and a prayer ring

So, decide wisely (I choose money 😀 because I pressed “yes” accidentally 🙁 ).

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  1. NOMORENAMES says:

    bigg can also flail about his weapon wildly and on buff it deals 17-20

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