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Posted on Feb 28, 2011

Dragon Quest VI Guide Sidequest 2: Alltrades Abbey and The Enchanted Armor

Alltrades abbey

After defeating the real murdaw (point 8 in my walkthrough), you can visit alltrades abbey in the dream world (upper world; If you’re in the real world then use zoom to reach the alltrades abbey and then check the well on the lower floor to arrive at the “dream” alltrades abbey). You can change your job in this town (explanation about vocation will come in another section later).

In 1F you can talk to:

  • Fat priest in the northern of this room: change your vocation
  • Left nun : know how many battle needed to advance to the next job level
  • Right nun: learn an explanation and requirements of the jobs.
  • You can save your game by talking to the ordinary priest on the left part of this area.

If this is the first time you visit the Alltrades Abbey, then I suggest you to:

[0] MC: Warrior
[0] Carver: Martial arts
[0] Milly: Mage
[0] Nevan: Priest
[0] Ashlynn : up to you, but  I make her become a dancer

Go downstairs to

B1 F

  • Go to the northern room and you should notice that there are many torches around. Check the shiny spot on the northern part of this room to obtain a mini medal.
  • Talk to the knight left of the stairs to learn about most powerful sword in the universe, Sword of Ramias.
  • Go to the southern part of this room and you will find a well. From now on, I use this well as the switch point between the dream world and the real world.

Weaver’s peak

Go to the weapon shop and check the shining armor inside the shop. The owner says that you will need to pay 7000 gold to possess the enchanted armor. Buy it because it’s worthy (def+25 and reduce magical damage).

Main menu

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  1. hades says:

    u know u can go to madame luca’s house after defeating real mudraw.. she’ll give u zoom spell that can travel both worlds, so no need to go to any well

    • anonymous says:

      i got a chance to zoom and switch worlds when i found and got Ra’s mirror and had aslynn added to my party so that was really useful.

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