Posted on Feb 18, 2011

Dragon Quest VI Guide: Weaver’s peak to Haggleton

Input your and then answer the question when you’re being asked. Go north from the campfire and then talk to 2 persons in the area to trigger an event.

Murdaw Castle

Go north to the next area (the doors in this dungeon is locked, so don’t bother to open them). Keep following the path until you see another event with Murdaw.

Weaver’s peak

Check the right drawer to obtain a leather hat; Tania will tell you to meet the mayor but don’t go out yet, destroy vase and barrel on the northwest of this room to obtain items (I get 18 coins and seed of agility; please someone confirm whether the items is random or not by leaving comment).

Get out from the house and then go to the northeast house  (mayor’s house) in this town. Talk to the mayor and he will ask you to go to Haggleton. Get out from this town when you’re ready.

Tips: Buy bamboo spear and leather shield from the weapon shop. I suggest you to level up until you reach level 3 in the world map, because you can rest in your house for free :D. . You should level up to level 4 soon enough in the next dungeon and can use “heal” spell, so you don’t need to buy medicinal herb from the items shops.

World map

Keep going south to the stairs

Mountain pass (weaver’s peak to Haggleton)

Go south to the lower platform and head west to point (1) in my map. Jump down from the southwest part of this platform, take a wayfarers’s cloth from the treasure chest and then enter the cave nearby. Climb the stairs and you will return at point (1) in my map. Go east and then enter the cave nearby (lead to cave 1).

Tips: There is an enemy called batatouille inside the cave. It can deal about 5 damages, so watch out when you’re fighting 2 batatouilles.

Grab 20 gold from the treasure chest and then GET OUT FROM THIS CAVE (use the previous entrance; not by going to cave 2)). In the main area, go to point (2) by jumping from the eastside of the platform. Enter the cave nearby (to cave 3). Take 2 treasure chests inside (med herb and oaken club). Go west and jump to the black pit, go south to reach main area.

You have obtained all items in this area. So just follow my map to the exit.

There is another cave near the exit that leads to the inn. Don’t bother to sleep here because it’s expensive (10 gold :D)., just go to the exit and you’ll reach the town soon enough.

World map

Open your world map (press Y button) and go to the first town that you see (not pass the desert area).


Save your game at the church and buy a Copper sword from the weapon shop. You can also talk to the lady south of the item shop to sell the village goods (it can be sold for 350 coins but I suggest you not to sell it, just in case it has another use later).

Go inside the northeast house (blacksmith house) and then talk to the lady over there.You’ll learn that the blacksmith has gone to forest in the west of haggle town. So, get out from this town

World map

Head west to the next map (you will see another map like in the screenshot after passing the bridge). Check the south side of the giant crater to find the blacksmith. Help the blacksmith and…

Main Menu


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