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Dragon Quest VI Sidequest 3: Recruit Amos

Go back to Ghent and you should be able to see your ship. Stand nearby the ship and then press “a” button to set sail. Go south and you will see Murdaw’s castle. Go northeast and land your ship. Go north and


Few thing s you can do in Scrimsley

  • House left of the entrance: Check the drawer to obtain a sets of rags
  • Inn 2F: break the vase to obtain 15 gold and an antidotal herb
  • House north of the items shop: Check the drawer to obtain a mini medal
  • Northwestern house: check the drawer to obtain a scale shield

Talk to Amos who is lying on the bed. He will tell you to stay at the inn, so go to the inn and choose” no” when you’re being asked to move to the next town, and then choose ”yes” to sleep at the inn. You will wake up in the night, go upstairs and jump from the west part of the floor. You will fight with

Mini Boss: Scrimsley terror

He is easy, Attack with Your MC and Carver. Milly cast Kabuff to reduce upcoming physical damage. Nevan can attack by using lightning staff. His attack patterns:

[0] Attack: Deals about 20 -30 damages can be reduced by casting kabuff
[0] Earthquake: Deals about 40-60 damage to all chacraters
[0] Fang: deals a little damage to single target (maybe it has a chance to inflict instant death, CMIIW)

In the next morning, check the shining spot where you fought with Scrimsley terror last night to obtain a mini medal. Get out from the town


To make sure you don’t do that stupid thing, don’t talk to him after the incident. Go to small house that located on the left of the entrance (where you got a sets of rags). Talk to the old lady over there and she will tell you about the seed of reasons.

Shopping tips: The upcoming enemies are quite strong. So, I suggest you to buy best armor available in the armor shop. I buy 2 cloaks of evasion (for Nevan and Milly). MC equips the enchanted armor and Carver equips full plate armor.

Go northeast and enter the mountain

Hazy Heights

enemy exp coins
porker 78 48
sniping barksman 86 32
undentured servant 87 24
malevolamp 88 33
pesky jester 96 38
pesky jester 96 38
slumbering ram 102 36
cloud surfer 192 69

Battle Tips 1: There is no boss in the end of this dungeon so you can cast your spell aggressively (I use tactic “show no mercy” to quicken the battle 😀 ; go to menu=>misc=>tactic).

Character Tips 2: it’s helpful to have rank 3 martial artist (yellow belt), so you have roundhouse kick. It attacks a group of the enemy which is useful because you will face this type of battle).

Just follow the path until you reach point (1) in the map. Get out from the cave and go northwest to another cave; this path will lead you to the treasure chest which contains a morning star (I don’t draw the area between the treasure and point (2)).

Backtrack to point (1) and head northeast to another cave, from here you only need to follow my map until you reach the peak of this mountain (3). Check the palnt and try to take it off from the ground. It’ll tell you to seek nearby ground, so do that (spam “A” button). You will find the seed of reasons.

Now go back to Scrimsley and go to Amos’s place (northwestern house), talk to him and give him the seed. See the event and he will join your party.

main menu

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