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Dragon Quest VI Walkthrough: Arkbolt Castle to Wayfarer’s Peak

You need to use the ship to reach next area (you need to talk to queen first before you can travel further; info from jason).

From Murdaw’s castle, go east and land at the land nearby. Keep following the path and you’ll see a castle.

Arkbolt castle

Talk to the guard and he will let you enter the castle. Rest at the inn first and you can save in the church (go upstairs by using the southwest stairs; south of nun). I suggest you to buy a magic shield from the armor shop because it’s really good. Talk to the guard who block the path to the big stairs.

Mini boss: Bronson

You only need to make sure your HP is above 80 point because his desperate attack can deal that amount of damage (he use it rarely though). His ordinary attack only does about 20-30 damage which is not dangerous.

Go upstairs when you have won the battle.

Arkbolt castle 2F

  • Right room of the stairs: go downstairs and you will arrive at the armor shop (1F), open the treasure chest to get a slime gooniform
  • Left room of the stairs (kitchen): Break the barrels to obtain a mini medal.

After you have done those things, go south to

Arkbolt castle 2F (outside)

Go north and then talk to the guards who are guarding the door.

Mini boss: Brick and brock

Their strength is about at the same level as Bronson. Just use the same strategy like you fought with Bronson. Try to kill Brick first because he is the attacker of this party. Brick’s attack pattern:

  • Oomph: increase attack strength
  • Kasap: lower party’s defense
  • Attack: depends on how many he has “kasap” your characters (30-92). Mily’s kabuff speel can counter this spell, but I don’ think it’s necessary.

Brock’s attack pattern:

  • Attack: same as Brock, but he rarely attacks
  • Cover: protect Brick from being damaged by your party

Enter the room and then talk to the king. The king will ask you to fight Brutus. Talk to Brutus (man on the left of the king), he will ask you to go to the training room (southwest stairs). Rest at the inn and then go back to 2F. Go to the southwest stairs and then talk to Brutus when you’re ready.

Mini BOSS: Brutus

This one is quite tough. He has multiple target attacks, but still he is not that dangerous. Just keep healing more frequently and cast sap because he is susceptible to this spell. His attack patterns:

  • Flurry of blades: physical attack to all characters (the damage can be reduced by use kabuff/buff), deals about 37-40 damages
  • Powerful thrust: deals about 70 damage to single characters
  • Kasap: reduce your party’s defense
  • Roundhouse kick: deals about 30-40 damage to your party
  • Vacuum vortex: deals about 40-60 damage to your party
  • Diving falcon: deals 2 hits to a single target (each hits deal about 30 damage)

After the battle break the vase and you will obtain a mini medal. Talk to the king in his throne room and you will receive a coffin to keep the monster’s body.

There is a locked treasure room on the northeast part of this area (go downstairs). Since you don’t have the key to open the door just leave that place alone for now.

Wayfarer’s peak

enemy exp coins
undentured servant 87 24
toxic turnip 94 33
arrghgoyle 98 44
biguana 108 38
harmour 129 54
diethon 172 21

Go downstairs and keep following the path until you see 2 monsters guarding the cave entrance. Talk to them (hell stalker and  jumping jackal; they are just an ordinary enemies). Go inside the cave.

The area is kinda like a maze. You can find a seed of resilience from the treasure chest on the east side. There is also 580 gold on the northwest. Go west from the point where you obtained 580 gold and then keep following the path to the north. The treasure chest near the blue monster is empty :(, so move west to the lower floor.

The map starts from this point. Go east and take a battle axe from the treasure chest. Ignore the treasure chest on the northwest because it’s empty. Proceed to the lower floor by using the southwestern stairs.

Don’t break the egg if you don’t want to fight an enemy (Diethon; it’s easy but if you want to finish the dungeon quickly then better move on). Go to Terry’s location and talk to him. He will say that he don’t need your help. Talk to the monster to trigger a battle sequence (I wish the battle screen in this game looks like this T T; Damn you SE).

Get out from this dungeon (you can’t use evac spell but you won’t fight any enemies when you’re getting out from this dungeon). Go to Arkbolt castle and you should see Terry, you can talk to him to learn that he already got the sunderbolt sword. Talk to the king and you won’t get anything as a reward, but he will tell you that the path in wayfarer’s peak has been cleared and you can continue your journey.

Go back to the wayfarer’s peak and head east from the cave entrance (where you fought hell stalker and jumping jackal).

main menu


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  1. Tetra says:

    Hey got a question for anyone to answer. So I just found out about how you could get Lizzie the monster Terry slayed in the Arkbolt dungeon…. anyone know where that is? I’ve searched arkbolt castle from top to bottom but can’t seem to find it! Got any hints…..ANYONE? 😉

  2. Kaori says:

    Why isn’t there a map of where the seed of resilience and 580 gold are? Or is B1 pretty straightforward?

  3. jason says:

    please include that you neeed to return to somalia to get to the boat that you can control to get to the area you speak of

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I already wrote that in previous section (you need to talk to the queen in the last part). Thanks for suggestion though. I will add it again in this part

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