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Dragon Quest VI Walkthrough: Lucid Grotto to Somnia

Go southwest, after passing a bridge keep going south and then enter the cave.

Tips: You can’t control Milly in Battle but you can use her spell outside of the battle, so use her spell to cure your characters if they are poisoned.

Lucid Grotto

enemy exp coins
slime 5 3
bubble slime 19 10
goblin pixie 22 21
ruffled goon 22 17
gum shield 25 15
hell hornet 26 20
slime knight 27 16
baby goyle 28 10
mud manequin 47 33

In the first area, go south to take a chimaera wing and then head northwest to the next area. There is nothing special in this area too, only 2 items (230 gold and seed of resilience). Go downstairs by using the stairs in the south of this area.

You will arrive at an icy cave. You can’t equip a bronze knife at your characters so just keep it. Make sure you equip Carver with a fur cape that you just got to boost his defense.

Enemy alert: there is a metal slime enemy in this area. It gives you big experience but run away easily. You can only do about 0 or 1 damage to this monster. From my experience in DQ IX, you can’t kill this monster at this moment because you need to have multi hit skill to kill this thing before it manages to run away (CMIIW).

After you have obtained all the items proceed to the “boss” in my map. Heal all your characters (use medicinal herb because you may need MP in the upcoming boss battle). Talk with the monster nearby and

BOSS: Bloodcreeper

He is susceptible to Sap so cast it twice at him to lower his defense.  Remember to use Carver’s flying knee at him and don’t rely on Milly‘s healing (cast heal spell manually, because sometimes she “forget” to cast it even when you’re dying). She will help you by cast “buff” at your characters which is very helpful against this boss.

[0] Attack: Deal about 15 physical damages
[0] Sap: lower your defense
[0] Buff: Increase his defense (negates sap spell that you have casted at him)

Check the jar to obtain the dream dew. Now go back to Madame Luca’s place and talk to her. You’re visible now :D. GO back to

Port Haven

Go to the dock/bar where you met with Milly. Buy the ticket from the counter (150 coins).Talk to the man who guard the ship and he will tell you that the ship hasn’t ready yet. So, go back to the town and you can do a few things:

  • Go to mayor’s house and then talk to mayor. He will tell you that Ella has been taken by a travelling merchant …..
  • Go upstairs and then talk to Johan. He will go chasing Ella.
  • You can also talk to Ivy at the inn.
  • Talk to Ella’s Grandfather at the same spot where Johan and Ella met before (south of the bar/dock).

Go back to the dock and then talk to the guard. He will let you into the ship.

Somnia harbor

Talk to the nun in front of the building to save your game. You can also talk with sea slime at the southeast part of this town (maybe it has a later, so better talk to him now). Go west to the world map and head to Somnia.


Few things you can do:

  • Small house, north of the bar/church: break the vase to obtain a medicinal herb
  • Big house, north of the previous house: Break the vase to obtain mini medal
  • Don’t go inside the well unless you want to die (at least I died, if you managed to survive please tell me how :D) the enemy is too powerful at this moment. They can one hit KO your character.

Now go to the town and talk to the thug in the middle of this town.He will tell you that you look like the prince in this town. So, go to the armor shop and buy a noble garb (800 gold). Now go to the castle and talk to the guard he will let you in.

Captain rusty will tell you to tell everyone in this castle that you have arrived. Now MAKE SURE YOU TALK TO ALL PEOPLE IN THIS CASTLE (yes, even with cat). The only person that makes this quest harder is the prisoner in underground cell, you can only talk him when he walk near the door cell, so don’t give up when you get “the door is firmly locked” dialogue. YOU CAN TALK TO HIM (it takes me about 30 minutes wandering in this place, holy crap !!).

Go to the northeast room in 2f and then talk with the guard near the stairs. If you have talked to all people in this castle it will trigger an event in this castle, If you can‘t enter, then there is someone in this castle that you haven’t talked to. After you can go upstairs to the king’s room. Talk to the queen and the king and then try to get out from this room. Chancellor Keating will come and ask you a question. Answer with whatever you like (they are all wrong…..).

You will kicked out of the castle. Talk to the merchant nearby and he will tell you about the town of Amor. So go west to the world map.

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    Thank you so much.. ive been searching for an hour for this problem.. and it was just a freaking cell guy.. !!

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    the metal slime give 1350 xp and you don’t need a multihit skill just need luck

  3. Monocrohael says:

    1 metal slime together with the 1 ruffled goon gives 1372 xp just so you kinda know how much he gives got lucky the slime didn’t flee

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