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Dragon Quest VI Walkthrough: Moonmirror Tower

From Somnia, head northwest to the tower that circled in the screenshoot.

Moonmirror Tower

enemy exp coins
dead resident 21 21
blooming sorceror 22 24
gustodian 24 16
hell hornet 26 20
shadow 27 12
rotten cotton 32 9
silencing ram 33 15
giant moth 33 9
devil glass 82 42

Enter the tower; ignore east stairs in the first room because it leads to a dead end. Go downstairs by using west stairs near point (1) to take an iron cuirass from the treasure chest. See the mirror in point (1) and you should something is not right there. Check the mirror and  you will meet with

Mini boss: 3 x Corpsickle

Blehh, these guys are easy. Have Milly cast buff on all characters and their normal attacks should only deal about 1 damage. Attack patterns:

[0] Attack: Deals about 1 physical damage (with buff)
[0] Grab
: deals about 3 physical damage (with buff)
[0] Venomous gas
: Inflict venom on your character (low chance), can be cured by using Milly’s “squelch spell”. Venom is kind of like poison; deals about 14 damages per turn if it’s not cured.

This battle will take a long time because they have a lot of HP (about 300 and you fight 3 of it).

The mirror will become stairs now so you can continue your journey. Grab 200 gold from the treasure chest before you go upstairs.

Just in case you didn’t realize what is missing from the mirror, it’s a stairs that leads to an iron cuirass. The stair doesn’t show up in the mirror.

Enemy alert 1: Devil glass.
It can transform into one of your character and it can deal a lot of damage if he manage to transform into attacker in your party (ex.: Carver). So kill it quickly before it transforms (use Carver’s double up to kill it quickly.

Enemy alert 2: Shadow
It has high physical defense but it only has about 20 Hp, so use crack (Milly’s spell) to kill it instantly.

The west door is still locked, so enter the east door. Follow the path and go upstairs to 3F (ignore the stairs in the middle of your path because it leads to a dead end).  Continue to the stairs again to 4F. Take a seed of strength and then go downstairs using the middle stairs. You will return to 3F (south side). From here you only need to follow the path to point (3).

You should be able to see a girl over there. Talk to her and she will ask you something (it doesn’t matter whether you choose yes or no). Use the dream dew at her (you get an option when you need to use it, so don’t need to use it manually from item menu) and she will become visible like you before. She will join your party (not in battle though).

Go south and upstairs to 6F. Touch the lever on the north part of the room. It will unlock the door on 2F (west door of point (2)). Don’t go back to point (2) yet, go upstairs by using another stairs in this area. Go either to the north or the south room (stars mark in my map). Your goal is to push the crystal ball out of the mirror’s reflection. The crystal will shatter when it’s not reflected by the mirror. Do the same thing in the other room.

After you have done those things, go back to the main area in 6F (one area before crystal room). You should see a path in the south of this area (point (4) in my map). You can go to 2F quickly by keep walking south from point (4) (I can’t say jump because there is no jump animation in the screen :D).

Now enter the west door (You already pulled the lever, didn’t you??). The layout is the same as the east (right) room. Only the item from the treasure chest is different (seed of strength => seed of agility). So, go to point (5) there is something strange in the mirror (you figure it out, don’t you? :D). Check the mirror and it will reveal a stairs nearby. Go upstairs to the crystal rooms. Do the same thing like you have done before in the east tower.

PS: You don’t need to touch the level in the west tower

If you have destroyed 4 crystals, then the flying room will fall to 2F (2 in west tower and 2 in east tower). So, go there and enter the room. The girl (Ashlynn) will join your party after she has seen the mirror. Check the mirror and you will obtain The Ra’s mirror.

Carver will recommend you to go back to Somnia (upper world). Use zoom to go quickly to alltrades abbey and then check the well so you can back to the upper world.

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  1. Vegeta1389 says:

    where is MoonMirror Tower in the real world or the phamton realm?

  2. TEAM PUFF PUFF says:

    I wanted to mention that instead of heading straight for Somnia (upper world) after getting the Mirror of Ra, if you head over to Madame Luca’s house she will upgrade the Hero’s Zoom spell. She will make it so that you can switch between worlds without having to visit a well or drop down a hole.

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