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Posted on Feb 19, 2011

Dragon Quest VI Walkthrough: Somnia to Gardsbane Tower


You should notice that your body is glowing right now. You can’t buy anything in this town because the townspeople can’t see you. You still can save your game in church though. Few things you can do in this town:

(0) Open your map and go inside house in the northeast of the town. You’ll see a mini event over there. Check the drawer to obtain pretty betsy.

(0) Get out and then enter the house left of it. Check the drawer that located right of the bookshelves to obtain a plain cloth.

(0) Get out and you should be able to see a thug and a fat man standing nearby. Talk to them and you’ll hear about their kidnapping plan. Enter the big house nearby and then check the drawer that located left of the stairs to obtain hardwood headwear.

(0) go to the inn and break the vase on bottom left in this room to obtain a seed of life. You can also sleep for free in this inn :D.

TIPS:  Go inside the well (east of the inn) in this town and then check the drawer to obtain a mini medal.

Get out from this town after you have done all of those things.

World map

Go northeast until you see a small house, enter the house and then check the well inside the house. You’ll return at upper world. Open your world map and you should know where you’re right now. Go back to the Haggleton.


Go to the blacksmith house and then talk to him to obtain the spirit crown. Get out from this village and go back to weaver’s peak.

Weaver’s peak

You’ll give the spirit crown to the mayor immediately after you enter the village. Go to your house and rest over there. Get out from your house and you will see an event in the church.

After a divine messenger event, you can control your character again. Go to the mayor’s house (don’t go inside), you should see Tania and Buddy nearby. Try to talk to them to trigger an event. Go inside mayor’s house and then talk with the mayor to obtain an entry pass.

Go back to your house and sleep. Next morning go to the

World map

Just keep going south past the Haggleton and then enter the town that looks like the one in the screenshot.


Few things you can do in this town:

  • Go to the church and go upstairs, check the drawer to obtain a medicinal herb.
  • Small house northwest of the inn, check the drawer for a plain cloth

Tips: Buy newest armor in this town (scale armour and shield) to help you fight mini boss later. Make sure your character is at perfect condition

  • Go inside the well in this town (north of this town). Talk to the monster,
    Mini boss: Grim grimmer
    He can only attacks you with physical attack but his attack is quite damaging (about 15 -17 damage per hit). Make sure you keep your HP above 17 or more. My level when I fought him was 6. I only use Heal spell and attack him normally (He has about 50 HP, so it’s a good idea to use medicinal herb after you run out of MP).
    Take the treasure chest after you have defeated the monster. It contains an antique ring (accessory).

Go north to the castle and talk with the guard in front of the door. He’ll tell you to wait until you hear a sound of bell. Go back to the church and then talk to the muscular man near the pope. Get out from the church and you should hear a bell ringing.

Go to the castle and head to 2F. captain blade will told you to go to Gardsbane tower. So go to the world map and head to Gardsbane tower.

Gardsbane tower


Go upstairs by using stairs on the northeast of this room. Ignore unlucky man on the north part of this room (he won’t give you anything). Avoid spiky area unless you want to decrease your HP each time you step on it :D.


Take a chimaera wing on the south and then go upstairs using the middle stairs.


Talk to the man at point (1) on my map. Fight this arrogant man :D.

Mini Boss: Tower sentry

Make sure you enter this battle at full HP and still have a nice amount of MP (or medicinal herb). Cast sap on him to lower his defense. MAKE SURE YOU USE DEFEND COMMAND on the next turn after you saw “savor his power” battle dialogue.

[0] Attack: deals about 6 damage
[0] Charged attack (after you see “savor power” in a battle message): deal about 7 damages (in defend mode), maybe about 15-20 damage if it’s not in defend mode.

Win from carver tips

After defeating the tower sentry, do not get out from this tower if you don’t want to miss an accessory and a mini boss in this tower. Basically you need to win this race if you want to obtain the accessory. Here is what you need to do:

  1. DON”T talk to the carver after you have beat tower sentry (carver is muscle man with purple hair)
  2. in the room with 3 doors in it. Go to the rightmost door first (obtain a gold ring and mini medal)
  3. Go to the leftmost room immediately and talk to the man in front of the door to fight a mini boss (Garret; slightly stronger from tower sentry)

Open the chest and you will obtain the accessory. Thanks to Venato for this info. I get the info above from the link Venato gives me in the comment. So, don’t ask me about the detailed process because I only summarize the information from this link (leads to gamefaqs message board; I lose at this race, damn .. :D). Full credit to ignasia7 who wrote about this on gamefaqs message board.

You get 95 experience points after you have defeated him. Take 130 gold coins and then head southwest to the outside. Go back to the inside by enter the door near point (2). Go upstairs to


Step on the right panel (see the screenshots), so you can continue to


Just follow the path until you arrive at the room with 3 doors. Talk to the man to obtain a hint about the correct room.

  • Rightmost door: keep following the path and then talk to the man to obtain  a gold ring. Check the drawer to obtain a mini medal.
  • Middle door: empty (only spike floor)
  • Leftmost door: This leads to the your goal.

In my play through, Carver is the one who win the race, so I don’t get any item from the treasure chest. Please leave comment if you manage to win (what item and tips how to win. I believe it’s not important who wins the game (CMIIW). Get out from this castle and then use Zoom to return to Somnia quickly.


It doesn’t matter who won the race , whether you win or lose you will need to search a wild mustang.

Go to the castle (captain blade) to see an event. After an event go downstairs  (1F) and then go north, it will leads you to the garden.

Go inside the house and then go to the kitchen to break a vase that contains a mini medal (northwest of this house). Talk with the old man beside the wagon. He will ask you to get a wild mustang. Get out from this town

World map

Go to the mustang’s spot (red circle in my map) and Carver should call you and he will join your party. Now go to the forest and chase the mustang for a few times. Carver will create a plan to catch the mustang, so follow the plan that he told you. After you have caught the mustang go back to


Talk with the old man and both of you become a royal army member now. Captain blade will introduce you to the king. The king will ask you to find Ra’s mirror. After an event, go left and then open the drawer to obtain Silver tiara.

Talk the old man (wagon) and he will tell you that the king gives you his wagon. Get out from Somnia.

Main Menu


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  1. Nate says:

    If you don’t talk to anyone on the way up the tower, you will win the race and receive a RESTLESS HEART from the chest!

  2. Venato says:

    In my playthrough, I won the race. Then I found out I didn’t get a gold ring because of the order I went through the doors (I took the correct/leftmost door first), and ran through it again. Check here:


    for the requirements to getting to fight Garrett (basically a slightly stronger version of the tower sentry) and collect the Restless Heart from the treasure chest.

    Short version of the most profitable route? Once you beat the tower sentry, don’t leave the tower. Don’t talk to Carver (the fellow on the outside path of the tower by the top), take the eastmost door to get the ring and mini medal, come back and talk to Carver now if you want, go back and take the leftmost door, defeat Garrett, collect The Restless Heart from the treasure chest, head back to the castle.

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