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Dragon Quest VI Walkthrough: Underkeep to Murdaw’s Castle

Tips: I suggest you to do sidequest 1 (see this link for more info)

In the upper world, use “zoom” and go to Somnia. Go to the king castle and head to 2F. Go to the northeast tower and talk to captain blade that guards the stairs. Go upstairs and talk to the king Somnus. See an event at the night and talk to the king again.

Tips: Buy a lot of medicinal herb; I suggest you have about 30 of them in your inventory. Put them in the bag.

Get out from Somnia and go southeast to a border checkpoint. You should notice the army is dead; you can save your game by talking to the priest (I have no idea how can this priest survive :D).

World map

Head east past the purple swamp (you will be hurt every time you walk on this terrain). Enter the cave at the end of the path.


Tips: You can use zoom to go back to this place, so it makes thing easier if you want to recover your health

enemy exp coins
gustodian 24 16
giant moth 33 9
silencing ram 33 15
burning man 45 26
gaurdvark 55 36
damselfly 58 32
deadly dodo 66 30
arrghgoyle 98 44

This dungeon is pretty straightforward, so I will only guide you a little about it. After passing 2nd area of this dungeon (1), go northwest to the inside of small cave. Follow the path and grab a seed of magic from the treasure chest. Don’t need to go southwest because it leads to a dead end. Go back to point (1) and head south. Keep following the path and take an iron helmet from the treasure chest.

enemy exp coins
hermit pixie 50 32
burning man 45 26
grim grimmer 60 45
shadow 27 12

Go to the next area and take magic water from the treasure chest. Continue to the cave in point (2) and follow the path until you arrive at the red area in my map. Enter the yellow door to the Murdaw’s castle.


Enemy alert: Arrghgoyle

He is the most dangerous normal enemy that you have met until now. He can use Kaclang which transform its body into metal; spell doesn’t work at him at this time and physical damage will deal a petty damage. Sizzle can cause a large damage to your party (about 30 damages to each character). This is the reason why I suggest you to bring a lot of medicinal herb. Sure, you can use heal your party by using the magic. But remember that you still have to face the boss later. So, it’s better to save your MP for the boss fight later.

Murdaw’s Castle

Go downstairs at point (1), press/stand on 2 switches in this room (in the east and west part of this room). It will open the door at point (2). Go inside and press/stand on the switch (4 switches). It will light the path in B1f.

Now head to point (3) and then enter the door nearby. Follow the path carefully so you’re not falling down. Take  a dancer’s costume from the treasure chest and go south until you find a dark path. Follow redline on the screenshot above. Go upstairs and then press the last switch to light dark area in b1F (4). Back track to the spot shown in the screenshot; you can see the path that lead to Murdaw now. So follow the path until you see a green monster. Talk to him and

Boss: murdaw

He is susceptible to sap, so let Ashlynn and MC to cast sap upon him (Sap effect only work twice, so don’t need to cast it more than 2 times). I always use Carver’s double attack. Use Milly to heal your party, she can attack when your characters are at good condition. Milly’s midheal spell is very useful in this battle (to heal Carver if he is being hit when he uses double up) Murdaw’s attack patterns:

[0] Buff: raise his defense /negate the effect of sap
[0] Attack: deals about 40 damages to single target
[0] Frizzle: deals about 60 damages to single target
[0] Fierce fire: deals about 30-50 damages to all targets

After defeating him go back to Somnia castle and head to King’s room. Talk to the chancellor and see an event. Try to get out from the castle and Ashlynn will give a hint where you have to go next. You need to go back to the lower world (use giant crater near haggleton and then use zoom to go to Somnia).

main menu


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  1. Venato says:

    Murdaw has another possible “attack”, wherein he calls out to the party using the main character’s voice, causing them to change tactics. As long as you notice it and remember to switch the tactics back to “follow orders” (or whatever else you usually use), it’s basically a free turn for your party.

    Also, I think you meant to say to let Ashlynn or the MC cast sap on Murdaw, not Milly.

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