Posted on Feb 18, 2011

Dragon Quest VI:Realms of Revelation Walkthrough

Dragon Quest VI:Realms of Revelation Walkthrough

Release : 14 February 2011 (NDS)

Platform: NDS, SNES (classic version)

Developer : Arte Piazza

Publisher: Square Enix

Genre: RPG

Main guide

1. Weaver’s peak to Haggleton
2. Somnia to Gardsbane Tower
3. Secret Passageway to Port Haven (meet with Milly)
4. Lucid Grotto to Somnia (lower world)
5. Amor to Amor cave
6. Moonmirror Tower
7. Underkeep to Murdaw’s castle
8. Ghent Village to Real Murdaw Castle
9. Arkbolt castle to Wayfarer’s Peak
10. Aridea to Island O’ Smiles
11. on progress

Side quest:

1. Kidnapping in Wellshire
2. Alltrades Abbey and The Enchanted Armor
3. Scrimsley to Hazy heights (Recruit Amos)
4. Will add if I find another one 😀


  • on progress

ATTENTION: If you have any suggestion about what section I should add, please comment quickly so I can work for that section ASAP. Thank you and enjoy 😀

This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2011.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation is Copyright of Square-Enix, ArtePiazza, and Nintendo (Producer),


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27 Responses to “Dragon Quest VI:Realms of Revelation Walkthrough”

  1. Tragicomix says:

    What do I do now? I beat Jamirus and I don’t know how to get to swanstone!!

  2. DRGQST says:

    Your guide is very good, but I found one just as good, here it is:

    Sorry for my bad English but I am Italian as willy xD

    • DRGQST says:

      however, it would be better if you keep your guide, is certainly much more detailed 🙂

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Thank you very much, but I am really busy right now T T. I really love Dq VI but can’t find a time to finish the guide (College and other new game guides projects).

        • Tragicomix says:

          I accidentally told amos. I pressed the wrong button. Is there still a way to recruit him?

  3. willy69 says:

    Quando pensi di ricominciare con questa guida? Non è per mettere fretta ma solo per curiosità

  4. Tom says:

    Hi, I like your walkthroughs very much, all of them are great work.
    When do you think will you continue your walkthrough of DQ VI?? After Pokemon is done? Or are you working on more walkthroughs at the same time? Thanks again for your great job.

  5. TEAM PUFF PUFF says:

    For anyone that has gotten far enough to retrieve the Mermaid’s Harp, the game becomes very open world and you can tackle any of the quests in whatever order you so choose.

    But, be careful though. If you’ve achieved level 30 on at least one of your characters you should be fine to tackle some of the more troublesome sidequest bosses.

    • sidewaysj says:

      hint 4 names

      sink just below gent and…

      you can change your name

      • sidewaysj says:

        also when you go under water you can advance at any level in your vocations hee is a cap for job leveling up on land (this is not your regular leveling

  6. sidewaysj says:

    i am on a higher level than you have posted so far i can post other things for you to use

    spoiler /help

    Heres the points to beat in the best dressed contest if you want em
    level points character prize
    1: 180 None Silver Platter
    2: 200 Men Trail-B Bandanna
    3: 220 None Magic Carpet ***
    4: 250 Women Glass Slippers
    5: 280 Men Platinum Headgear
    6: 310 None Shimmering Dress
    7: 260 Monster Sage’s Stone **
    8: 360 None Happy Hat

    **you can get the king slime to join your party

    *** the magic carpet is just a rug you must powre it up in the town of magic

    to access the style contest you must first rescue the mermaid and return her to her home just north of the alltrades abby in the real world in the ocean

  7. Monocrohael says:

    i can’t access part 9 arkbolt castle to wayfarers peak

  8. Monocrohael says:

    i got the boat right now and i’m kinda stuck and don’t know what to do can you help me?

  9. Venucci says:

    Very nice, looking forward to the rest 🙂

  10. Moro says:

    Btw great game. Played it for 9+ hours still fun but 1/5 of the way done. Please continue on walktrough

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