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Posted on Jul 4, 2014

Dungeon Gems Gathering XP and Coins Trick

Farming Coins

You can get coins from

[1] Clearing a dungeon; the coins reward is better than the reward from the event.

[2] Sell your hero

This is a good option for the beginning of the game. I suggest you not immediately use random hero from a dungeon reward to enhance your main hero because the XP/Coins ratio is not good. Simply sell the random hero (unless you want to use it on your line up). If you want to use it as an enhance material, please read THIS SECTION first.

[3] Farm Golden Knight/Prince

Dungeon Gems Golden Knight Picture

The Daily events on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) have pretty good chance to give you Golden Knight /Prince (I always get 1 “Golden Knight” every time I finish the “easy” mission). I suggest you to spend all your “energy” on the weekend to farm on the daily event (unless there is another event that worth more than this event).

Tips: You can see possible hero drop from an event. by tap “see prizes” button like shown on the screenshot above

At the weekend, I suggest you to stop farming on hourly event, because you can farm “Time Giver” / “Experience Giver” on the other days. There is no such thing as  too many Coins on this game, the enhance cost for high level hero is really high.

Farming XP

The best place to farm XP is on the hourly event.

Dungeon Gems Hourly Event

To know when the hourly event stars, simply see the time of daily event countdown,

Hourly event happen when the daily event time at

[0] 23 hours – 22 hours
[0] 19 hours – 18 hours
[0] 12 hours – 11 hours

The hourly event has a chance to drop “Time Giver” (worth 2000XP) and “Experience Giver” (worth 4500 XP).

From doing easy mission (10 energy), you at least will get either 1 “Time Giver” or 1 “Golden Knight”. It’s possible to obtain both of them but don’t get your hope too high.

From my experience, it’s better to farm on “easy“ than on “normal”, because on the normal I only get 1 “Time Giver” a lot of time (same as “easy”), sometimes you get 2, but from the energy cost it’s same as “easy” (you always get 1 “Time giver” or “Golden Knight”  on easy). In short words,

2 easy = 2 guaranteed “Time Giver” or “Golden Knight”

1 Normal = 1 or 2 “Time Giver” or “Golden Knight”

I haven’t able to do the “hard” difficulty at this moment, but I believe it’s same as normal, but you have a high chance to get “Experience Giver” instead of “Time Giver”. The game describes that you can get “Experience Giver” on all difficulties, but I believe if it’s really true then the chance is very small.

Dungeon Gems Life Giver Picture

For “Life Giver”, you can’t get it from the hourly event. It seems only available on “Special event”. So, always check the new event and look for “High-XP heroes drop now” on the description of the event.

If you have any questions, tips, or suggestions Please leave a comment.

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  1. KARTHICK says:


  2. Gaben says:

    Add me, I’m still playing: 275603

  3. Findo says:

    Another great trick to save money is to enhance your lower level heroes (example 5x lvl1 heroes = lvl 6/7 hero) and only using those level 6/7 heroes to enhance your higher level heroes. (As the cost is the same but the XP isn’t)

  4. DPhoneix says:

    It seems that your timing on the hourly dungeon is wrong. I just completed it right now and it spawned for me when the daily dungeon was at 17:00 remaining time. And once you get enough energy to do the hard mode , then you should do that instead of the easy or normal.i almost always get 4 experience givers or you are guaranteed to get 3 experience givers and 1 time giver always.
    But still, this is really good tip. Thanks for putting it. I didn’t know how many times the hourly dungeons came in a day. Atleast now I can look forward to farming it 3 time every day 🙂 .

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