Posted on Jul 4, 2014

Dungeon Gems Guide

Dungeon Gems Guide

Dungeon Gem Guide Featured

General tips

  • 1 energy = 5 minutes, try to save some energy (keep 10 at minimum unless you want to go sleep, etc). So you can participate later when hourly/other event appears.
  • Try to have your XP bar nearly filled before you go to a certain event, this will make you level up after finishing one mission that event. Level up will replenish all your energy so you can enter that event again immediately.
  • Make sure your leader is the strongest hero (4-6 Stars), this will make others want to be a friend with you (you get more friend points easily).
  • Gather your tokens until it reaches 100 ( you can summon 11 heroes; 1 is a nice bonus)
  • Your initial hero is good,but if you manage to get other hero with a same element (same or higher rarity), then I suggest you to replace it. The hero’s cost is too much for that rarity (41 costs on the final upgrade…).  The cost maybe seems not important  at the beginning of the game, but it will become really important later. However, keep using it if you haven’t got the replacement.

Specific Guide

Enhancing Hero Tips

Farming XP and Coins

Level up Reward/Status

Battle Guide and Tips; Coming soon

Dungeon Drop List (useful to search for specific loot/essence hero); Coming soon


If you have any questions, tips, or suggestions Please leave a comment.

You can also leave your friend code on the comment below. Please follow the following format

Leader: Enki Lvl 47
My code: 383393

There is a reward (royal cavalier) if your code entered by 20 people and they reach level 10

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