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Dungeon Gems Tips Enhance Hero (XP Needed)

Enhancing Hero Guide

Dungeon Gems Enhance Guide

To level up your heroes, you need to enhance them with other heroes. This will take a lot of Coins. Few important things that you need to do when enhancing your heroes are:

[1] Make sure you use all slots (5) provided on enhancing option, because the cost of enhancing depends on the level of the hero that being enhanced. This will maximize your coins usage (let the hero use the least amount of coins possible) .

Dungeon Gems Enhance Use full Slot

Enhance cost/slot = Hero’s Level * 120

Example: Lvl 10 hero need 1200 coins/enhance slot

[2] I suggest you only use “Time Giver” / “Experience giver ” / ” Life Giver” to level up your heroes. Other heroes can be used too, but they don’t provide a good XP/Coins ratio, your coins will be depleted quickly if you use “normal” hero as an enhance material. All heroes require a same XP to level up (don’t depend on their tier / rank).

Visit THIS PAGE for tips on farming “Time Giver” and others

The table shows you accumulated XP, (I use 10,000 difference, because I use 5 “Time Giver”).

Total EXP accumulated from Lvl 1 Hero Level
10,000 16
20,000 21
30,000 24
40,000 27
50,000 30
60,000 32
70,000 35
80,000 37
90,000 39
100,000 40
110,000 43
120,000 45
130,000 46
140,000 47

More data will be added later

I believe there is a glitch right now which cause a hero’s level jumps 2 stages (deviate from the table above; example: the hero should level up to 21 if it was 16 , but it jumps to 24. This is a nice glitch, I just want to inform you so you don’t claim the table is wrong).

[3] I suggest you to sell unused heroes (from dungeon loot), but you can also use them to enhance your hero. BUT, don’t use them immediately !!!! Enhance them first with other unused heroes first, this way you get better XP/Coins ratio as a material for your main hero.


From hourly event you will get many heroes like, Cougerus Gold. If you want to use this hero as an enhance material, it will only give you 252 XP, enhance it first with other Cougerus Gold (only use one slot, don’t use all slots) . It will become level 5 which will give you 420 XP.

Why not using all slots?

because XP given is based on hero’s level, after level 5 the hero need a lot of XP which make the gold/XP ratio bad.

If you have any questions, tips, or suggestions Please leave a comment.

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  1. Irma says:

    how do you know which hero to enhance and which hero is only useful as material. How do you choose you’re hero’s? By rarity rate or can you see what its max capacities are?

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