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Posted on Apr 6, 2015

Dungeon Hunter 5 Gold, Quartz, and Gems Farming tips

Dungeon Hunter 5 Resource rate

Where to Farm


The best source of golds is your stronghold. Your stronghold generates gold and quartz for you, but it can be raided by other players, to prevent this you can strengthen your minions which guards the stronghold, or simply by take the gold and quartz frequently. There will be 8 hours shield every time you have been raided, so you won’t lose a lot of resources. You can also raid other players for even greater gain, visit THIS PAGE for more info about raid and stronghold.


Same as gold, you get this a lot from raiding other players. There is also a special day for this resource (Monday), but I suggest you to not use your energy on the event, because I believe you will have a lot of quartz without farming. It’s also better to use your fusion booster on your equipment than your minion. Only strengthen your minion when you have maximize your equipments (waiting for evolution material, etc).


You get 4 gems every 1st time you clear the mission (on normal). Other than that You can buy it or get it from the wanted challenge (weekly event). If you want to buy it then try to wait until there is a promotion.

How to spend the resource


You will need a lot of it, use it to fuse your equipments. Always use all 4 slots!! It will save you a lot of money.


You will have a lot of it and probably never worry about it.


At the beginning spend it to expand your inventory space!!!

P.S: I am not sure about the cost of the inventory expansion. Before, it’s + 1 slot for 10 gems, but lately it’s 5 slots for 10 gems.

You will need a lot of inventory space (I believe 40-50 is the good numbers).  After having enough inventory, buy the premium chest (50 gems) you will get a very nice equipment :).

P.S: At the beginning of the game, never spend gems to refill the energy. You can use energy to refill your energy later when you already have 50+ energy. The cost is always same 10 gems! Only refill the energy in the wanted challenge!!

Don’t spend your gems to open minion chest!! Why??

You get the guardian to guard your renewable (and easy) resource in cost of rare (gems)… It’s not a good trade IMO.

Those are all my tips, if you have any questions, tips, or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

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